Ciara dating nelly

Nelly Shares His Thoughts On Future & Ciara Dating. You know if you are not talking to your fans everyday via Tweeter. If you are not tweeting pictures of yourself everyday, your fans feel cheated. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text. Relationships. Ciara has been engaged to Future (2013 - 2014) and Shad Moss (2005 - 2006).. Ciara has been in relationships with Cam Newton (2011), Amar'e Stoudemire (2010 - 2011), 50 Cent (2007 - 2012), Lloyd Polite (2003 - 2004) and Lakyle Thomas (2002 - 2003).. About. Ciara is a 34 year old American Singer. Born Ciara Princess Harris on 25th October, 1985 in Austin, Texas, she is famous for ... Nelly Wife 2020: This rapper is now Unmarried. Before this, Nelly had separated from an actress named Lashontae Heckard. This pair had been actually bonded together from 2013 to 2014 for a duration of one year. A pic with Ex: Nelly and Ashanti Relationship: Definitely, the relationship between Nelly and Ashanti sounds serious at a moment. Looks like Nelly has moved on from Ashanti and found love with Tae Heckard and not to be outdone, Ciara may have found love with rapper Future. She pointed out that in one of the photos that he and Ciara took together back when they were dating 15 years ago, Bow Wow had to stand on his tiptoes — and still failed to match the height of ... Nelly is 5'9 while Ciara is 5'8. even though she looks taller she wears heels that are 3'5. ... Are Ashanti and Nelly still dating in up to date? yes they are there about to get married Ciara began dating NFL quarterback Russell Wilson in 2015, and they married on July 6, 2016. ... Nelly is an American rapper and singer known for such hits as 'Country Grammar' and 'Dilemma.' From 2013 to 2014, Ciara was involved with Atlanta-based rapper, Future. In an interview, Ciara stated that she initially had no interest in dating future; however, he proved to be “very calm and sweet, a gentleman.” In the fall of 2013, Ciara and Future announced their engagement and the couple seemed to really be invested in each other. Nelly is rumoured to have hooked up with Melyssa Ford (2006).. About. Nelly is a 45 year old American Rapper. Born Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. on 2nd November, 1974 in Austin, Texas, USA, he is famous for Hot In Herre in a career that spans 1993–present. T.I. and Nelly had an 'intervention' with fellow rapper Bow Wow after he bragged that he had his ex, Ciara, 'first.'

Top 20 Best Songs of 2006

2020.06.19 18:08 Xkrantz Top 20 Best Songs of 2006

If you recall in my top 20 worst songs of 2006 list, you might remember that I called 2006 as the worst year for music in the 2000s. Now like with every year, 2006 has some good songs, but these are some of the songs that are SUPER HARD to Find. Trust me, 2006 is where the good music was completely rare. Its like you had to go on like a long expectation through Asia beginning in the middle east until you finally made it to South Korea. Well, don;t worry my friends. Leave your bags and bottles of water at home, because I got the top 20 best songs of 2006.
20. Ne-Yo - So Sick
19. Justin Timberlake Feat. Timbaland - SexyBack
18. The All American Rejects - It Ends Tonight
17. Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair
16. The All American Rejects - Move Along
15. Beyoncé Feat. Jay-Z Déjà Vu
14. The Fray - Over My Head (Cable Car)
13. Ciara - Promise
12. Sean Paul - Temperature
11. Nelly Furtado Feat. Timbaland - Promiscuous
10. Rhianna - SOS
9. Mariah Carey - Don't Forget About Us
8. Fort Minor - Where'd You Go
Ladies and gentlemen one of the most gorgeous songs of all time.
No words can describe how beautiful this song is, and thats what this song is. Its just beautiful. The piano, that beat Fort Minor himself, Holly brook & Jonah Matranga, all of these elements all come together so perfectly. This song is about the perspective of the person left behind in long-distance relationships. It's a message about the consequences of putting career ahead of family. I know its something that we have to do, but I know for a lot of people, that can be tough especially if your the type of person who likes to work from home. This song portrays that message beautifully, in a way that actually makes you question "Why can't more rap music be like this". This song has alot of meaning behind it and thats why I love this song so much. Its meaningful, Mike Shinoda has some great flow by the way, the piano is just beautifully, the beat comes in to make that first crescendo feel inspiring, the beat is amazing, its just an amazing song.
