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Jamaica's ROSCA: The Partner System. A popular form of savings system in Jamaica is the 'Partner', which is called by many different names elsewhere in the Caribbean and is also found in many other parts of the world. It is often described as a form of capital accmulation. A Partner is basically a partnership among people to save collectively. 5 Things Jamaican Partner (Pardner) Draw Teaches You. 2 years ago. by Annieca Edwards. The Partner System is a popular saving partnership between a group of people. It is a very common practice in the Caribbean, especially among low-income earners and in other countries where Afro-Caribbean communities may be found. An important destination for U.S. investment, Jamaica has generally been a supportive partner in efforts – bilaterally, regionally, and globally – to liberalize trade. Under the Caribbean Basin Trade Partner Act and other trade measures, over 80% of Jamaican exports enter the U.S. market duty free. We called it a ‘partner’ which is the same in Jamaica, and it worked very well.” The system has remained popular to this day because of its informality, allowing poorer members to draw ready cash in emergencies, or when their credit status would make them ineligible for loans from high street banks. Friends of Ridge United (FOR U Jamaica) is our Jamaican counterpart based in St. Elizabeth Parish. In early 2006 Dr. Riley, Dr. Michelle Brown, and community leader Anna Edwards began discussing their vision to uplift the community of Ridge. Through these discussions, they identified many unmet needs in their community and felt prompted to form […] Jamaican father’s fears realised as cop dies riding bike 11 h ago. ... Jamaica: Love trumps politics – Clarendon SE voter to break ranks with partner August 18, 2020. We commit to producing energy in the most cost-efficient manner and the highest standard of service to our customers, ensuring delivery in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner. A study of the partner system of saving in Jamaica by Jamaica. National Savings Committee., 1975, National Savings Committee edition, in English

