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2019.12.15 05:24 hot-z-pizza BuzzfeedQuizzes

A collection of the good, the random, and the greatest Buzzfeed quizzes that are deep in the archives

2020.09.25 22:39 bringinthefitness [Activity] IIIIIIIT'S BUZZFEED Quizzes, step right up!

Which Classic Cake Ingredient Matches Your Personality?

Pick A Song For Every Letter Of The Alphabet And We'll Tell You What Show You Should Watch On Netflix
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2020.09.25 20:47 GoldenBlades132 buzzfeed quizzes are weird

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2020.09.24 17:46 bringinthefitness [Activity] Buzzfeed Quizzes YAY!

Pick A Bunch Of Your Fall Faves And We'll Tell You Which Bath And Body Works Scent You Are

Choose Some Foods That Start With The Letter "F" And We’ll Tell You If You're An Introvert Or An Extrovert
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2020.09.21 20:02 CamSmith50 Dumb blind BuzzFeed Quizzes !

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2020.09.21 13:47 idklolok even buzzfeed quizzes know the answer

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2020.09.21 01:53 bringinthefitness [Activity] Let's see if Buzzfeed Quizzes does better today!

25-Question Street Food Test Will Reveal Your True Personality Type

Pick The Your Favorite Marvel Characters To Reveal Who You'd Be In "Star Wars"
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2020.09.17 22:17 lbarnes76 [Contest] Buzzfeed Quizzes!


Winner: u/alopez1592

There has been a problem,
It was my fault I didn't include US only. I'm so sorry!
Instead, I will do a raffle and pick a winner.
I absolutely love doing Buzzfeed quizzes, I think they're so much fun and I was inspired by the activities on here lately.
Soo I did this quiz:
  1. US only
  2. Take the quiz and tell me your results!
  3. Have something $10 or less on your wishlist, you can link your list! :)
  4. Have fun, interact with each other, Spread some love. 💕🥰

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2020.09.16 00:32 oopsy-daisy6837 I just realized that I've gotten more validation in my life from Buzzfeed quizzes than my mom

Knowing it feels weirdly good. Been struggling with the idea of being narcissistic myself lately, but I realized that taking on such traits can be a defense of sorts, but at the same time, yes, I'm ambitious and wanna be the best at what I do but what I want even more than that, what I want more than anything is to be just like everyone else. When it comes to my mom, however, that always meant being "not me" because she only loves the things that don't challenge her worldview (and my very existence does that, I think) so the problem really isn't me :) feels so good to say that.
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2020.09.14 02:24 GlobGirl I spend my nights doing buzzfeed quizzes

Not very often, I’ve only done one buzzfeed quiz before today and now I’m on a role.
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2020.09.10 22:00 hgjlk Clearly we can only rely on BuzzFeed to create good quizzes

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2020.09.10 21:49 hgjlk We can only rely on BuzzFeed to make good personality quizzes

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2020.09.05 16:48 autobuzzfeedbot Here Are 20 Of The Best BuzzFeed Trivia Quizzes Of 2020 To Take If You're Bored

  1. Sorry, Millennials, But There's No Way You Will Be Able To Pass This Quiz
  2. Only People Who Can See RED Really Well Can Read These Words
  3. There Are 50 US States And I'll Be Impressed If You Can Find 15 Of Them
  4. If You Don't Get A C Or Better On This Spelling Quiz, Then You Need To Repeat Fourth Grade
  5. A Contestant Won "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" By Answering These 15 Questions — How Far Can You Get?
  6. Can You Guess The Disney Princess If We Cover Up Her Hair And Clothes?
  7. If You Breeze Through This Quiz, You Have Too Much Random Knowledge
  8. Only A Geography Teacher Can Get Higher Than 8/12 On This Emoji Flag Quiz
  9. These 17 Famous People Always Get Mistaken For Other Celebs – Can You Tell Them Apart?
  10. These Are The Hardest Test Questions In Each Grade — Can You Pass Through Grade 12?
  11. If You Can Ace This Simple Logic Quiz, You Have A High IQ
  12. Sorry But If You Can't Identify Over 11 Of These Condiments, Your Food Might Be A Little Bland
  13. Here Are The Hardest Rachel Questions From Every Season Of "Friends" — Can You Get All 10 Correct?
  14. Only A "Harry Potter" Expert Can Make It To Level 20 On This Never-Ending Quiz
  15. The Worse You Do On This Quiz, The Older You Are
  16. Half Of These Disney Princess Dresses Are Fake – Can You Guess Which Ones?
  17. There Are 10 Four-Letter Countries — I Bet You Can't Name Them
  18. If You Can Get 10/12 On This Homophone Quiz, You're A Grammar Genius
  19. Can You Name The Disney Movie Solely By Its Font?
  20. There Are 46 European Countries And I'll Be Impressed If You Can Find 10 Of Them
Link to article
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2020.09.03 03:53 hanselsbreadcrumbs What do you think about tests and theories that "determine" your personality?