7. Christina Aguilera - Ain't No other Man
6. Chamillionaire Feat. Krayzie Bone - Ridin
Okay I know this song has a mixed reactions now a days, but how can you not love this.
5. The Black Eyed Peas - Pump it
With the Black Eyed Peas third studio album Elaphunk, the last single "Lets get it Started", was hands down in my opinion one of the best songs of 2004. The same thing can even be said with this song. Their 4th album Monkey Buisness has the exact same notion, oh and believe it, it is the best notion to go out on because this song still rocks even to this day.
This song has sparked alot and I mean a lot of controversy. However, I am going to be in the minority because this song is awesome. Yeah I get it this is the band that gave us "My Humps" and "Boom Boom Pow", but this song is an unstoppable force. That force gets stronger and stronger with each second and never goes away until you demand it. The production is awesome, and that sample is one of the most iconic sames of all time. The lyrics are them just bragging yeah sure, but at least they come off as real people. Yes and they do have a point. They teach the message that even bad acts can do great music. Even bad people can actually redeem themselves. However, with all of that, the best part about this song is the chorus. That chorus creates a party that you wanna be invited too, and you don't care if you get grounded because it was WORTH it. I don't get why so many people hate this song ok? Just because its The Black Eyed Peas? Hot dang you guys are so cruel. All in all, this song deserves to have alot more attention from all of you, and a reminder that even bad acts can make great music.
4. Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance
We all love Sugar We're Goin Down. This was the song that made Fall Out Boy take over the world in 2005. However a year later idmedietley in 2006, they released what is in my opinion their best song period.
Yup, I do think that Dance, Dance is Fall Out Boys best song. heck even vocalist and rhythm guitarist Patrick Stump even admits that this was their best song. Honestly, I cannot disagree with him at all. This song maybe poorly constructed by it depends on how you look at it. We don't get very good with words especially during our first crushes or our first dates. We wanna express how we feel via actions and expressions, and this song express that emotion very well. That bass, that guitar the drums, all three of those elements just comes to together so beautifully in an incredibly perfect orchestra of rock music. However here is what I love about this song most of all, it has energy. I mean think about that after so many songs hat are just slow, sludgy and boring, its nice to finally has a song that has a real punch to it.
3. Eminem - When I'm Gone
Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls its Mockingbird Part 2, and its alot better than you may think
2. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down
Fort Minor 'Where'd You Go was an amazing song, with incredibly meaning lyrics. This and Where'd You Go have similar messages, however this song is tackling a subject way scarier than putting for first and then your family last. This song is about dealing with an abusive husband, or wife depending on who you are, and the message is tackled here very well.
Honorable Mentions
  1. KT Tunstall - Black Horse and A Cherry Tree
  2. Beyoncé Feat. Slim Thug & Bun B - Check On It
  3. Gorillaz - Dare
  4. Ashley Parker Angel - Let U Go
  5. Shakira - Hips Don't Lie
  6. OK GO - Here it Goes Again
  7. The Fray - How to Save A Life
  8. Ashlee Simpson - Invisible
  9. Yellowcard - Lights & Sounds
  10. Daddy Yankee - Rompe
  11. KT Tunstall - Suddenly I see
  12. Jojo - Too Little Too late
  13. Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away
  14. UNK - Walk it Out
  15. Skillet - Whispers In The Dark
  16. P!NK - Who Knew
  17. Bon Jovi Feat. Jennifer Nettles - Who Says You Can't Go Home