A bizarre morning at Sainsbury's

2019.01.14 00:51 MEZAIAL A bizarre morning at Sainsbury's

TLDR at the bottom.
So a little background before we go on. I work as a carer for people with Autism and learning disabilities. On Sunday mornings after breakfast I always take one of the guys I'm working with to the local Sainsbury's for him to buy snacks and cigarettes. Sainsbury's is very orange themed store which is coincidentally my favourite colour and so I am wearing a couple of things that are orange. Strangely Sainsburys staff wear maroon tops with the name of the store written in orange. That is about all you need to know beforehand so lets begin.
As mentioned in the intro I always take one of my guys to the cafe in Sainsburys first for a cup of tea before letting him loose in the store to buy his items of choice. While he is doing that I go grab a couple of energy drinks and wander into the aisle where books, magazines, DVDs and a really crappy selection of videogames are to be found. I have been in that aisle for several minutes and I decide to go and check how my guy is getting on with his shopping. I like to promote his independance and freedom of choice by just letting him roam free within the store. He's never any bother to anyone.
So as I'm leaving the aisle I'm in, a lady who I would estimate was in her 50s comes round the corner from the aisle that runs down the center of all the aisles. I see her lock on to me and approach me and she asked me where she could find this thing with an Italian sounding name. I having never heard of it had no idea where to even start with that one. So I just say "I'm sorry darling I don't work here, but you see those ladies wearing maroon over there (while pointing at them). I'm sure they will know where to find it".
She responds by saying "But your wearing orange" and to be fair she was correct. I was wearing a grey Superdry jacket which has orange zips and pullstrings on the hood as well as a bright orange Superdry logo on the back right shoulder. Under that I was wearing a grey Superdry hoodie which had a strip of orange in the inside of the hood. But the most obvious thing is that I'm wearing a bright orange beanie hat cos its cold outside and all. My response to that was just "Yeah I like orange". And with that I just walk away.
I cross the central dividing aisle and walk into the aisle that is directly opposite the one I had just been in, I had probably only taken about 5 steps into that aisle when I hear from behind me a scream, or what might better be described as wailing and sobbing. I turned around and saw the lady I had just spoken to on her knees in the middle of the aisle. My first thought was that maybe she had slipped on something and twisted her ankle or something. I'm just about to go to help her but stopped when one of the shop assistants came running from the aisle next door and ran straight up to her. I was still going to go over as I am a trained first aider. The assistant who went to her aid asked her what was wrong and she looked directly at me, pointed at me and screamed that I had shouted at her and slapped her. My jaw just dropped and I thought "You have got to be fucking kidding me".
More store assistants show up and they quickly speak to each other and one comes over to me to ask what happened. I'm just stood there stunned as this lady is going crazy and making a huge scene in the store. I tell the assistant that all I said was that I dont work here and directed her to someone who did and that I in no way touched her. Some staff were speaking into walkie talkies and soon the stores manageress comes running through the store. The whole time I'm protesting my innocence. The manageress approaches me and I tell her the same thing, and that I had in no way touched her. She informs me that because there was an allegation of assault that they were oblidged to call the police and that I would have to wait for them. At this time I saw my service user who had naturally came over to see what all the commotion was about and I called him over to me and had to explain to him what had happened to.
The store assistant wanting to calm things down by removing me from this ladys view. So me, my service user and the store assistant walk down the opposite aisle and through the checkout, dropping off my guys shopping basket at the customer service desk before sitting us down on a bench behind the checkouts. Three staff remain with the lady while the manageress who is on the phone goes behind the customer service desk where she starts looking at CCTV.
At his time I know that I might end up having even more issues with my service user who seems anxious as fuck, and I knew was probably going to get a lot worse as soon as the police arrived on scene. I took advantage the few minutes I had to calmly explain more fully to him what was happening and that I needed to speak to the police when they arrived. I explained that neither of us had done anything wrong and that I just needed to speak to them and then I was sure we would both be free to leave shortly. I asked him to just sit quietly until then and not to worry about anything. At this time an old lady came through the checkout and came up to me and said that she saw everything that happened and knew I had done nothing wrong. I asked if she would mind sticking around and telling that to the police when they got here and she said she would be happy to.
So a couple of minutes later the police arrived in store and were directed to the screaming mess flailing around on the floor. A male and female police officers went over to deal with her. From where I was sitting I had a clear line of sight to her and everybody in the building could hear her. Thankfully the store had just recently opened and wasn't at all busy, but new customers were slowly trickling into the store to be greeted by the tantrum from hell. I could see that the male officer seemed to be familiar with the lady, but he was having no success at calming her down. About 2 minutes later another 2 police arrive on scene, yet again a male and female. They were met at the door by the stores manageress who directed them to the screaming lady and also turned and pointed at me. The male officer turned and looked at me and I raised my hand slightly to acknowledge him. The female officer goes over to join her colleagues and the male approaches me.
So this officer comes over and I explain to him exactly what I've explained already in this post. After I get through telling him, he takes a somewhat accusatory tone. Saying that if thats all that happened why is she acting that way, and that something else must of happened. I told him no, I walked away and she just started doing what he himself could see her doing right now. I told him she had been like that for the last 10 minutes or so. At this time this guys partner wanders back over but doesn't say anything to me, she just stands there while I tell her partner about my service user who is sitting next to me. While I'm talking to him, the old lady from earlier approaches the female officer and tells her that she saw everything and I did nothing wrong.
Now what really pissed me off about this entire thing is that she just dismissed her, told her she had it handled and asked her to move along. I think this was wrong and if I were to be arrested I was certainly going to make a fuss about that when I'm questioned. As the old lady goes off the manageress comes over to the same female officer and they both step away a little. I don't hear everything they say, but I did hear that the woman has previously been banned from the store twice before for causing problems. Then I hear her tell her its all on CCTV and she leads the officer to the customer service desk. I breathe a sigh of relief.
So as she walks away the first officer who came in, and rushed straight to the "alledged victim" came wandering over and both male officers have a very quick chat. Then he turns to me and says sorry for the inconveinience and that we we were free to go.
To be honest that kinda took me by suprise. They hadn't finished viewing the CCTV yet, but this officer knew the score and knew I'd done nothing wrong. I said something like "Oh, so we are free to finish our shopping" and he said we were, adding that the lady had a history of mental illness (which I'd already figured out), and that she does things like this from time to time to get sympathy and attention.
Well you didn't have to tell me twice (actually he did if you think about it). I stood up and said thanks and grabbed my service user and headed to the customer service desk. As I did so the female officer came back around from it and even though I didn't see it, I know the first officer who was behind me waved her off from approaching me. I just smiled at her and walked right past her. All the time this bloody woman is still screaming and going a game. I pick up the basket from the customer service desk and head straight for the checkout. Now all the coppers go over to this woman, and even though I am sympathetic to the behaviours of this mentally ill person, I have to confess part of me was thinking great we get to watch her get arrested. (I know, thats bad right? But I am still a human afterall, I cant help thinking that).
Anyway it doesn't matter as thats not what happened. Instead two African or possibly Jamacian women show up and go into the aisle. Not long after all three of them come out of the aisle with the two carers using a technique I'm very familiar with called a double wrap around arm hold. And they just march her out of the store and into a car outside. We held back within the store while this was happening to try and prevent her from seeing me and potentially kicking off again.
Soon after they left so did the police.
Once everybody was gone, me and my buddy walked home, talking about it all the way.
When I got back I told my manager what had happened, mainly because I had told the police where I worked. So really to give her a heads up so if anybody did get in touch that she wasn't left completely in the dark. My manager thought it was hillarious and even tried to get me to write an incident report. But I argued that down because my guy wasn't involved in the incident. No the job of writing that report lay in the hands of some other person in some other company in some other place, not me.
Now my shift is over and I'm back home I still did feel like writing my story, but I prefer to do it for you folks here. If it does end up needing me to write an incident report I can come back and copy and paste it from this page. Hell I might just directly give them the link.