Recently, I learned about the "Blood Type Personality Theory." In short, it is a very popular pseudoscientific theory that basically means that your blood type determines your personality. It may seem strange to you if, like me, had never heard of this before. But it's actually not that strange because the Internet loves "determining" your personality. So here is a casual read about some of these personality tests, theories, and beliefs.
First off, just look at BuzzFeed. There are so many quizzes that can tell you what Disney Princess you are, or your favorite food will determine what personality you have. There is no science behind any of this, but that's not really necessary because it's just a fun little quiz to entertain you. You can agree or disagree with the result and share it with your friends. And if you get a result you don't like, it doesn't;t matter because you be whatever princess you want to be.
Now moving on to something a little more serious, Hogwarts Houses. Now, if you've never read the books or watched the movies or do anything Harry Potter related, you might not care about your Hogwarts House. But when it comes to those in the HP fanbase, your House is very important to your identity. And because the Houses are not really created equal, so most would want to be a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, therefore causing some Houses to be "better" than others. People who don't really bother with taking the quiz, will probably ask "Why do you care anyway?" But to those who find Harry Potter to be something they hold close to their heart, their House is something important to their identity and personality.
If you have never taken a BuzzFeed quiz or the Sorting Hat quiz, all of this may seem like little things that don't have any impact on people's lives. But now consider the following: Astrology. There is your sign, your element, your horoscope, your love compatibility, and Mercury in retrograde. If I were to compare all of this to board games, BuzzFeed quizzes would be checkers, and Astrology would be fucking 4D chess or something.
And astrology is a worldwide thing. For example, alone provides "daily horoscopes, online tarot readings, psychic readings, Chinese astrology, Vedic Astrology, Mayan Astrology, Numerology, etc." Cultures all over the world seem to think that your personality is determined by fate or the occult, or some divine celestial objects can predict the future.
Now, this isn't to hate on astrology; rather, I was amazed at how many different forms of it all over the place. Also, you might find yourself to believe in some form of astrology or something similar. But another question is, what does BuzzFeed and Hogwarts Houses have anything to do with it. The thing is, while they may seem like they have no connection (my checkers to 4D chess comparison) they are actually quite similar when you consider this: They all "determine" your personality.
Of course, they all do so in different ways. You can just take a few minutes to answer questions that tell you what personality you have. It's really straightforward because the questions basically ask you what personality you have. On the other hand, other personalities determining methods are predetermined. You are born on a certain month, or a certain year, you have a certain blood type, etc.
Let's use the blood type personality theory as an example since it started this whole post. I'll compare it to Hogwarts Houses to show how they are similar.
The blood types are A, B, O, and AB, and their traits are as follows: As are well-organized, Bs are selfish, Os are optimistic, and ABs are eccentric. Compare this to the four Hogwarts Houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. Gryffindors are brave, Ravenclaws are smart, Slytherins are cunning, and Hufflepuffs are loyal. In the same way each blood-type has certain traits and quirks, so do Hogwarts Houses.
But there is something they have in common that isn't so pleasant. While Hogwarts Houses is something J.K. Rowling came up with and wrote down on an aeroplane sick bag, it has become and important part of the fanbase. If you claim to be a HP fan but don't know your house, you're probably not a HP fan.
On the other hand, Masahiko Nomi published papers in the 1970s that revived this theory originally published by Takeji Furukawa. Today, it is extremely popular in places like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. There are magazines, newspapers and television shows that feature horoscopes and relationship compatibilities. It is such an important aspect of the culture. And regardless of whether you believe in it or not, as long as it is talked about, its popularity and impact will increase.
But while both Hogwarts Houses and Blood Type Theory have some similarities, the thing that really connects the two is how they both have negative types. Sure, whether a specific trait is a good thing or a bad thing is subjective. But the majority of people don't think that. If you're a Slytherin, you're in the same house as Voldemort so you're basically a evil, murderous villain.
The exact same thing happens with blood types. While blood type B has positive traits, people focus on how the negative traits outweigh the good ones, so people with blood type B are seen as selfish.
What is worse is that while you can lie about what house you got on the quiz, your blood-type is not something you choose. Not only that, not only can it impact a person's social life, it can affect one's career because job recruitment and school entrance exams have asked for people's blood types in applications.
The main takeaway for me from all this is that people care a lot about personality and identity than they would like to admit. It is all trivial things that don't have a scientific basis or anything to back it up, but they become so popular because it's so easy to categorize people that way. And I guess I wasn't satisfied with it. If we categorize people the same way you categorize Pokemon by type, is any person truly unique and special, and do their traits and personality actually matter anymore?
And if people still think the impact of categorizing people with labels isn't that big, just look at the some of the issues that plague humanity. We label people by race, sex, gender, religion, etc. When you take differences between people and decide you know what, this group is better than that other group, there is going to arguments and disagreements about it. It can be a little argument on the Internet but once it happens in the real world via bullying, discrimination, stereotypes, etc., it becomes an issue. And if media portrays differences between people as one is good and one is bad, we don't really take into account a person's actual personality and instead rely on factors that are pre-determined or don't really affect a person's character.
Of course, it's not really fair to compare BuzzFeed quizzes to racism (I won't go to war with you if you are a different Disney Princess) but the point is that we shouldn't take these quizzes or theories too seriously and harass others for being different. We're all different and that's okay.
All of these quizzes and theories can't really determine exactly what personality you have or predict your future. But it is fine to celebrate our differences. You can say your zodiac sign, Hogwarts House, blood type, etc. with confidence and be proud of your identity. Just remember that we're all humans with unique personalities so a quiz or belief shouldn't determine who you are, you determine who you are.
But that's just what I think. Whether someone agrees or disagrees, it's a chance for me to learn more about all of this stuff.
TFL;DR Personality quizzes and theories don't really determine a person's personality because everyone is different and unique.
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2020.09.03 01:59 cupofteaf Buzzfeed Quizzes Be Like

