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Install 4K Video Downloader. Once the 4K Video Downloader setup file finishes downloading, you can install it by doing the following: Windows: Double-click the setup file, click Yes when prompted, and follow the on-screen setup instructions.; Mac: Double-click the setup file, verify the installation if necessary, click and drag the 4K Video Downloader app icon onto the 'Applications' folder ... Nuestro descargador de videos de YouTube le permite descargar y guardar videos en cualquier almacenamiento, desde donde puede reproducirlos en el futuro. ¡Y2mate descarga videos de youtube y más! También puede guardar videos de Facebook, Instagram, Coub, Twitter, TikTok y muchos otros servicios. Pasos rápidos para tomar videos con convertidor de youtube ¿Cómo descargar videos de YouTube? Como se mencionó anteriormente, descargar un video o video mp4 de YouTube al archivo de audio es muy fácil con este descargador de videos. Descargue videos de convertidor de YouTube a mp3 o mp4 y otros formatos. Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Descarga videos de YouTube con SaveFrom.Net, ¡la manera más rápida y fácil! Su excelente funcionalidad te permite descargar videos de YouTube cuando lo desees. Con nuestro programa para descargar de videos de YouTube, puedes obtener tu video en HD, FullHD, MP4, WEBM, 3GP o en cualquier otro formato. Descargar musica de Youtube gratis! Youtube MP4 ayuda a descargar todos los videos de Youtube en segundos con alta velocidad. La mejor calidad HD puede ser de hasta 720p, 1080p, lo que debe hacer es pegar un enlace de Youtube. Al utilizar nuestro servicio, usted acepta nuestros términos de uso. Posted by Videos de Youtube on 9 diciembre 2013 in Bromas de cámara oculta, Videos de sustos 1 Comment Broma de la maldición de Chucky En esta broma de cámara oculta asustan a la gente en una parada de bus con un niño maldito. Instructions. 1. Search by name or directly paste the link of video you want to convert. 2. Click 'Start' button to begin converting process. 3. Select the video/audio format you want to download, then click 'Download' button Online YouTube video Downloader - Download Youtube and Mp4 videos simply and quickly with the best quality up to 1080p full-HD.

/r/Español: Dondé los que hablan español, pueden ver cosas en español (Lmao).

2008.03.14 00:53 /r/Español: Dondé los que hablan español, pueden ver cosas en español (Lmao).

Subreddit para la comunidad hispanohablante de Reddit.

2008.07.11 09:05 Puerto Rico: Isla del Encanto Subreddit

All things Puerto Rico! Information, News, Sports, Culture, Nightlife and much more. Todo sobre Puerto Rico! Información, Noticias, Deportes, Cultura, Jangueo y mucho más.

2016.10.12 23:02 k815 Youtube En Español

Videos de Youtube en Español

2020.09.20 21:00 SinSistersVN The Spanish Privateer: A Pirate Otome Visual Novel [Kickstarter Launches Tuesday, 8AM EST] [Demo available]

The Spanish Privateer: A Pirate Otome Visual Novel [Kickstarter Launches Tuesday, 8AM EST] [Demo available]
The Spanish Privateer Trailer
The Spanish Privateer is a visual novel created during the 2018 Otome Game Jam. Rating #1 among the entries for story and writing, gameplay, and overall, The Spanish Privateer has progressed from a prologue to a 227K word game.
Link to Demo ( to Kickstarter (launches Tuesday, Sep 22, 8AM)
Set in early 17th century, just before the Pirate Golden Age, The Spanish Privateer places you in the shoes of Isabel Carlota de Castilla (but you can just call her Carlota). Carlota is an 18-year-old runaway escaping a marriage forced upon her by her parents. Not able to afford passage on a ship, Carlota offers to work for her voyage aboard Captain Rico's ship, La Aguja. Captain Rico is a privateer, a pirate with a letter of marque allowing him to attack and capture the enemies of Spain. Carlota soon falls in love with the sea, and challenges herself to become a valuable member of the ship.
Amidst sword fights, balls, and drunken nights at the tavern, Carlota learns more about her fellow crew members and the world outside Spain. Visits to the archipelago of Azores, cities in the Caribbean and Veracruz, New Spain, teach Carlota about the effects of colonization and make her question her contribution and power aboard the Spanish ship.
No matter which route you travel down, Carlota must overcome her male crew member's prejudices, earning their respect with her hard work, determination, and intelligence.

Isabel Carlota de Castilla, The Protagonist
Raised in high-society, Carlota has a lot to learn about living with pirates. Determined and courageous, Carlota's personality grows throughout the story, gaining confidence and knowledge about the world around her. Her personality is influenced by the player as well. Choose to respond to conflict with serenity and eloquence; wit and humour; or boldness and an occasional punch to the face.

Lark, the Bard
Lark is friendly (maybe a bit too friendly), quick-witted, and the ship's entertainer. A multi-talented man who can sing, strum, and weave a well-crafted story, Lark's only flaw is that he cowers in the hold during battle. It's not in his contract, after all. How did a Scotsman wind up on a Spanish pirate ship, anyway?

Flint, the First Mate
Flint is the first crew member Carlota meets, and if it weren't for her determination, she would have never stepped aboard La Aguja. Like many sailors, he views women aboard as bad luck, but there must be more than superstition behind his dislike of women. Much like when the teacher is your parent, Flint tries so hard to treat Carlota like any other crew member that he overcompensates by making her life difficult.