1. My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black parade
The term "perfect" was rarely used to describe anything. Now a days its become a prominent description for almost anything, and yes even music. However, if there is a song from the 2000s as the most perfect song, it would have to be this song. The drums during the pre-chorus, and the crescendo when everything all comes together and blasts you in your ears in just remarkable. The lyrics are just perfect. This song is about excepting the death of a loved one or a friend and learning to move on, and that can be hard for a lot of people. The lyrics describe this notion in a way that nobody else really seemed to perfect even today. The melody is just, perfection through and through. This is the Melody you wanna recreate if you're even gonna write a punk rock song. The G major and E minor in between the bridge is just amazing, and brings forth one of the best key changes of the decade. The transition from G Major to A Major, Or E Minor to G flat minor if you're gonna do a minor version of this song. There are no elements that could've been better in a different song. This song is a loud brash of drums guitars without letting up but it all comes together in a way that only My Chemical Romance can pull off.
Well that about covers the top 20 worst and best songs of 2006. If you didn;t see a song that you wanted in either on my lists I'm sorry. Remember the best lists should be about the music that you enjoy, and not what everybody else likes.
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2020.06.16 17:23 Xkrantz Top 20 Worst Songs of 2006

2006 IS THE WORST YEAR FOR MUSIC IN THE 2000s GOODBYE!!!! No I wouldn't really do that to you, but at this same time...I really didn;t want to do this list to begin with. 2006 really is the worst year for music. Now for the public at large, 2006 was the year of RINGTONE rap. I mean there were other stuff but that Sub genre TOOK OVER THE CHARTS in 2006. I am in the minority that I think that 2006 is even worse, but BELIEVE ME. As we go though this list together, you're going too see why I think that 2006 is even worse than 2005 or 2009. Yeah 2007 may have more ringtone rap but I am going to talk about the year that ringtone rap was first brought to the world. I am going to talk about the 20 songs that made this year the worst year for music in the 2000s
The Songs will taken off the year end hot 100 from 2006/Canadian Hot 100 2006
The released dates are from November 2005-October2006
20. Shakira - Don't Bother
Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls may I represent to you the most boring song that Shakira has ever made. Trust me, I am big fan of simple songs but this song is a huge insult to simple music. Shakira has done alot of songs with a guitar and those were spectacular because she is a power house singer. In Don't Bother it sounds like she doesn't want to be there. The guitars were awful. The guitar strums actually made you wanna just sleep and never wake up to go through reality with an intelligent mind set. Its not like the lyrics are any better either. I don't know what the lyrics actually mean but what i will interpret them are, is he doesn;t need to worry about her because she understands. THAT IS NOT HOW A PROPER RELATIONSHIP IS SUPPOSED TO WORK!!!!! I'm sorry to be the moral stick in the mud but I have to get this rant out. This is not what a girl is looking for in a men. A man has to cook, clean, fight and yes even die for his wife. He has to complement her everyday, and has to apologize if he does something wrong. Shakira is denying all of that, and nobody is bothering to complain about it? HOW DARE YOU!!! Ok yeah their are woman who are pretty toxic, but I am talking about the people who don't have a toxic attitude towards each other. Bottom line, this song is going against the morals of a proper marriage, and thats what really makes me angry.
19. Madonna - Sorry
18. Trace Adkins - Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk
17. Fergie Feat. Will.I.Am - Fergalicious
16. 50 Cent - Window Shopper
15. Akon Feat. Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Love You
14. Bow Wow Feat. Chris Brown & Jonthá Austin - Shortie Like Mine
You know, Bow Wow is sort of a mixed bad for me. I mean he can make some great music, with an example being one of my favorite songs from 2005 "Like You" Featuring Ciara. However, there are rare times when he can make bad music, and this is by far his worst work.
Yup, this is a steal your girl anthem, and by far one of the worst I have ever heard. Chris Brown was pretty mediocre in the chorus, showing off to his audience that he can't sing. The production is very weak and doesn;t hit you right in the gut, and it just comes off as gross. Bow Wow is being at his most uncomfortable and immature as you may expect from your average steal your girl anthem. Yes "Girlfriend", by Avril Lavigne was a steal your boy song, but Girlfriend was at least catchy, had a really sick beat, especially during the bridge, and her singing hits you right in the gut. Also, I had more of a problem with the lyrics in "The Best Damn Thing",, than Girlfriend. Yeah I am sucker for catchy songs so SHUT UP!!! This song on the other hand is really immature, is really disrespectful to ones intelligence, and really disrespectful to ones heart.
13. Teddy Geiger - For You I Will (Confidence)
Now here's an obvious choice that I like to put in, because so many people hate this song. However, I hate the following song for a different reason entirely.