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2020.08.29 15:43 blakedaMLGplayar Trying Stupid BuzzFeed Quizzes [OC]

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2020.08.26 16:14 human_cat42 In doing the worst buzzfeed quizzes vid you did a quiz called pick an "instagram worthy outfit to get a complement" and you made an... interesting outfit and said if anyone sends me a mock up of this I will post it on my instagram sooo.....

In doing the worst buzzfeed quizzes vid you did a quiz called pick an submitted by human_cat42 to JackSucksAtLife [link] [comments]

2020.08.25 00:02 Comrade_Trap 19 [T4R] Online/Anywhere relationship

19 years old FtM North East Ohio Bisexual In college (Police science and creative writing)
Ah yes I am in fact your classic social disaster with absolutely no game. Don't get me wrong! I'm funny, charming, intelligent, friendly, and don't forget humble. But socially? I'm a recluse. I have a total of 3 friends that I've kept from HS and I never intended on widening that circle. Then the pandemic started and I realized what a sad bitch I was. Looking for a relationship but wouldn't say no to friends!
So here I am selling myself to the best of my abilities. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
Likes: podcasts, hot sauce, reading, hiking, anime, nature, trash tv, (I do infact talk to the tv, yes I know it can't hear me) dogs and cats, art, playing the guitar very badly.
Dislikes: Cilantro, action movies, pulp orange juice, actually all forms of orange juice, math, BuzzFeed quizzes, people who don't use their turn signals.
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2020.08.22 17:44 FluGameMike23 Is it me or is it not the same?