Rico, the Captain
Gentlemanly, talented at rapier dueling, and undeniably good-looking, it's no wonder Rico's shore leaves are met with hoards of women. Rico has faced tough choices ever since he was a child, and some of them have left a bigger scar than others. La Aguja's crew is made up of criminals, the poor, and down-trodden, thanks to Rico's limitless ability to forgive and generosity. However, just because he's good at listening doesn't mean he finds it easy to open up about his own past...
The current version of the game is an Alpha Demo! It covers the prologue (main route) and ends when the paths diverge. The sprites are complete, but certain assets (backgrounds, GUI) are missing. The music for the alpha was created by Alcaknight and Derek & Brandon Fiecher.
  • 27.8K Words ~2 hours
  • 40 unique menu choices (with three options each)
  • 2 unique scenes with each guy
  • 3 personality traits with corresponding dialogue options!
  • Three Good Endings
  • Seven Bad Endings
  • Six "Alternate" Endings
  • 227K Words
  • Achievements
  • Love, Friendship, and Personality Meters
  • Plenty of Piratey Adventures and Monkey Island Jokes!
The Kickstarter launches Tuesday, 8AM EST and will have multiple tiers of early bird rewards! Click to follow the project to be notified upon launch so you don't miss out!
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#inclusao #pcd #comunicaointerpessoal #gestodeprojetos #gestodeequipedeprojeto #meadote #revel #revelencia #cidadaestado #cidadaoestado #orevel #saúde #opentowork

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2020.09.20 20:37 mathiasfiedler getting started on youtube - are those lights any good?

I have a small office at home and I want to start creating youtube content.
I don´t have a huge budget. I want it to look at least semi-pro and not something to be ashamed when I look at it later
Camera: Iphone
Key light: Falcon Eyes SO-28TD (to save space in my office)
Fill Light
I don´t know which of these is better - I have heard these 2 are cheap and good.



I would appreciate your feedback as I have no clue
and I would love t have a decent quality - but also not throw money

Thank you for your help!
submitted by mathiasfiedler to youtube [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 20:34 mathiasfiedler Are these lights any good for a youtube setup?

I have a small office at home and I want to start creating youtube content.
I don´t have a huge budget. I want it to look at least semi-pro and not something to be ashamed when I look at it later
Camera: Iphone
Key light: Falcon Eyes SO-28TD
Fill Light
I don´t know which of these is better - I have heard these 2 are cheap and good.



I would appreciate your feedback as I have no clue
and I would love t have a decent quality - but also not throw money

Thank you for your help!
submitted by mathiasfiedler to cinematography [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 20:33 eLmorK_90 DE - I am already Playing. I don't need to see the ads.

So yeah, I linked my email id to my WF account to get the sweet looking Syandana - and ever since that very moment I've been barraged with Warframe ads like twice every video. DE - sweety, I am already playing. You don't need to sell WarFrame to me.
What kind of Logic is this? I found the game through youtube - never saw an advertisement. Now suddenly it's popping up to an infuriating amount and at an enraging rate.
submitted by eLmorK_90 to Warframe [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 20:22 regalalgorithm [N] Last Week in AI News Digest - guidelines for children, face-mask recognition, space robots, and more!

Hi there, just sharing the latest edition of our newsletter again. Hope you don't mind the self-promotion, this is still just a for-fun side project by a couple of grad students; you can subscribe here.

Mini Briefs

Why kids need special protection from AI’s influence

Child are “often at the forefront when it comes to using and being used by AI.” For example, voice assistants are recording their voices, and recommender systems are influencing their worldviews. While these effects are also apparent for adults, children are especially at risk because they are still “developing intellectually and emotionally and physically,” which makes them very “shapeable” and vulnerable. To address this, UNICEF and the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence separately published new AI ethics guidelines specifically tailored toward protecting the interests and well-being of children. This is a step in the right direction, and both organizations are launching pilot programs to study the effectiveness of their guidelines in practice.

Face-mask recognition has arrived - for better or worse

To help governments and health authorities track and improve face-mask usage, many companies have now developed face-mask recognition software that can identify whether or not someone is wearing a mask from live surveillance footage. In theory, this incurs less privacy intrusions than face-recognition, because it is not able to identify who a person is, just whether or not they’re wearing a mask.
While proponents argue that widespread deployment of this technology would enable more effective health awareness campaigns, critics are concerned about the slippery slope it might bring. Using face-mask recognition on live CCTV sets “a dangerous precedent for what happens when the pandemic is over.” Experts also believe that “getting people to wear masks might not require a technological fix in the first place,” and it is essentially “introducing software—and igniting privacy debates—to address a problem while completely side-stepping the underlying issue.”


Advances & Business

Concerns & Hype

Analysis & Policy

Expert Opinions & Discussion within the field



Check out our weekly podcast covering these stories! Website RSS iTunes Spotify YouTube
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2020.09.20 19:40 Perferic Le film "Cuties" et la culture de l'outrage "à la française"

Cot cot codet, un film américain de netflix fait des remous !

Il y a pas mal de posts sur Reddit (é_trop_loin(jusqu'au_us)/ en frontpage par exemple), Twitter et d'autres réseaux sociaux où les gens regardent les scènes les moins choquantes du film isolées les unes des autres et ensuite... ils sont pas choqués (ce qui est absolument pas le but voué à ce flim) ? Je ne comprends pas comment on en arrive à "cette pédophilie fait l'apologie du flim" alors que c'est la critique implicite du film, qui est absolument subtil sur ce point. Limite, la critique serait que le flim va pas assez dans le choquant en filmant les scènes des clips de MTV comme des films de dance contemporaine, et est du coup un peu grossier dans sa critique de la FIAC, du CNC et du ministère de la culture.

Je ne sais pas si c'est un manque de Sens Critique, de la pure connerie ou s'ils n'ont pas lu Tartuffe mais ça hurle à l'apologie des mineurs et l'exploitation de la pedophilie tandis qu'on peut trouver mille fois mieux sur Youtube, que les psys ont poursuivies les actrices, et que le film est justement efficace et poignant en partie grâce à ces scènes de poursuite.

Bref désolé de ramer, mais vraiment ça me désaoule de voir qu'un film (évidemment parfait) se fait viscérer par l'idiot, que personne n'a lu, ou qui l'ont vu alors qu'il parle d'un sujet de société super mineur et très très présent chez les filles de classe élitiste et/ou expatriées notamment.
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2020.09.20 19:07 PelotonMod [Results Thread] 2020 Tour de France – Stage 21 (2.UWT) – Final

Final Km Videos – streamable links thanks to herhor
Videos – streamable links thanks to herhor
Fantasy Leagues
Race Ratings
Thank you for participating in /peloton's Tour 2020 threads! And stick around for the World Championships, coming up next week!
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2020.09.20 18:44 wisekenneth74 À la découverte du cinquième arrondissement/Exploring the fifth arrondissement is a short video I made for YouTube where I take the viewers to the open-air market, a well stocked record shop, and an outstanding Ethiopian restaurant. I post new videos on Paris and other cities every Sunday evening. New subscribers are warmly welcomed. (translation/traduction)
C'est une courte vidéo que j'ai faite pour YouTube où j'emmène les téléspectateurs sur le marché en plein air, un magasin de disques bien approvisionné et un restaurant éthiopien exceptionnel. Je poste de nouvelles vidéos sur Paris et d'autres villes tous les dimanches soir. Les nouveaux abonnés sont les bienvenus.
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2020.09.20 18:01 Mightyolo Youtube monetization with explicit content

Hey guys,
I have a Youtube Channel with couple thousend subscribers, and I thought about applying for the monetization.

