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Yesterday I tried to write my story and the app crashed as I was nearly done. You guys convinced me to try again today. Bet you weren't expecting a mini novel lol

2020.08.28 19:08 GlassnGrass Yesterday I tried to write my story and the app crashed as I was nearly done. You guys convinced me to try again today. Bet you weren't expecting a mini novel lol

Yesterday, I took the time to write out everything that seemed to apply to my being depressed and more or less crippled by the weight of that depression. I spent about an hour of my time re-hashing old traumas and bad decisions, and as I was close to finishing...My reddit app crashed and I lost it all.
Thankfully, a few kind redditors encouraged me to try again today. So this is attempt number 2 at sharing my abbreviated life story. I apologize if it’s too wordy, I’m known for not being able to tell short stories lol
So I want to start off by acknowledging the good in my life. I have a lot to be grateful for and happy about. I also believe my life has been pretty comfortable and easy compared to a lot of people I know. I have a family that is kind and caring (more on that below), I have amazing friends and acquaintances, and I even have a best friend I consider a brother. I am in good physical health for the most part. I have never had to go without food or warmth outside of the consequences of my own actions. I have 2 dogs that have literally been my heartbeat for the last few years. Without them I was nothing but a drunken mess, spending most of my time crying on the floor of my parents spare bedroom. They are literally why I get out of bed in the morning these days. I’m not ugly (not that it’s super important, but it’s not something affecting my confidence) and while I’m kind of awkward sometimes, I know I am a good conversationalist. I don’t have an issue finding common ground to relate to people most of the time, and making people comfortable enough to be 100% real around me is something I pride myself on. I have musical talent, a gift that has helped me through most of the hard times (also more on that below) and I’m not incompetent when it comes to using tools to create things that I need for my home, garden, or other random activities.
Okay, there’s some positives for you. I know its a duality. I know it’s not ALL bad. I have things to live for. I have reasons to fight and to hang on. That being said...I’m just gonna dive right into the events throughout my life that have (from my perspective) shaped the person I am today.
So first I think it’s important to talk about my family, because they are an underlying theme of a lot of the things I’m going to talk about. After that, I’m gonna dive into my story starting at my childhood.
My mom and dad are still together, and have been for over 30 years. I am 32, and my younger sister is 24. We are all kind to each other and love each other. My sister and I have always been super close, with a short period in our teens where we went different directions for a bit. My parents have always supported me in everything I’ve ever wanted to do. They never beat me or hit me, and always used their words to communicate my mistakes and short comings. That being said, my family is absolutely dysfunctional. My mom and dad are together, but their marriage is more like a couple of room mates who happen to have kids together. My dad has slept on the couch ever since I was about 14, and I don’t remember the last time I saw my parents kiss or flirt or anything like that. They get along really well these days for the most part, but there were some reallllllly rough spots in the past.
My dad is a very kind man, and he is very sociable. However, he is sort’ve like a frat guy that never grew up. He drinks beer every day, usually starting around 9 or 10 AM, and when he gets drunk it’s impossible to communicate with him. Pointing out that he’s drunk makes him really mad and never helps solve anything. He is not an abusive drunk, physically, though the case could be made for unintentional mental abuse. He’s a good guy with a good heart for the most part. But he always wanted to go party with his friends when I was a baby, and I have heard stories of my mother having to literally drag him out of bars before. He used to take me to the bar with him when I was super young; I only have dream-like memories of this. Nothing I can hold onto, but the flash of an image here and there if I concentrate. He never hit any of us or anything, but a majority of the arguments between him and my mom were his fault.