TLDR: Told a mentally ill lady I dont work here, she proceeds to have a full blown meltdown, I get accused of assaulting her but narrowly escape from getting nabbed by the fuzz.
And also I forgot to buy my energy drinks.
EDIT: I would just like to take the time to say thank you to everyone for their understanding and their kind words and support. When you have a job like mine you often feel overwhelmed and under appreciated. Hearing your kind words has really done me some good this morning. I really appreciate it.
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2018.03.08 06:47 BarbequeBlue Listening Notes for Every Artist at Field Trip 2018

Hey Reddit, below are my listening notes for every artist at Field Trip 2018.
Think I'm wrong? Have a note to share? Leave a comment and I'll update with them.

Saturday June 2

Jacob Banks • How is this man only 26. Deep enveloping vocals.
Bahamas • Local to Toronto. Seriously relaxed. Pair with a beach if at all possible.
Partner • A living 90's garage band time machine, operated by two proudly gay Canadian women.
Damian Marley • Authoritatively Jamacian Reggae, plus occasional Skrillex.
Middle Kids • Australian vocalist Hannah Joy with rock ensemble.
Noname • Fun and poppy rap.
The Barr Brothers • Soft and melodic, reminds me of The Verve. Per FrightenedHip "f***ing amazing"!!
Reuben and the Dark • Calgarian. Somewhere between folk and alt rock. A distinct voice, asking you to place your trust.
Pierre Kwenders • Congolese-Canadian. A multilingual education in rhyme and melody.
Dizzy • Fresh from the Shwa, with a clean So Cal pop sound.
Chris LaRocca • Woodbridge local. Airy pop.
Maddee • Spaced out and ethereal. Full story at 23:00.
Charotte Cardin • Montrealer. A bit of a seductress?
Metric • Toronto transplants. Trademark synth like vocals and rock à la 90's.

Sunday June 3

Deer Tick • Like a garage alt rock band, but with more range and polish.
Alvvays • Toronto locals. Airy, dreamy pop.
Allan Rayman • Toronto transplant. Wide range, generally rhythmic, raspy, pair with wide open spaces.
Japandroids • Vancouverites. Rock, edging to punk rock.
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue • Trombone! An education in modern Jazz.
HAERTS • Pretty tethered pop. There is some talent, but not enough chances taken.
Cuco • Rhythmic modern love ballards. Probably the youngest performer at the festival.
Allie X • Oakville/Toronto local. Coming of age pop.
Gabrielle Shonk • Talented Québécois vocalist, soft yet worldly.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs • Heads will roll gets radio play.
Liza Anne • A clear resonant and innocent voice.
Ellevator • Hamilton based, pop, EP out before Field Trip.
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2013.09.14 06:17 prettyinpink26 Please help with rum expertise for advice on which sort to use for a special chocolate rum cake.