Now, since I am talk about Psycedelics, and I know that youtube often de monetizite these kind of videos, I am curious, can my Channel get a strike or even get banned when I just apply for monetization?
I also have other content (like half of it), is it possible to get half of it for monetization and the other half not, or is it "everything or nothing" kinda?
Thanks in advance for your answers,

Cheers mike
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2020.09.20 16:25 goveanav I was doing it wrong

After weeks of trying and trying to improve my times I watched some YouTube videos about tips for beginners in sim racing. And I was doing almost everything except POV configuration. Oh boy, how mistaken I was. I used some online configuration tool set the proper POV angle in PC2 and the difference is incredible. The feeling of speed, how you perceive the other vehicles and the apex of the curves is amazing. If you're having trouble to improve your times, take 5 minutes to configure the POV for your particular configuration and enjoy Sim racing a lot more. Project Cars FOV calculator
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2020.09.20 15:06 Havhic Instagram cults / Illuminati?

Hi all, just tonight I've stumbled upon something weird. As a little background I have 2 Instagram accounts, a public account where I share a GFX work and a personal account I keep for friends n such.
Regardless, tonight I was looking through my requested follows. I have left a tonne of them as pending for ages. One of the accounts sporting a PFP of a man in a hat caught my eye. Upon opening the account I found an odd account, the account has 5 post 800+ followers and is following 7000+ accounts. the posts consist of 3 with the same image of the same man in the PFP and 2 of a house plant.
Obviously I found this confusing. on top of this the posts are all recent and the only comments are the account it self and have an ok amount of likes. the account has kept 5 different highlights story categories one name (Destaques - ill mention this again later) once again with the same image of the man.
Could this be some sort of Bot?
Now to the illuminati stuff,
Looking at the followers of the account there is a wide range of accounts. from graphic designers to gaming pages. There are multiple accounts that have the same sort activity. with recent posts of the same picture and ridiculous follower counts.
However there are a tonne that reference the illuminati and 666. multiple accounts having 666 in the name or having pictures of Baphomet in front of pentagrams. these accounts are more odd than how I found this rabbit hole. there is multiple accounts showing insane amounts of money, or even what looks like cultural events. A lot of the accounts have imagery of what looks to be the letter G within a compass (like the mathematical one) on rings and engraved in walls. The accounts don't seem to have comments or captions on their posts.
A lot more of the accounts show imagery of middle aged men in militaristic or ceremonial attire with gold embellishment, but taken from like a hire photographer of sorts. And others selling what looks to be fake scams promising cash flipping or bit connect style money making schemes (that went well as we know)
Thrown around in some of the accounts is the word masonic, from a quick google search it explains the compass and the regalia of the men but I'm still miffed towards the situation
One of the accounts outside the illuminati stuff (I think, it has 444 in its username though) once again 5 posts this time of TikTok and gaming screenshots. This time in its highlights has the same title as the other account we started with Destaques this time with a female Spiderman 3d model in the story. on their story it also has the same date as in one of the posts from the original account 15 De Set De 2020.
So I'm still a little weirded out by the situation, but I find this incredibly intriguing. I'm not sure if this is just some weird Insta botting a cult or just some edgy kids and I'm looking into this way too far. of all the weird stuff on Instagram this is by far the most odd experience I've had on the platform. Thankyou for reading though the bad formatting and giving me your time. If anyone has an answer to the situation id gladly appreciate it .

(I also don't know if its ok to give out the account that lead me to this discovery in case its like the Logan botting scandal that The right Opinion did a video on. if it is ok and someone wants the account ill post the handle ty again)
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2020.09.20 15:00 ACMarathon [Day 10/60] Assassin's Creed Unity - Sequence 12 - 'Curtain Call'

AC Marathon 2020 - Day 10

Assassin's Creed Unity Sequence 12 - 'Curtain Call'

Greetings, Assassins! Today we’re playing the last sequence in the main story of Assassin’s Creed Unity. We return to Paris to discredit Robespierre and find out where Germain is hiding. We confront Germain for our chance to finally receive the redemption we have been seeking, but not without a cost.

Today's Target: François-Thomas Germain


1 - The Supreme Being Work with Élise to discredit Robespierre and render him vulnerable. 2 - The Fall of Robespierre Track down Robespierre and find out where Germain is hiding. 3 - The Temple Enter the Temple alongside Élise and assassinate Germain.


Share your feelings about today’s sequence in the comments below. What did you think? Talk about what you liked, what you disliked, and your general thoughts. Feel free to engage with others and ask questions of your own!
Being active in discussions will make you eligible for an official Marathon giveaway. More info in the 'Giveaway' section below.


Make sure to download the official Marathon wallpapers for Assassin's Creed Unity!
Desktop 1920x1080 Desktop 1920x1200 Mobile


Here is today's Fan Art of the Day for Assassin's Creed Unity. Artist: ibahibut
Featured Video: The Temple - Hidden Blade Only Creator: Leo K [Rogue]


Here's the list of streamers that will be broadcasting today's sequence. All times in EDT.
9:30 AM - SerHolmes on Twitch
10:00 AM - GamerGirl_9623 on Twitch
12:00 PM - MegaBoschi on Twitch
6:30 PM - InfinityGB on Twitch
Here are the playthroughs that Marathon streamers have pre-recorded and uploaded:
AC Unity, Sequence 12 by vDmze

2020 Schedule

September 11th - Assassin's Creed Unity September 21st - Assassin’s Creed Unity: Dead Kings September 22nd - Assassin’s Creed Syndicate October 1st - Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Jack the Ripper October 3rd - Assassin’s Creed Origins October 13th - Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones October 15th - Assassin’s Creed Origins: Curse of the Pharaohs October 17th - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey October 29th - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Legacy of the First Blade November 2nd - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis November 9th - Marathon End Discussion November 10th - Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Launches!