My mom is great honestly. She is the glue holding our family together. She has always been quirky, but she’s very very intelligent. She taught me to read by having me read “The tommyknockers” by stephen king as my first book LMAO!! She would read and I would follow and ask questions and slowly but surely I learned to read this way. I don’t remember ever not being able to read, so I know this happened when I was super young. This is probably the thing I am most grateful for in my whole life. I loved reading throughout my whole life, and only really slowed down after college attempt number 1 (more on that below). She always plays devils advocate (which I hate, but appreciate) in an attempt to get me to either out-debate her, or to just strengthen my own views. Mostly just to argue though it seems lol. She is the breadwinner in our family. She currently is the only person in our household working (my dad just randomly decided he was retiring this year even though he has no money saved, no income, and no plan) and while my dad sorta does a househusband kinda gig, he half asses it most days to the point that I personally see it as an insult to my mother. Especially since he’s spending her money on beer and then lying about how much and how often he drinks. (this has been a problem since before I was born). The one thing about my mom that has negatively affected our family, is that she is (now mostly recovered) a hoarder. Her mom, my grandmother is as well to a much more extreme degree. It didn’t start until I was about 8 or 9, and we moved into the house we currently live in. We moved because my sister was born and we needed more space, but it quickly began to just fill up with junk mail, unpacked boxes, trash, dirty dishes, and eventually animals. It was a zoo at one point. We had 11 cats, 3 dogs, a couple hamsters and guinea pigs, all of whiched pissed on the floors of the house pretty much indiscriminately. It was a huge issue for me as a teenager (albeit a petty one in retrospect) because I was so embarrassed to have people over to my house...and I smelled pretty bad sometimes because of the proximity of my clothes to random piles of piss or shit. It was bad for us and for the animals. The only other thing she ever really did that bothered me happened pretty much when the internet first came out. She would go to work, come home, get on the computer, and be on it til bedtime. She would get mad if she couldnt use the computer right away when she got home and we had to beg and plead to get a few minutes here and there of her time or to use the computer. Ultimately though, this didn’t affect me super negatively as much as it just annoyed me.
My sister….well really nothing negative to say here at all. She’s the best of us. The smartest, wisest, most successful so far, and just an inspiring and wonderful person to know. I love her to death and I couldn’t have asked for a better confidant and partner in crime during my childhood. I honestly can’t think of a single thing she has ever done or said other than regular kid stuff that has ever negatively affected me. She’s just great, y’all.
That’s a bit about us individually, and just know that as a family, we have been blessed in that we really do have each others backs when it matters, and we’ve never had to go without food, warmth, or comfort during hard times. We are truly a very lucky family. That being said, I mentioned the dysfunction. It’s hard to explain without me coming off as ungrateful, which is why I tried to list a lot of the positives up to this point. I have never had a guide in my life. I never had anyone who would talk to me about what life is and what I should be doing with it. I know a lot of parents cross many boundaries in trying to force their kids to do things, but my parents have always been reaction based, and are almost never proactive. If something wasn’t going wrong RIGHT THEN, it could be put off til later. For years, I was left to my own devices as long as I wasn’t hurt, sick, or causing trouble. My parents were just tired from working in my opinion, and they were happy to keep me distracted with video games. I began to become obsessed with video games (still am today) and games quickly became an escape from reality for me. I found myself going to school and sorta learning, but I have ADHD so most of the time I’d get bored and just read books. My teachers mostly just let me because they saw I was reading novels. In first grade I remember having to read and do a book report on this stupid “Boxcar Children” book series to prove I wasnt just pretending to read novels to not do school work. I finished the book in like an hour and finished the report in less time than that lol. They let me read whatever I wanted after that. Things were fairly normal for the most part until my sister was born.
This is where things finally start to play into why I’m writing this in the first place. If you’re still reading this, I thank you. I tend to ramble and I’m trying my best to keep just the important stuff.
So when I was in 4th grade, my sister was born and we moved into the house we now live in. I had to switch schools, and holy shit was I not ready. My original elementary school was amazing. I had friends there, and there was little to no bullying at all. We pretty much all got along for the most part and it was an atmosphere of respect and kindness. It was a complete 180 at my new school. From day 1, the bullying began. I got made fun of for my clothes being weird. Shorts too short, disney character on my shirt. I didn’t stand up for myself so it got worse quickly. It started with the insults which escalated quickly, from making fun of my clothes to literally being told “I bet you suck your own dad’s dick you faggot”. I would normally just put my head down and cry when this happened because I didn’t understand what I had done to make them dislike me so much. Then at recess, it started getting physical. It was just shoving and a random punch here and there at first. But it eventually escalated to me being punched and kicked while on the ground, surrounded by 3 or 4 boys all laughing while they beat me. I finally managed to say something to my teacher about it AND HER SOLUTION WAS TO MAKE ME SHAKE THE HAND OF THE LEAD BULLY. I’ll never forget the smug look on his face, or how he whispered “You shouldn’t have told on us” as he crushed my hand in that handshake. I tried to tell my parents, but they were overwhelmed with work and my baby sister. The most I ever got from them was a “Well, you know what they say isn’t true so don’t let it bother you.” I never one got a conversation about standing up for myself, or how to protect myself. So this went on all through elementary and middle school. I had friends, but none that would stick up for me during the worst of it. Eventually though in middle school I found Band, and things got a lot better. I had friends with common interests, and a skill I could focus on improving that wasn’t just video games. Those friends stayed with me through High school, and I still keep in contact with them today from time to time.