Yeah you guys would've ripped me a new one if this song didn't make it on to the list. Its bad, but I find it bad for a different reason entirely. The song is generic sure, but believe it or not, thats not the reason why I hate this song so much. Well then, what is the real reason as to why I hate this song in the first place? Well, let me tell you, its the artist himself. I don't usually say this for a lot of artists, well maybe minus 6ix9ine, Drake and even Justin Bieber, but Teddy Geiger just went through one of the darkest paths that you will ever go on. Justin Bieber actually went through a redemption and became christian three years ago. 6ix9ine did the following, drug dealing, domestic assault, gang violence choking a 16 year old girl in the middle of a mall, and molesting a 13 year old girl while posting videos of it. Drake is in the same league, with a huge hatred for Donald Trump. Now I'm not saying that not liking Donald trump is a bad thing, but he has SJW mentality and he wants it to never go away. Listen I really do hate politics and I wish people would actually stop getting so political and actually just enjoy music, especially people who make simple music. At least Justin Bieber and Kanye West did the smart thing and actually became Christians, and since then have been giving up slowly on their mainstream music careers. I do think that there are better singers that can sing this song, like Tyler Hilton, Ryan Cabrera or even Jason Mraz. Heck even Green day can sing this song better than you, and thats coming from a band that made one of the worst albums of 2004, American idiot. All in all, the song itself is not the problem, its the artists himself. Oh, but the next one will be the song itself, so I hope you're ready to dive into my number 12 song.
12. Saving Jane - Girl Next Door
Normally I would like to put this song on the best because I am a sucker for simple songs. However, this song address a few things are NOT BIBLICAL, jealousy and Envy. I would like to put in idolatry, and idolatry is awful, but I don't thing Saving Jane is actually encouraging the concept of idolatry, she just cant stand it. Well ok, thats fine, but jealousy is ignoring the life that God has given to you, and envy is wanting what somebody else IN THE WORLD wants. What you want is what GOD, JESUS and THE HOLY SPIRIT wants you to have, like being in his presence, men and women working together and elevating each other, and people of different color getting along. Girl Next Door wants us to destroy that philosophy for good, by encouraging two things that go against God, and that is not good at all. SAVING JANE NEEDS TO BE GRATEFUL!!! BE GRATEFUL!!!! This song is NOT grateful, it is UNAPPRECIATIVE, IMPOLITE and shows NO sign of maturity as a human being at all!! This song sucks because goes against a few things that the Bible stands for. it goes against a few things that God stands for, and that is so heart breaking.
11. Nelly Feat. Paul Wall and Ali & Gapp - Grillz
Oh god last year we had David Banner tin his song Play using bicycle innuendos. Is there a topic that less song worthy than this?
....Oh never mind I stand corrected.
This is just a rendition of Air Force Ones, and yes iots even worse than what Nelly did with Air Force Ones back in 2003. First off, is that atrocious beat that never shuts up. Although it does fade out I don;t think it ever goes away. Just like with another song on the list, there is a hype man or in this case, a hype woman, who just hypes up Nelly, Paul Wall and Ali & Gapp right to the point where it becomes so immature that it hurts me right to the bone. Nelly's verse is mediocre, Paul Wall's verse is annoying and Ali & Gapp were the very definition of POISON. I don't like Nelly but he can actually make some great music. Take "Shake ya Tailfeather: for example. Yeah its not one of his best, but there's energy, there's good flow, and it sounds like something that would wanna be proud of In Grillz, he forces the ladies to listen to this song without any regret when they should no better and to take music seriously.
10 Eminem Feat. Nate Dogg - Shake That
9 Akon feat Eminem - Smack That
8. Christina Milian Feat. Young Jeezy - Say I
One of the biggest hits of 2001 was AM to PM by Christina Milian it was friggin AWESOME!! Mostly because of that production The synths were spectacular and they really added in alot of depth to it. The beat is insane, and blend that Christina's incredible vocals and you got the makings of one of the best mindless party songs of all time. Oh, and it was WAY better than the crap we got literally 5 YEARS LATER thats for sure.
This is hands down the most boring song of the entire year. Most of the time Christina Milian was pretty off beat during the vocals. Oh and Young Jeezy didn't even try to be on beat with his lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, the lyrics are really uninspiring. it's just your average rap brag anthem, which is something that should be analyzed, because there is a way to do brag anthems right. Take Pump It by the Black Eyed peas for example. With them , they acknowledge that they make alot of bad music, but they tells us that even bad acts can make great music, its all how you look at it. The production in this song is one of the weakest productions that I have ever heard of in my life. The beast doesn't punch you tight in the gut, it just grabs your ears for 4 seconds, and then leaves you throughout the rest of the song because you're going to easily get bored. All in all, this song is the most boring song of the entire year.
7. Pussycat Dolls Feat. Will.I.Am - Beep
Will.I.Am isn't really one of my favorite producers. He has rarely made a song by an other artist that could actually surprise me. Although his contribution to his own band The Black Eyed Peas cannot be overlooked, his contribution to other artists has not been good at all, well expect for Busta Rhymes with the song "I Love my Chick". I wanna bring this up because collaborating with the Pussycat Dolls might just be the biggest mistake he has ever made in his entire life.
Yup. this was going on the list. I was going to put Buttons featuring Snoop Dogg on this, but this song in my opinion is even worse. The beat is probably one of the worst that Will.I.AM has ever given us. It has no flow, and all for the soul purpose of being annoying. This is hands down one of the most annoying songs of all time. If you asked teenagers to come up with a soft in 10 minutes, it would sound way less annoying than what the Pussycat Dolls would ever come up with. The lyrics are just...dumb. I don;t want to get into detail about the lyrics because they were just dumb and stupid with no reason why. Honestly I got nothing else that I wanna say about this song.
6. The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
No need to introduce THIS pile of garbage now do I?