Three lucky winners will receive a copy of The Art of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!
To be eligible for this year's giveaway, you must comment on at least 24 total threads across all games, including one thread from each game. (DLCs don't count as separate games.) Replies to other comments count as well. Engaging in discussion with other Marathoners is strongly encouraged!
Your account must be older than the Day 01 post of this year's Marathon, and you will have to confirm your participation at the end of the Marathon by commenting on the final thread (Day 60) using a keyword given in the post.
Please refer to our FAQ for additional details.


Tomorrow, on Day 11 of the Assassin’s Creed Marathon, we will wrap our playthrough of Assassin’s Creed Unity by playing the Dead Kings DLC! Join us as we play as Arno in the new Franciade map after the events of the main game.
Watch the Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings Cinematic Trailer to get you excited!

Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Marathon Megathread & FAQ

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2020.09.20 13:15 cnapmax Long awaited upgrade. Need some final advice/confirmation

Build Help/Ready:

Have you read the sidebar and rules? (Please do)
Yes, i think so.
What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better.
Gaming + software development (nothing hard-core just some java, elixir and web stuff, maybe some unity in the future).
If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, framerate, game settings)
1440p 144hz+ and graphics as high as can be. I am a big advocate of watching/playing stuff in as good a quality as possible provided the fps is there to support it. To provide some actual games: PUBG, BF5, Warzone (if i ever get a pc to run it), AOE2:DE :)
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)?
~ 2700€, maybe can stretch another 100€ per build but really rather not. Even this is way above my initial budget buy hey, it happens :) Budget contains Case + sleeved cables + 1x monitor 1440p 144hz+
In what country are you purchasing your parts?
Estonia (If intrested in prices etc you can check )
Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). Consider formatting your parts list. Don't ask to be spoonfed a build (read the rules!).
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor €349.00 @ Jimm's
CPU Cooler Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM SE 63 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler €169.90 @ Jimm's
Motherboard ASRock B550M Steel Legend Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard €179.00 @ Jimm's
Memory G.Skill Trident Z Neo 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory €134.90 @ Jimm's
Storage Intel 660p Series 1.02 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive €119.90 @ Jimm's
Case be quiet! Pure Base 500DX ATX Mid Tower Case €109.90 @ Jimm's
Power Supply Corsair RM (2019) 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply €121.90 @ Jimm's
Case Fan Corsair LL120 63 CFM 120 mm Fans 3-Pack €98.90 @ Jimm's
Case Fan Corsair LL120 63 CFM 120 mm Fan €28.90 @ Jimm's
Custom Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 10 GB AORUS MASTER Video Card €850.00
Custom Dell S2721DGF 27.0" 2560x1440 165 Hz Monitor €430.00
Custom CableMod PRO ModMesh Cable Extension Kit White €47.00
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total €2639.30
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-09-20 13:45 EEST+0300
Provide any additional details you wish below.
We have been wanting to upgrade for years now since our current pc's are ~ 7 years old. (Im running a FX-8350 with a 1070 that i got from my brother a few months ago but until then i had a 280x) and my gf is running some random prebuilt from 2014 that sports a 970.
I have gotten back into the pc sphere in the last couple of months catching up with the latest slang and watching hundreds of GN, Jay2C, Linus, MLID and other youtubers so im pretty confident in my build. Since we want to have identical builds we settled on a white build complemented by rgb which should explain some of the non-optimal price/performance parts (Looking at you AIO).
The one big unknown to me is the RGB side. I have no experience in rgb setups. Do i need any external RGB controllers to setup all my fan RGB or is the Lightning node PRO that comes with 3pack fans enough?
No part is actually set in stone except maybe the gpu and the case? (Trust me, i have spent hours of internal debate between p500a vs meshify c vs lancool mesh 2 and this one.)
To address some of the questions that i forsee:
  1. I know there is only 1tb of storage in them, we are both coming from 120gb ssd and 1tb hdd. We plan to get some extra ssds for the build later down the line (Maybe those Teamgroup 2.5'' ssds that would go well with the 500dx ssd tray). We are giving our old pcs to parents so they will not retire just yet and we cant yoink the old hdd from them either.
  2. Yes, we are replacing all the stock case fans with LL120 fans because my brain can not handle 2 different kinds of fans in one box.
  3. We already have 2 dell 1440p IPS 60hz monitors (dont remember exact model) that will be our second monitors. And again, because of my brain i can not have 2 different brand monitors next to each other or i explode.
  4. We will probably wait for beginning of october for new cpu but want to get our hands on these ASAP (Promised gf september before i found out about 30 series and zen3 releases )
  5. The b500 Steel legend mobo is there because it looks kind of white-ish. Thought about the x570-P from Asus but this one looks nicer.
This is my first reddit post ever so please forgive me if i broke any rules or missed some information.
EDIT: To make this clear, I am planning to build 2x identical pcs for me and my SO
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2020.09.20 12:52 ViralMedia007 40 Free and Popular Discounted: Vue.js 3 , Facebook Lead, MS-Excel, How to play Piano, Affinity, Mastering Agile & Scrum, CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer, Oracle APEX, Flask Framework, Learn Python, Adobe Creative Cloud , Learn Java by building 17 & More

  1. [English] 5h 8m Complete Vue.js 3 (Inc. Composition API, Vue Router, Vuex) 1 Day left at this price!
  2. [English] 1h 43m Making Things Happen 2 Days left at this price!
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  23. [English] 1h 0m Debugging 2 Days left at this price!
  24. [English] 1h 34m A-Frame Framework 2 Days left at this price!
  25. [English] 0h 50m WebVR 2 Days left at this price!
  26. [English] 1h 3m Java Web Services 2 Days left at this price!
  27. [English] 1h 3m Amazon Redshift 2 Days left at this price!
  28. [English] 1h 2m Amazon Virtual Private Cloud 2 Days left at this price!
  29. [English] 1h 28m YouTube Sponsorship: Get Sponsored With ZERO Subscribers 2 Days left at this price!
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2020.09.20 12:36 Ritu_Rajput Damon "Stealing" Elena?!