I am making my partner a chocolate rum cake for his birthday, and am looking for advice on what type of rum to use. He loves spiced rum, particularly Captain Morgan. Most rum cakes seem to use a dark rum, and particulary with it being a chocolate rum cake I am concerned that using a spiced rum may be a little pointless. Should I stick with a dark rum or go with something with some spice?
At this stage I am considering something like Coruba Jamacian Rum or The Kraken Spiced Rum.
I would love some advice from all of you who know more about the flavour of all of these, any suggestions welcome, but I am in Australia so our selection may be a little more limited.
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2013.08.15 19:52 JDSpleen Hello, would love a realm mentor/friend :) More info inside!

Hello /rotmg My name is SpleenJD (not real name, real names Jack, but ya know….) and I am looking for a partner (in crime bytchesssss) I am a red star (31) but when I died about 6 months ago, I raged and dropped all my stuff, so I'm left with nil but a pet :) I am looking for someone experienced, not specifically someone with more stars, although more is better obviously :) or just someone plain successful! Someone to help me get back on my feet, and to farm pots with! I am willing to join a guild, and I prefer to play on steam, but eh, can do anything (anything…..) Please, pm me or something, I am on most times, and europe players probably preferred(only saying this because of time difference :) I am Jamacian. Nuff said. See ya in realm!!
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Hot Tub Drama  Swinger Wives - YouTube TEACHING MY SENEGALESE HUSBAND (JAMAICAN) PATOIS #LanguageTag (HILARIOUS) WHEN YOUR JAMAICAN TRAINING PARTNER IS A PERVERT  COMEDY SKETCH TVJ Smile Jamaica: Qualities of A Perfect Partner - May 7 2019 My European husband speaking Jamaican Patois (Part 1 ... Jamaican yoga instructor - YouTube JamaicaEduPartners - YouTube American Husband Tries Jamaican Food - YouTube

5 Things Jamaican Partner (Pardner) Draw Teaches You ...

  1. Hot Tub Drama Swinger Wives - YouTube
  4. TVJ Smile Jamaica: Qualities of A Perfect Partner - May 7 2019
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  9. Patti Page - 'Changing Partners' (1950s) - YouTube

It will make you laugh till your belly hurts! Simas is from Lithuania and is speaking Jamaican Patois. Pick up lines, translations, food, music, shoutouts - ... FOLLOW TABIZZLE ON INSTAGRAM: @TABIZZLEPRIME #Mijeezas #Tabizzleprime #Tabizzlevlogs #Comedysketch https://www.instagram.com/tabizzleprime/ The “Real Life” o... TEACHING MY JAMAICAN GIRLFRIEND (SENEGALESE) WOLOF #LanguageTag (FUNNY) - Duration: 9:12. JamEgal 4,482 views. 9:12. TEACHING MY RWANDAN HUSBAND JAMAICAN PATOIS - Duration: 12:52. Jamaica News - Television Jamaica a Trusted Source for News, Sports & Entertainment For more #TVJ videos visit - https://www.televisionjamaica.com Trusted News For access to LIVE TV go to https ... Disclaimer: I (Meg) was born in America and a proud daughter of a Jamaican mom and a Cuban dad. I love all cultures but I also love being American while stil... Now you know who to call for a good stretch lol Follow me on Instagram @SeniorGumBoy Song: B-Roll (ska) - Islandesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Cr... Caribbean Partners for Educational Progress, previously known as Jamaica Partners for Educational Progress, is now a regional Community of Practice managed b... Patti Page performing 'Changing Partners' (1950s) A swinger couple show the in's and out's of their way of life. Subscribe to TLC UK for more great clips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2vlpX8sNDBmPcY_1_Q...