Oh come on, you ALL KNEW that this was coming. Okay let me make a confession, I don't think the Black Eyed Peas made the most amount of annoying music, far from it. They provided nothing ground breaking yeah sure, but I didn't think they were the most annoying band that ever lived. I least they didn;t like brag about junk or anything like that making them like a bunch of lunatics. I think adding Fergie was a great idea, creating a whole knew sound for the band. Thats why i do think "Where is the Love", holds up as a great song in my opinion. This song is probably the most embarrassing thing that they have done in their career. Of course it wasn;t until they became super annoying in 2009 with their 5th studio album The E.N.D with stands for "The Energy Never Dies", although "I gotta feeling" ROCKS!! However we can still agree that this song SUCKS!!! The bland production and the beat is pretty easy to ignore. However Will I am and Fergie were the worst parts about the entire song. Fergie is at her most cynical and evil, well not until my #2 pick. However, she was pretty creepy and pretty much came off like a criminal bent on destroying the world. The way Fergie raps is just overly sexualized its actually one of the most disgusting things that she has ever done in her career. The subject matter is probably the biggest crime the Black Eyed Pas ever committed. A song bragging about shaking butts...yup. Now it may not sound like a crime, but they way they portray the concept of butts in a way that so over sexualized is actually grose. Did I ever mention the unbelievable repetition in this song?
Whatcha gonna do with all that junk All that junk inside your trunk
I'ma get get get get you drunk Get you love drunk off my hump My hump my hump my hump my hump my hump My hump my hump my hump my lovely little lumps
Whatcha gonna do with all that junk All that junk inside that trunk
I'm a get get get get you drunk Get you love drunk off my hump
Whatcha gonna do with all that ass All that ass inside your jeans
I'm a make make make make you scream Make you scream make you scream
Look at this same that I got from google Lyrics. These are LITERALLY the lyrics to one of the biggest songs of 2006. Oh, and do you wanna know the funniest thing? In Watchmojo's video on the history of the Black Eyed Peas, they said that this song was an INSTANT SUCCESS!! How wasn an instant success? How did it become one of the bands biggest hits? I DONT KNOW!!! All in all, THIS SONG SUCKS!! NEXT!!
5. Dem Franchize Boys feat. Peanut & Charley - Lean Wit It, Rock Wit it
Ugh, well I guess its only a matter time before I get to talk about THESE idiots again.
Oh gee, the other song from Dem Franchize Boyz, why am I not surprised? Yup this song just terrible. First off is the creepy production. Okay, I do like hip hop dance songs, but when they sound like a friggin horror movie, its just awful. The production in this song sounds like death coming at you with a cythe, which if you are farmer, is the deadliest farming tool known to men. Second off is Dem Franchize Boys themselves being over the top and annoying, which is not a surprise. However, what really gets to me is the pathetic chorus, which is literally the title of the song, and THATS IT. I could go on, but I can't because I have to get to the rest of my top 5 and my dishonorable mentions so lets not waste anytime....even though I wanted to waste time.
4. Lil Jon Feat. E40 & Sean P - Snap Yo Fingers
2006 was the year of when HIP HOP DANCE SONGS broke out and took over the world. Yes 2007 did the same thing, but 2006 was the year that started it all, and believe me, it was terrible. Snap yo Fingers is one of the prime examples of this. First off is that terrible synth that never shuts up, and doesn't cut out not even when E40 & Sean P do their verses. Second off, is the subject matter "snapping fingers"? WHAT THE HECK!!? HOW IS THAT EVEN A DANCE MOVE!!!? THIS SHOWS THAT YOU HAVE NO CREATIVITY AT ALL!!!! AT ALL!! AT ALL!! AT ALL!!! AT ALL!!! A dance is actually moving your body in some sort of crazy pattern, not something like clapping your hands. YOU CANT JUST CLAP YOUR HANDS AND CALL THAT A DANCE MOVE!!!? Thats not how it works you idiot. Oh, and for that matter, you seriously couldn't think of anything else. I mean for the love of God, I was a dumb little kid when Walk it Out by UNK came out, and I actually like that song because it legit sounds like a dance move that I can dance too, because its something NEW and CREATIVE. I can't believe the charts actually thought that THIS excuse of not trying is a good idea. UGH, I can't believe why so many people actually like this song. If you like this song I want to talk to you. No I;m not trying to hurt you or anything like that I'm not. I'm actually very curious. I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT DOES THIS SONG GIVE YOU!!!? All in all, this song sucks., not because he didn't get anything right, but because he didn't try to get anything right, and thats the worst way a song can feel. Good god, I just wanna move on. Can we get a song thats alot more complex and alot more fun? Wait whats the next song?
3. Julez Santana -There It Go (The Whistle Song)
Ya'll have never heard this song before? Well...
THIS...IS ALMOST THE EXACT THING AS THE WHISTLE SONG BY THE YING YANG TWINS!!! Oh, and let me tell you about THE FACT THAT ITS EVEN WORSE!!!! Oh, and do you want me to talk about how God awful this song is? Oh, Oh ho ho ho. Where do I even begin? Well, lets begin with the fact that the production is creepy as CRAP!! Julez Santana adds on to the nightmare fuel with the lyrics, and the way he raps them. He has no flow, no personality, and no reason why he should be anywhere near a recording studio for that matter. Also I would like to point out the fact that the amount of repetition is just annoying as pure heck!! I can think of the times he says the three magical words "there it go". Trust me that will be literally one of the ONLY THINGS YOU HEAR in this song. Along with that is the GOD AWFUL WHISTLING!!!!!! Yeah, ho ho ho you didn;t think I forgot about that didn't ya? yeah well I mean it can;t just make the song even worse than Ying Yang twins mm...hmm, well uh yeah I hate to be moral stick in the mud...but I have to get this rant out. I know you don't want to hear me rant but I got to get this out right now, GUUUYS!!! THIS SONG IS IN THE TOP 10 OF NOT JUST WORST SONGS OF 2006, BUT ONE OF THE WORST SONGS EVER MADE!!!! THE WHISTLING, JULEZ SANTANA, THE SCARY BEAT!!! It ALL comes together in a way that is HORRENDOUS!!! Ugh I just wanna be done with this song...Can we just MOVE ON NOW!!? I really don;t wanna cover the next two songs really I don't.