Okay So whenever I go through Youtube Videos of DE and SE(mostly). People Often comment that Damon stole Elena from Stefan. What are your opinions on this? They quote "he made moves on her"and all that scenarios in Season 3 basically accusing him of taking advantage in the absence of Stefan. While I think it was mutual from both sides. What are your opinions on this?
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2020.09.20 12:25 Jowehh [Discussion] Hull City vs Crewe Alexandra (H) League One

Final Score : Hull City 1 - 0 Crewe Alexandra
Watch the goals on Youtube
Watch the full highlights on
Grant McCann and Josh Emmanuel Reaction
Stat Hull Crewe
Possession 53% 47%
Shots 12 9
Shots on Target 4 3
Corners 7 1
Fouls 24 9
13 Ingram 12 Emmanuel 05 Burke 04 de Wijs - Booked at 55' mins 03 Elder - Booked at 72' mins 33 Docherty 10 Honeyman 06 Smallwood - Booked at 67' mins 07 Wilks - Booked at 90' mins 27 Magennis - Substituted for Scott at 64' minutes 19 Lewis-Potter - Substituted for Mayer at 64' minutes - Booked at 83' mins Substitutes 01 Long 02 Coyle 08 Batty 11 Scott 15 Jones 22 Mayer 34 Jones 
01 Jaaskelainen 02 Ng 29 Beckles 17 Offord 03 Pickering - Booked at 70' mins 28 Murphy - Substituted for Zanzala at 87' minutes 04 Wintle 14 Finney - Substituted for Ainley at 77' minutes 19 Dale - Substituted for Lundstram at 84' minutes 12 Mandron 10 Kirk Substitutes 11 Ainley 13 Richards 15 Zanzala 16 Lancashire 20 Lundstram 22 Sass-Davies 23 Johnson 
Referee: Ben Toner
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2020.09.20 11:36 SFF_Georgia 🇬🇪☀ Sevsamora Resort & Spa-making guests happy makes us happy!/ Sevsamora Resort & Spa-Gäste glücklich zu machen macht uns glücklich/Севсамора Резорт и СПА-радовать гостей делает нас счастливыми (EN,DE,RU)
(EN) 🏨4️⃣ Star Resort is located in the city of Saguramo 3️⃣0️⃣ km from Tbilisi. ℹ️'' Sevsamora Resort'' is 6-storey with 33 cozy, pleasant and modern rooms The hotel also has 2 separate villas, each with 6 isolated bedrooms, a shared kitchen, living room, terraces and pools. One of the villas is fully adapted for people with disabilities 👉Services of the Hotel: ➕SPA ➕Bar-restaurant➕ Shared lounge ➕ Outdoor and indoor pools➕Fitness center ➕ 24-hour reception ➕ Wi-Fi ➕ Children's playground Parking. ✅Fabulous place, Professional staff, Amazing view and Tasty food - what else is needed for a wonderful stay⁉ 🅿Privileged package 2️⃣ Days-2️⃣ Persons - 3️⃣2️⃣0️⃣💲 = ➕transfer to the hotel 4️⃣ (Stars) ➕ Breakfast➕Excursion around the area➕Personal driver. ✅Travel with us and have an unforgettable experience❗ (DE) Das 🏨4️⃣ Sterne Resort befindet sich in der Stadt Saguramo, 3️⃣0️⃣ km von Tiflis entfernt. ℹ️ Das ''Sevsamora Resort'' ist 6-stöckig und verfügt über 33 gemütliche, angenehme und moderne Zimmer. Das Hotel verfügt außerdem über 2 separate Villen mit jeweils 6 isolierten Schlafzimmern, einer Gemeinschaftsküche, einem Wohnzimmer, Terrassen und Pools. Eine der Villen ist vollständig für Menschen mit Behinderungen geeignet 👉Dienstleistungen des Hotels: ➕SPA ➕Bar-Restaurant➕ Gemeinschaftslounge ➕ Außen- und Innenpools➕Fitnesscenter➕ 24-Stunden-Rezeption ➕ WLAN ➕ Kinderspielplatz Parkplatz. ✅Fabelhafter Ort, professionelles Personal, tolle Aussicht und leckeres Essen - was sonst noch für einen wundervollen Aufenthalt benötigt wird⁉ 🅿Privilegiertes Paket 2️⃣ Tage-2️⃣ Personen - 3️⃣2️⃣0️⃣💲 = ➕transfer zum Hotel 4️⃣ (Sterne) ➕ Frühstück➕Ausflug durch die Gegend➕Personalfahrer. ✅Reisen Sie mit uns und haben Sie ein unvergessliches Erlebnis❗