I've loved the guys for years now. I watched every video, and think their move from BuzzFeed was and still is smart.
But I can't help but feel like things aren't the same? Does anybody else agree? I don't mean any of this in a harsh way. They've brought me hours of joy and I sincerely love everyone involved on the show. Just after watching the last couple months of videos I wanted to reach out to the community to see if maybe I'm just becoming jaded. Below are a few points that I believe make me feel this way.
Okay sorry, there is my rant. I still watch every vide, and like it to support. But it's been difficult to stomach my feelings. Thanks and once again no harshness intended.
***Update: Also a lot of people have now replied saying "well hey they're in quarantine, the world should be, give them a break." And I just wanted to say yes absolutely. They are in quarantine and that should be considered. Health and family above YouTube and money. 100%. But I'm not upset with the fact that they're shooting in their apartments. Or that they're making do with what they have. The videos that they post, that they shot before the pandemic, they still fall short,of what in my experience what a Try Guy video should be. Those on location videos were shot in a healthy world. And they were planned in a healthy world. So those on location videos that were shot back in December or January, should in theory, be just as good as any work before the pandemic. Because that's when they shot it. They're presenting it to a pandemic audience. So it's not them shooting from their apartment I have an issue with. I get that. It's what they did before that is falling short. It's not only during the pandemic that I have felt this way. I felt it before this.
But to my final point, I love the guys. I just wanted to get this off my chest and see how the community was feeling too. You all have helped a lot. I will do my best to be positive. And if I don't want to watch a video, I just won't watch it. No big deal.
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2020.08.21 06:09 bingumarmar BuzzFeed quizzes...

You know those BuzzFeed quizzes where you pick what you would eat in a day and it'll "reveal" something? (Pick a food for every meal and we'll tell you what Disney princess you are, etc)
Anyone else struggle with taking those? It's like "choose something for breakfast" and I'm like, do I pick what I would actually eat or what I actually want to eat?
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2020.08.18 11:42 Hufflepuff-Horcrux A few La Croix Buzzfeed quizzes for the second channel!

Which La Croix Flavour Are You?
How Many La Croix Flavours Can You Name?
Which Is Your Favourite La Croix Flavour?
Only True La Croix Lovers Can Name The Flavours In Under 3 Minutes
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2020.08.15 21:48 PerkyTheTurkey Drew a Cooper Quote! (from the BuzzFeed Quizzes video)

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2020.08.15 10:56 flipootyfloop Just wanted you to know, I’ve been taking wedding quizzes on Buzzfeed for inspiration on what our happily ever after will be like

We could get fluffy ball gowns and slow dance to all those old songs that you’ve taught me to appreciate. And then you’d braid flowers in my hair and we’ll sit under the stars, just the two of us, basking in the beauty of the other. You’ll show me why I should embrace the dark, not be afraid of it.
But I’m getting ahead of myself, we’re friends. And you think I’m straight as heck. So. Maybe I should get round to telling you?
One day.
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BuzzFeed Quizzes Ellen Takes a Buzzfeed Quiz - YouTube BUZZFEED QUIZZES - YouTube BuzzFeed Quizzes - YouTube Answering UNETHICAL QUESTIONS!  Buzzfeed Quiz - YouTube BuzzFeed Quizzes - YouTube buzzfeed quizzes to take while in quarantine - YouTube

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BUZZFEED KNOWS AND IS WATCHING ME! Buzzfeed quizzes lol Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and follow me Twitter: http://www.twitte... This video is weird. That's as descriptive as I'm gonna get. Sometimes I'm horrible at filling out this part. And by sometimes, I mean all the time. Stalk me... Hello guys!! Today I decided to answer some unethical questions so you guys could get to know me better! I just thought to do this now and then for you guys ... bluesdank (henry): wildspartanz (brandon): we take buzzfeed quizzes - twitter ... hello friends, welcome back to my channel - today we are going to be doing buzzfeed quizzes again lol xoxo i hope you guys enjoy, if you do... please feel fr... This is the greatest quiz taking of All Time Which Queen of Comedy is Ellen, according to Buzzfeed? Find out right here! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.