2. Fergie - London Bridge
2006 was when the Black Eyed Peas broke up and started to focus on other projects. Will.I.Am has been around producing songs for other artists like the Pussycat Dolls and Flo Rida. However, only one other person went on to become a solo artist, and it is hands down the biggest mistake she has ever made.
Trust me, this song is the worst song that Fergie has ever made period. Heck I will even go so far as to say that this song is even worse than Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl, and heck even The Pussycat Dolls - Beep. This song is the most annoying song that I have ever heard in my entire life. First off, is the production, which sounds like literal ear rape, and especially this same of some black men screaming "Oh snap", every third or fourth measure. Second off is Fergie herself probably giving off the most annoying rap of her entire career. There are lot of white people that can rap, but they need to be able to understand the art of rapping. Rapping shouldn't come off as a joke, it should have meaning, it should have maturity, it should be distinctive, it should be relatable. Yes, there are songs that not like that at all like Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls that don;t have any idea, but that song is a part of my childhood because it was least catchy. This song has little to no excuse at all. Third off is the title, why "London Bridge"? I get it, it is supposed to be a comedy rap song, and that I get, but why choose something that has little to nothing to do WITH YOUR OWN LIFE!!! THAT IS JUST INSULTING!!! Bottom line, this song is annoying, has no meaning in it at all, and the lyrics have nothing to do with people who might be going through something at all. However, even with all of that, even with the annoyances that were "Snap Yo Fingers", "There it Go (The Whistle Song) , and this monstrosity, it is STILL not #1. Well what is it than? What could possibly be even worse? Well we shall get to that but first lets go one over the 20 DISHONORABLE MENTIONS!!!! I mean good God this is year is so bad that there's over 20 honorable mentions that I have to go through. Thats how bad this year is, and if you like some of thee songs, well your made out of stronger metal than me.
Dishonorable Mentions
  1. Daniel Power - Bad Day
  2. Kelis Feat. Too $hort - Bossy
  3. Gwen Stefani - Crash
  4. Cherish Feat. Sean Paul of YoungBloodZ - Do it, Do it
  5. Bow Wow Feat. J-Kwon & Jermaine Dupri - Fresh AZMIZ
  6. Yung Joc - I Know You See It
  7. T-Pain - I'm in Luv
  8. Hinder - Lips of An Angel
  9. Ashlee Simpson - L.O.V.E
  10. Gwen Stefani Feat. Pharrell Williams - Luxurious
  11. Justin Timberlake Feat. T.I - My Love
  12. Three 6 Mafia - Poppin my Collar
  13. Chingy Feat Lyfe Jennings - Pullin Me Back
  14. Young Dro Feat. T.I - Shoulder Lean
  15. P!NK - Stupid Girls
  16. Teddy Geiger - These Walls
  17. Busta Rhymes - Touch
  18. E40 Feat. T-Pain & Kandi Girl - U & Dat
  19. Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up
  20. Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne - You
Okay, now that we have gotten through all 20 honorable mentions TIME TO BASH AND DESTROY THE CRAP OUT OF #1!!!!
1. Jibbs - Chain Hang Low
Okay, heres a another confession that i would like to make, I am a sucker for children's music. Unlike regular music children's songs are the types of songs that are being passed on from generation to generation. Regular music does the same thing, but its only dependent on what era you used to live in. Children's music is universal, and is the same collection of songs, that never changes, ever. Children's music is a sacred art. So, what does the music industry do? *deep breath RUIN THE CRAP OUT OF IT AND DESTROY THE MANY LIVES OF CHILDREN!!!!!!! Oh, and if you think that this should've been WAY lower on my list? Oh ho ho ho, well I am going to tell you why this song is not just the worst song of 2006, but one of the worst songs EVER MADE. First off is Jibbs terrible rapping voice. Is it perfect combination of being annoying while also having little to no UNIQUE personality. Second off, is the tune and the fact that its a brag anthem. Sure, kids songs are repetitive, but at least those are not like brag anthems. This song is a brag anthem in every worse way possible. This is up there with the song "What U Gon Do" as a one of the worst brag anthems of all time. All he do is that he talks about how low is chain can go, and thats it. Third off is that retched kids chorus that not only does not even care, but make the song even more infuriating because they're MOCKING CHILDREN'S MUSIC AS A HOLE!!!! Oh and don;t even get me started on the LYRICS of this song. This is one of the worst songs ever made, not just because of the way it mocks children's music, but it also how it completely misrepresents the art of music as a whole, and that is just heartbreaking. Now with alot of the bad songs on this list I can think of at least 1 or 2 or even three elements that could've been good in another song. This song literally has nothing to offer. Even with Snap yo Fingers, the other pathetic crunk song, I at least felt like LIL JON was enjoying himself, not here. This song is not an art piece, its a product. If you like it thats fine, but I wish I never have to hear this song again.
Well Thats it for my top 20 worst songs of 2006, thank god that I finally got done with the crap stuff/ However, things will definitely pick up when I count down the top 20 best songs of 2006, so stay tuned for that.
So what did you think about my picks for the top 20 worst songs of 2006? What do you think are the top 20 worst songs of 2006? Let me know in the comments down below
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2019.10.03 01:11 TragicKingdom1 21st Century Hip Hop #1s Rate!