(RU) 🏨4️⃣ Звездочный Курортный отель расположен в городе Сагурамо 3️⃣0️⃣ км от Тбилиси. ℹ️ ''Севсамора Резорт это 6-этажей с 33 уютными, приятными и современными номерами. Отель также имеет 2 отдельные виллы, каждая с 6 изолированными спальнями, общей кухней, гостиной, террасами и бассейнами. Одна из вилл полностью адаптирована для людей с ограниченными физическими возможностями 👉Сервисы Отеля: ➕CПА ➕Бар- ресторан➕ Общий лаундж ➕ Открытый и крытый бассейны➕Фитнес-центр ➕круглосуточная стойка регистрации ➕ Wi-Fi ➕Детская игровая площадка➕парковка. ✅Сказочное место, Профессиональный персонал, Шикарный вид и Вкусная еда-что ещё надо для прекрасного отдыха⁉ 🅿Привилегированный пакет 2️⃣ Дня 2️⃣ Человекa - 2️⃣8️⃣0️⃣💲=➕трансфер в гостиницу 4️⃣ (Звезды) ➕ Завтрак➕Экскурсия по местности➕Персональный водитель. ✅путешествуйте с нами и накапливайте незабываемые впечатления❗
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2020.09.20 11:25 SFF_Georgia 🇬🇪☀ Project ''Steps by Premium'' Batumi-Georgia/ Проект ''Steps by Premium'' Батуми-Грузия/ პროექტი ''სტეფს ბაი პრემიუმ'' ბათუმი (EN,DE,GE)
(EN) 🏖 Steps is a 2️⃣7️⃣-storey multifunctional hotel-type residential complex located on a new boulevard, 3️⃣ minutes from the sea. ℹ️The complex consists of 5️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ Apartments, ranging from 2️⃣4️⃣ sq.m. up to 1️⃣2️⃣5️⃣ sq.m. Steps is the first project with its own botanical garden, which creates the most comfortable conditions and a sense of unity with nature. ✅Price-from 8️⃣5️⃣0️⃣💲 sq.m. ✅Invest with us❗ (DE) 🏖 Steps ist ein 2️⃣7️⃣-stöckiger multifunktionaler Hotel-Wohnkomplex an einem neuen Boulevard, 3️⃣ Minuten vom Meer entfernt. ℹ️Der Komplex besteht aus 5️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ Apartments mit einer Größe von 2️⃣4️⃣ qm. bis zu 1️⃣2️⃣5️⃣ qm Steps ist das erste Projekt mit einem eigenen botanischen Garten, der die angenehmsten Bedingungen und ein Gefühl der Einheit mit der Natur schafft. ✅Preis ab 8️⃣5️⃣0️⃣💲 qm ✅Investieren Sie bei uns❗ (RU) 🏖 Steps - это 2️⃣7️⃣ этажный многофункциональный жилой комплекс гостиничного типа расположены на новом бульваре в 3️⃣-х минутах от моря. ℹ️Комплекс состоит из 5️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ Апартаментов-площадью от 2️⃣4️⃣ кв.м. до 1️⃣2️⃣5️⃣ кв.м. Степс- первый проект с собственным ботаническим садом, который создаёт максимально комфортные условия и чувство единения с природои. ✅Цена-от 8️⃣5️⃣0️⃣💲 кв.м. ✅Инвестируйте с нами❗
(GE) 🏖სტეფსი არის 2️⃣7️⃣ სართულიანი მრავალფუნქციური სასტუმროს ტიპის საცხოვრებელი კომპლექსი, რომელიც მდებარეობს ახალ ბულვარში, ზღვიდან 3️⃣ წუთის სავალზე. ℹ️კომპლექსი შედგება 5️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ აპარტამენტისგან, ფართობი 2️⃣4️⃣ კვ.მ.დან 1️⃣2️⃣5️⃣ კვ.მ.-მდე სტეფსი არის პირველი პროექტი საკუთარი ბოტანიკური ბაღით, რომელიც ქმნის კომფორტულ პირობებს და ბუნებასთან ერთიანობის განცდას. ✅ფასი -8️⃣5️⃣0️⃣💲 კვ.მ. ✅გააკეთეთ ინვესტიცია ჩვენთან ერთად❗

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2020.09.20 10:47 marnie_loves_cats Cuties aka Mignonnes

Nachdem dieser Film ja so eine riesige Kontroverse in den USA ausgelöst hat, habe ich mir diesen Film gestern doch einmal angesehen um auch 'mitreden' zu können. Ich habe mir die Kritiken im Detail, bis auf ein Youtube Video (wo keine Szenen des Films gezeigt wurden) nicht angesehen bevor ich mir den Film angesehen habe. Deshalb bin ich sehr unvoreingenommen an den Film heran gegangen.
Zuerst einmal, für alle die den Film nicht gesehen haben eine kleine Zusammenfassung als Spoiler:
>!Es geht um ein 11-jähriges Migranten Mädchen namens Amy, das aus dem Senegal kommt und mit ihrer Familie in einem Pariser Sozialbau lebt. Ihre Familie ist sehr religiös und sie wächst offensichtlich ein wenig Abseits von ihren gleichaltrigen Mitschülern auf. Die Protagonistin sieht eines Tages ein gleichaltriges Mädchen im gemeinschaftlichen Waschraum des Mietshauses, das sehr aufreizend tanzt, freizügig gekleidet ist und sehr frei wirkt. Das ist ein starker Kontrast zu dem, wie Amy in ihrer muslimisch geprägten Familie aufwächst.
Später sieht sie das gleiche Mädchen in ihrer Gruppe aus Freundinnen am Schulhof wieder, als diese einen Flashmob starten, was Amy sicherlich auch imponiert - wie jedem Kind in dem Alter. Die vier anderen Mädchen wirken auf sie cool und unbekümmert. Zumindest war das mein Eindruck. Die Mädchen unterscheiden sich in ihrem Auftreten und Aussehen auch deutlich von Amy, die einer 11 Jährigen entsprechend auftritt. Die anderen Mädchen schauen Hardcore Pornos auf ihren Handys, interessieren sich bereits für das andere Geschlecht und versuchen deutlich erwachsene Frauen zu imitieren. Amy stiehlt derweil das Handy ihres Cousins und versucht den anderem Mädchen zu imponieren.
Auf der einen Seite sieht man das kindliche Verhalten der Mädchen. Zum Beispiel als eines der Mädchen unwissentlich ein benutztes Kondom im Park aufhebt und aufbläst, während die anderen hysterisch schreien sie wird AIDS und Krebs davon bekomme. Nur um ihr dann im nächsten Moment den Mund mit Seife und einen Schwamm auszuspülen.
Sie erfährt dass die Mädchen bei einem Tanzwettbewerb mitmachen wollen und gegen eine andere Gruppe antreten möchten, die wesentlich älter ist und sich dementsprechend auch verhält. Twerking, grinding the floor und solche Sachen die man als Erwachsener in jedem Rap Video sieht und eigentlich fast schon normal empfindet. Amy versucht sich bei ihren neugewonnenen Freundinnen einzugliedern, zeigt ihnen 'vulgäre' Tanzschritte die sie aus einem Rap Video gelernt hat und macht sich so bei ihnen beliebt. Wie in fast jedem coming of age film, sieht man die Transformation des Protagonisten. Sie kleidet sich aufreizender, lehnt sich gegen die Werte ihrer Familie auf und ihre innere Zerrissenheit wird in Form von verschiedenen Metaphern dargestellt.!<
Einer der Hauptargumente gegen den Film, scheint die Verwendung von Darstellerinnen zu sein die zum Zeitpunkt des Drehs 13 oder 14 Jahre alt waren (wobei viele Kritiker nicht einmal das Darstelleralter richtig einschätzen und davon ausgehen dass es 11-jährige Mädchen waren). Dies sei eine Form von Ausbeutung von Kindern gewesen, die man mit älteren Darstellern hätte verhindern können. Ich frage mich jedoch wie man einen Film dieser Art mit Frauen darstellen kann, die bereits die Pubertät abgeschlossen haben.
Ein weiteres Argument sind die Kamereinstellungen auf die Intimsphären und Pos der Mädchen während ihrer Tanzszenen. Dies würde weiter zur Sexualisierung der Mädchen führen und gäbe Pädophilen genügend Material für feuchte Träume. Ich habe die Szenen nun nicht alle getimed, aber würde bei den Tanzszenen alleine sagen dass es vielleicht 5 - 6 Minuten sind, in denen die Mädels wirklich tanzen. Dementsprechend kurz sind auch diese Kameraeinstellungen.
Wie sehe ich den Film nun persönlich? Ich bin selbst eine Frau, kann mich deshalb wohl auch so ein wenig in diese Welt von einem 11-jährigen Mädchen einfühlen, weil ich eben auch schon einmal in diesem Alter und dieser Position war. Einziger Unterschied, zu meiner Zeit gab es zwar Internet aber kein Social Media in dieser Form. Wir hatten Chatrooms und ich kann mich noch sehr gut an so Sätze wie "suche jemanden für cs" oder "willst du cs?" erinnern (für alle die nicht mehr wissen wofür CS steht - Cybersex). Pornos gab es ebenfalls schon, bei nicht in Portalen wie Pornhub, so etwas lud man sich eher noch über emule runter oder aber sah es fälschlicherweise weil sie nach einem aktuellen Film benannt wurden.
Zu einem Großteil habe ich mich aber auch an meine eigene Kindheit erinnert gefühlt, diesen Wunsch erwachsenen Frauen nacheifern zu wollen. Mein größtes Idol war damals ausgerechnet Madonna, die vor allem in ihrer Erotica Phase ziemlich 'vulgäres' (for a lack of a better word, nicht dass ich es wirklich als vulgär empfinde) Zeug gedreht hat. Zwar wollte ich nicht vor einem großen Publikum tanzen, aber ich erinnere mich, dass ich meine Grenzen auch ausgetestet habe. Oberteile die zum Beispiel vorne von Brust bis zum Bauch komplett offen waren und nur durch eine Schürung gehalten wurden, knappe Jeans usw. Ich habe mir dabei auch auch wenig gedacht, ich wollte nur erwachsener wirken als ich es war. So wie all meine Freundinnen eben auch.
Nennt mich blind, aber ich sehe nicht wo eine Ausbeutung der jungen Darstellerinnen stattgefunden hat um die sexuellen Fantasien von Pädophilen zu bedienen. Klar, es hat mich verstört zu sehen wie die Mädchen suggestiv getanzt haben, aber es war mir nicht so unbekannt aus meiner eigenen Jugend oder wie ich die heutige Jugend generell wahrnehme. Sind die 'Crotch-Shots' und 'Ass-Shots' nötig gewesen? Ich denke ja, denn sie zeigen in meinen Augen ganz klar wie der weibliche Körper in Film und Fernsehen gerne mal objektinfiziert wird. Nennt mich jetzt bitte keine verkappte Feministin, das ist keine Kritik meinerseits. Es ist nur einfach eine Realität dass man in jeder TV Show und jedem Tanzvideo solche Kameraeinstellungen finden wird. Ich kann mich noch sehr gut erinnern wie in der Serie 'House' regelmäßig Lisa Edelsteins 'derrière' gezeigt wurde, so offensichtlich dass ich und meine damalige Freundin uns ein Spiel daraus gemacht haben diese 'ass-shots' laut zu verkünden.
Um zum Thema aber zurück zu kommen, der Film hätte in meinen Augen so nicht so viel Unbehagen hervorgerufen ohne diese Einstellungen. Es wäre nichts anderes geworden als eine Episode von 'Dance Moms'. Ihn als Kinderpornographie zu bezeichnen, geht wirklich viel zu weit in meinen Augen, hier werden Dinge von den Kritikern angesprochen, die mir eher aufzeigen wie diese Personen selbst denken. Sie sexualisieren diese Kinder mehr als es der Film selbst tut.
Mich würde mal interessieren ob hier jemand den Film gesehen hat und wie seine Meinung dazu aussieht?
submitted by marnie_loves_cats to Filme [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 09:33 AutoModerator 2020 Emilia-Romagna GP: MotoE Race 2, Moto3 & Moto2 Race Discussion