Finally, the moment this subreddit has been waiting for: a chance to rate XXXTENTACION!
Hello and welcome to the 21st Century Hip Hop #1s rate. The title is pretty self-explanatory: it comprises of sixty #1s on the Billboard Hot 100 from 2000-onwards that fall under the hip hop genre. How did we decide on the sixty, you may ask? Well, it's such a broad term that my cohost (MashLuke) and I considered the following factors:
Keeping those in mind, this is the list we ended up with (brackets denote any previous rates the songs have been in):

The Songs

  1. OutKast - Ms. Jackson
  2. Ja Rule ft. Ashanti - Always On Time
  3. Nelly - Hot In Herre [Songs of the Summer]
  4. Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland - Dilemma
  5. Eminem - Lose Yourself
  6. 50 Cent - In Da Club [Billboard Year-End #1s]
  7. 50 Cent ft. Nate Dogg - 21 Questions
  8. Nelly, P. Diddy & Murphy Lee - Shake Ya Tailfeather
  9. Ludacris ft. Shawnna - Stand Up
  10. OutKast - Hey Ya!
  11. OutKast ft. Sleepy Brown - The Way You Move
  12. Twista ft. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx - Slow Jamz
  13. Usher ft. Lil Jon & Ludacris - Yeah! [Billboard Year-End #1s]
  14. Juvenile ft. Soulja Slim - Slow Motion
  15. Terror Squad - Lean Back
  16. Ciara ft. Petey Pablo - Goodies
  17. Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell - Drop It Like It's Hot
  18. 50 Cent ft. Olivia - Candy Shop
  19. Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx - Gold Digger
  20. Chris Brown ft. Juelz Santana - Run It!
  21. Nelly ft. Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp - Grillz
  22. Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone - Ridin' [One Hit Wonderland]
  23. Ludacris ft. Pharrell - Money Maker
  24. Akon ft. Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Love You
  25. Mims - This Is Why I'm Hot
  26. T-Pain ft. Yung Joc - Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')
  27. Soulja Boy - Crank That (Soulja Boy)
  28. Kanye West - Stronger
  29. Chris Brown ft. T-Pain - Kiss Kiss
  30. Flo Rida ft. T-Pain - Low [Billboard Year-End #1s]
  31. Lil Wayne ft. Static Major - Lollipop
  32. Jay-Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind [2009 Year-End]
  33. B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars - Nothin' On You
  34. Eminem - Not Afraid
  35. Eminem ft. Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie
  36. Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow
  37. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz - Thrift Shop [Billboard Year-End #1s]
  38. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton - Can't Hold Us
  39. Eminem ft. Rihanna - The Monster
  40. Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - Fancy [Songs of the Summer]
  41. Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth - See You Again
  42. Desiigner - Panda
  43. Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane - Black Beatles
  44. The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk - Starboy
  45. Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert - Bad And Boujee
  46. Kendrick Lamar - Humble [2017 Hip Hop]
  47. DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne - I'm The One
  48. Cardi B - Bodak Yellow
  49. Post Malone ft. 21 Savage - Rockstar
  50. Drake - God's Plan
  51. Drake - Nice For What
  52. Childish Gambino - This Is America
  53. Post Malone ft. Ty Dolla $ign - Psycho
  55. Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It
  56. Drake - In My Feelings [Songs of the Summer]
  57. Travis Scott - Sicko Mode
  58. Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower
  59. Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus - Old Town Road
  60. Lizzo - Truth Hurts

The Rules

  • Listen to every song listed (excluding the bonus rate, which is optional) and give it a score between one (1) and ten (10). You can use up to one decimal place, although I recommend only using integers and multiples of 0.5, because you're not special for giving a song a 7.3.
  • You may give one song a zero (0) and one song an eleven (11). These should be reserved for your favourite track and least favourite track. You are NOT required to leave a comment for these songs.
  • You must use the prepared link to send in your scores.
  • Feel free to PM me or my cohost (MashLuke) on Reddit or Discord if you'd like to change any of your scores.
  • I reserve the right to reject any ballots that I suspect of sabotage, and to expose your scores in a variety of humiliating ways.
  • There is a secret bonus rate that can only be accessed ahead of time by sending in scores to this rate! It will be available to everyone during Day 1 of the reveal.
  • You can also add comments to any song! The following format is the only acceptable format for song comments:
Dilemma: 11 picking this as my 11 wasn't a DILEMMA at all hahaha!!!
Any of the following formats are INCORRECT and must be CORRECTED or your ballot will be REJECTED:
Fancy: 1 - I want those twinks Obliterated
Grillz: I work at Lowe's and lost half my pinky toe while moving around outdoor grills, so I have to give this a 1.
Lollipop: I have PTSD from swallowing a Tootsie Pop whole as a child 1
Lean Back: (1) I'm pressed that Remy Ma has a #1 and Nicki doesn't
Humble: 1: I can't relate to this song because I can't help but be annoyingly prideful of my 1000 twitter followers on a faceless stan account

HERE is the link to submit your scores. Be sure to open the link using old Reddit!

HERE is the link to the Spotify playlist. note: missing Empire State of Mind

HERE is a link to a picture of my dogs.

The due date is TBA but will be sometime after November 1st. Thank you to everyone who decides to do this rate, it will be a fun time!!

ETA: The due date is now November 18th at midnight EST.

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2015.07.29 08:54 TwilightLitch Not sure whats wrong with my game