Welcome! to the /MotoGP MotoE Race 2, Moto3 & Moto2 race thread for the Emilia-Romagna GP!
Join our MotoGP fantasy league: Here, using code: EYTH577C, under the league tab.
Class Session Time (Local Time GMT+2)
MotoE Race 2 10:05
Moto3 Race 11:00
Moto2 Race 12:20
Convert session times to your local time: Here
MotoE Emilia-Romagna GP Race 2 Starting Grid: Here
MotoE Current Championship Standings: Here
Moto3 Emilia-Romagna GP Starting Grid: Here
Moto3 Current Championship Standings: Here
Moto2 Emilia-Romagna GP Starting Grid: Here
Moto2 Current Championship Standings: Here
Gran Premio TISSOT dell'Emilia Romagna e della Riviera di Rimini
Length: 4.2 km (2.63 miles)
Distance: Moto2: 25 laps, 105.7 km (65.8 miles) Moto3: 23 laps, 97.2 km (60.5 miles) MotoE: 7 laps, 29.6km (18.4 miles).
All Time Lap Record: Moto2: Sam Lowes, EG 0,0 Marc VDS, 2020, 1'36.170 Moto3: Jorge Martin, Del Conca Gresini Moto3, 2018, 1'41.823 MotoE: Dominique Aegerter, Dynavolt Intact GP, 2020, 1'43.261.
2019 Pole Position: Moto2: Fabio Di Giannantonio, Speed Up, 1'37.481 Moto3: Tatsuki Suzuki, Honda, 1'42.844 MotoE: Alex de Angelis, Energica, 1'44.660.
2019 Fastest Lap: Moto2: Augusto Fernandez, Kalex, 1'38.175 Moto3: Andrea Migno, KTM, 1'43.078 MotoE: Héctor Garzó, Energica, 1'43.746.
2019 Winners: Moto2: Augusto Fernandez, FLEXBOX HP 40 Moto3: Tatsuki Suzuki, SIC58 Squadra Corse MotoE: Race 1: Matteo Ferrari, TRENTINO Gresini MotoE & Race 2: Matteo Ferrari, TRENTINO Gresini MotoE.
Emilia-Romagna GP Weather: Here
Emilia-Romagna GP Track Map: Here
Emilia-Romagna GP OnBoard Lap: Here
Last time out in 2020, San Marino GP: MotoGP Race Moto2 Race Moto3 Race MotoE
Follow #EmiliaRomagnaGP on social media for all updates on MotoGP.
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Please also read over our subreddit rules Here before posting, Thank you.
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2020.09.20 09:05 iforgotmyusernamepls A Guide to Making Character Guides

Hello everyone. I'm a returning player that has found myself watching some guides on how to play the Tekken 7 characters.
While I found there were several guides, such as this, which have good information and production value, most guides fall short in one way or another that doesn't make them beginner friendly. While guides don't have to have good production values, I am still confused that there are "guides" which are poor at delivering information. The problem was these guides were poorly structured, had several disjointed information, have moves/situations de-contextualized (when would I use this?), were using language beginners might not know, were not emphasizing key points, and so on.
That said, I'm writing this guide in order to propose a standard format. Hopefully this can be adopted by future content creators so that getting into and back into Tekken is much more accessible for more people.
Character Overview/Introduction
Introducing the character first in the general sense should be the go-to start of any guide. The quick 1min. intro is not only there to give a sense of what to expect/the mindset players should adopt - but it also allows people to just skip that character if they think it's not for them.
During the intro, you can also give a general idea of who might want to pick up this character (does this character encourage offensive play? Careful thought? Eye-catching combos? etc.) and how hard it is for them to learn the character. The Blasted Salami Overview video does this well.
After the character intro, this is also the time to introduce the things that long-time FGC people take for granted, that might be new/alien for a beginning player (What does a mix-up mean? What is an okizeme? What is the Tekken notation? Magic 4?). Emphasize that they can take a screenshot/refer back to this section at anytime.
To end this section, I'll leave an example as to how I'm imagining it:Paul is a character with a scary 50/50 game. Go to him if you want an explosive, in-your-face character that puts your opponent into a high pressure guessing game. (Show picture at this time to emphasize the point).
Now before we get into the character breakdown, let me just explain quick terms related to Paul to make sure we're on the same page (50/50s, Mix-ups) and show you the button pressing notation that we will be adopting throughout this video.
General Gameplan
After introducing the character specific terminology and the notation that's going to be used, you should now introduce the general gameplan without going into specific details. This is so that the beginners to this character can have a way to think about: where and what they're going to want to do, and how the moves, later on, will emphasize and work towards this gameplan. This is again just another brief section. and is meant to give the learner something they can keep going back and latching their thoughts onto.
For example again: Do i generally want to be close and in-your-face like a Paul or Nina? Will I want to hang back and capitalize on mistakes like a JACK or Lei? Do I want to maintain a neutral position or will I want to try and push the enemy to the wall with this character? As a tool-box character (like Shaheen) can I do both an offensive or defensive approach?
Now you can introduce that character's keymoves with the frame linggo because you can (and should) always link it back to that character's basic gameplan. (For example, Kazumi's 1,1 is a keymove because it pushes the opponent towards the wall, where she can be her most threatening. In a similar way, fff+2 is also a keymove because it lets you approach safely, and pushes opponents towards the wall).
I also suggest introducing moves from most bread and butter to least, and say so in the guide, so that the beginner can prioritize what they should commit to memory. If there are multiple strings associated with each key moves (like Marduk's 1, 2 [variations] into VTS [variations]) you can also do a mini-overview of all the keymoves and then break it down step-by-step. It's also possible to group key-moves in terms of sub-aspects of the gameplan.
In summary, this is a visualization what I've been advocating for thus far.
Practice Guidelines
So this goes into information that's often never discussed in the guides anymore - now that you have all this information, how do you expect the beginner to apply it and make it more natural to how they play? It would be good to introduce a bunch of exercises here which gets them familiar with common situations they might encounter versus just releasing them into the wilds of online play/local play (again, just so that we can give them an easy structure which they can use to work their way up to mastering the character).
I just want to emphasize that these are guidelines and not a section on 'Definitely do this and become a master'. This is just a section to introduce tips you might know that can make the learning process easier.
When it all goes Wrong
Cause of course it will. The majority of the population, when learning a new thing and finally trying it out against people at their rank, will probably get bodied. This is the character weaknesses section and where you can introduce ways to the beginner to mitigate/overcome the character's weaknesses and reinforce the gameplan given the tools at their character's disposal.
As this is also towards the end you can also offer tips on how to bounce back on tilt, how to take mistakes in stride, if you so wish (while not directly related to the character, I still think beginners should know how to deal with this lol).
End the guide officially with a recap of keypoints you think they should focus on. This is just to reinforce again to the viewer what is it you really want them to get out of watching/reading your guide.
Thank you if you've made it this far down. Here's hoping the wonderful people of the Tekken community can make their information more accessible to beginners and returning players, like me.

tl;dr - Tekken guides, while rich in information, are poorly structured and often not as beginner friendly as they claim to be. This post suggests a way to structure guides in the future. The structure is: (Overview/Intro > General Gameplan > Keymoves > Practice Guidelines > When it all Goes Wrong > Summarize). Made this cause I was annoyed my character only had bad videos lol.
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