Im 20 years old in college and stably employed male. All my life i have been waiting for the girl of my dreams. I can literally count and explain my top crushes and i will dissect them for you guys. My first was in grammar school, a girl named amber, who i was to afraid to tell i liked. the second was in sixth grade, a girl named tyler, who said she liked me etc but had a boy friend who hated me because of it. Despite this i didnt believe her to be honest and hid the fact that i liked her too. Then in eight grade i began to like a new girl, named ciara, and unlike the previous times she found out that i liked her and acted disgusted. This was the first time i felt true rejection and it was quite the pain. To make it worse, one of my closest friends started dating her, but that's a different story all together. Next was a girl, named jasmine, freshman year and sad to say before i could tell her how i felt the same friend from before started dating her. After biding my time they broke up and i fessed up. To my dismay i was rejected again. This sparked the drive in me to make myself lose weight as i was certain that was the reason for my rejections. At that point i started working out and dropped from 250 to 175 by jr year. Jasmine broke my heart once again with a comment of " i would never kiss him" and thats when i began to replace my sadness with pure hatred just to be able to move on to the next person. Senior year came around and i became friends with a girl named nellie. She knew i liked her and months and months went by with me trying to win her over. Alas nothing worked and she ultimately rejected me, but i didn't want to hate her. All i wanted was a reason as to why she rejected me which she refused to give indefinitely. With that question unanswered i hated her up until and after graduation. We even had to sit next to each other which was beyond awkward for me at least. After graduation i had luck with a girl named brandi whom i had relations with, but with my desire to have a relationship burning extremely strong i tried to convince her to become my girl friend. Initially she refused but one night after we had sex she agreed to it. I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to show her off and just increase to happiness i was already feeling. The next day her phone was off, and it was that way for the rest of the week. During that time i had gotten her a toy bunny from my school as a present and a sweater. When i finally talked to her again she didn't know what i was talking about and that she didn't want to be my girlfriend. This legitimately broke my heart in two. and this is when i began to completely ex communicate girls. this happened again with a girl in college who seemed to be beating around the bush and left me hanging on valentines day. multiple others occurred but only three more are of relevance. Girl named Dee, DD, and Ci. Dee was the first relationship i had with a girl that was just sheer happiness. She had a kid so i didn't want to commit, but as time went on i started to fall in love with her, and i did countless things to help her in her everyday life. in the end she said she loved me and that she wasn't in love with me and her reason was that she didn't think i could handle her. I tried to end communication with her, but we still talk on occasion to this day. DD was a girl i meet sophomore year and whom i spent a lot of time deciphering. I could tell we were similar, and i thought we would be good together. So i tried for some time, but didn't feel like directly competing with guys around me for her. this made my admiration go up and down for her. finally on valentines day she had agreed to go see 50 shades of grey after i gave her a giant penguin and gave me a bs excuse of it was to hot the day of. after that i acted as though she didn't exist. And finally ci who was my opposite completely, and knew a lot about me. i still talk to her now, but i the problem with her was my lack of initiation. We were alone on at least 3 different occasions and i didn't try anything, or more like i didn't know what to do. I easily get caught in the idea that i don't want to mess up. Im not even counting the sham of a girlfriend i dated for a month. but the over all problem is that i don't know what im not doing right. i didn't grow up with a father, nor a father figure. no one taught me stuff regarding this. My mother damn near didn't teach me anything herself. I've been alone to my own devices since i was a child. i cant figure this out reddit... how can i find a girl who will love me and accept the love im willing to give without using me?
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Ciara - 'Girl Gang' ft Kelly Rowland - YouTube Boys Ciara Has Dated - Star News - YouTube Girls Nelly has Dated - YouTube Ciara Boyfriends List (Dating History) - YouTube Boys Ciara Has Dated! 50 Cent tells ALL about him and Ciara!! - YouTube Nelly - Stepped On My J'z ft. Jermaine Dupri, Ciara ... The Truth About Ashanti's MESSY Dating History - YouTube Nelly & Kelly Rowland 'Gone' Video Shoot - On Location In ...

T.I. & Nelly’s Bow Wow ‘Intervention’: Scold Him For Ciara ...

  1. Ciara - 'Girl Gang' ft Kelly Rowland - YouTube
  2. Boys Ciara Has Dated - Star News - YouTube
  3. Girls Nelly has Dated - YouTube
  4. Ciara Boyfriends List (Dating History) - YouTube
  5. Boys Ciara Has Dated!
  6. 50 Cent tells ALL about him and Ciara!! - YouTube
  7. Nelly - Stepped On My J'z ft. Jermaine Dupri, Ciara ...
  8. The Truth About Ashanti's MESSY Dating History - YouTube
  9. Nelly & Kelly Rowland 'Gone' Video Shoot - On Location In ...

Are they dating? Wild 94.9's Christie gets the full scoop! Hear the full interview at Nelly & Kelly Rowland give the scoop on location in Cancun on their 'Gone' Video Shoot & their previous collaborations with each other. Follow Hollyscoop on ... Music video by Nelly performing Stepped On My J'z. (C) 2008 Universal Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. and I.G. Records, Inc Ciara Dating Timeline! Ciara Dated Who? List of Men Ciara dated! Ciara Hookups and Love Affairs! Ciara Relationship! Ciara and Amar'e Stoudemire! Ciara and Russell Wilson! Ciara and Shad Moss ... Nelly Dating Timeline! Nelly dated Who? Nelly Allegations! Nelly and Kelly Rowland Relationship! Nelly and Ashanti Douglas Relationship! Nelly and Shantel Ja... Get Ciara’s new album ‘Beauty Marks’ ft “Thinkin Bout You”, “Level Up”, and “Greatest Love” now: Ciara is one of those talented people who have been able to realize themselves in many areas. She began her career as a singer, but soon showed her acting ta... Ashanti’s self-titled debut album was released in 2002 and immediately rose to the number one spot on the Billboard chart. Not only did everyone want her sul... Boys Ciara Has Dated - Star News SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: Thanks for Watching! Please Subscribe Us, Comment, Like an...