So at this point in my life, going into high school, I was VERY introverted. I barely talked to anyone I didn’t know, and I constantly sought approval from others. Any relationship I had (romantic or otherwise) I would cling to, as it gave me a sense of self. If I mattered to someone else, then I mattered ya know? I didn’t know myself at that point. I didn’t know I was a person that needed self love. Like I could see other people living their lives, but the thought never crossed my mind that I had to build my life the same way. I was a spectator to everyone else living their lives, and I was just trying to stay out of the way and not be a burden. High school was actually great for me. I found marching band and jazz band and REALLY excelled at music. I won scholarships and awards for playing the saxophone. I was truly a monster, I won one of the highest achievable improv awards in the state for High school at the Purdue Jazz Festival my senior year. (not to brag, but to show that I took it very seriously). So I had something of my own that helped to begin to define me. That was great for me.
My first year of college was a train wreck. I begged my parents to help me with admissions and figuring out just what the hell I was supposed to be doing as far as getting enrolled and getting financial assistance. They never helped me. To this day, I still don’t know why. I’ve talked to them about it and my mom basically just said she didn’t know any more than I did about it and I figured it out myself anyway so no harm done. (that’s how she felt at the time, not how she feels now.) I know lots of people have to do it all themselves, but for as big an introvert as I was, this was super difficult for me. I managed somehow to pull it all together though and started that fall as a music major. Things were great for a while, but 2 major factors came crashing together at the same time and ended my saxophone career. The first was that I played so damn much every day that I developed TMJ. It’s a jaw condition that is more or less like having tendonitis but in your face lol. Needless to say, it became excruciatingly painful for me to play my horn. At the same time, I was falling out with my saxophone professor because of his teaching methods. He is an amazing sax player, but a horrible teacher. He tried to force me to do everything exactly the way he did it (to be fair, it’s how he got so good) but he wouldn’t ever let me do things my way. I play from feeling first usually. I literally feel music and can hear it in my head perfectly. I can’t always play or communicate what I’m hearing on the first try, but music to me is a language I can understand at the level of my soul. I know it was important for me to learn all the ins and outs, but he was suffocating me. I remember once, we had a performance and I had one of the lead solo’s in our closing number. It was a super funky tune (can’t remember the name now) but I basically just got to spaz out for like 64 bars of funkadelic sax riffs. Right before we went on stage, my professor asked me to play my solo NOTE FOR NOTE. (I usually approached improv with a few rehearsed licks, but I would almost always just play what came to me in the moment, knowing I had some solid melodies to fall back on) So when I told him that I hadn’t memorized something to play, he took my solo away. On the spot. Knowing my friends and family were there and I had told them to expect my solo at the end of the show.
That was pretty much the final straw. The day I dropped out of college (the first time) was the day he made me cry in his office because I tried to explain all of this to him and he pretty much just said “Too bad, you gotta play the music that gets you paid so you can play the music you want to play.”
That was one of the harshest truths I had ever heard up to that point. In retrospect, he was right. He also could have compromised with me to make sure he wasn’t killing any and all enjoyment I got from my instrument. By this time, I could only play for 20 or 30 minutes at a time anyway before my jaw would either lock up or just start throbbing. So I dropped out.
I got a full time job right away, and decided to move out of my parents house. Home life wasn’t terrible or anything other than the hoarding and lack of functioning as a unit. I just needed some independence. After about a year and a half of working as a fork lift operator at Sweetwater Sound, I started feeling like I wasn’t being paid enough. I was only making $.75 an hour more than the new hires who just had to pack boxes. Yet, I was the main forklift operator in the warehouse during the week. I trained people, and even came in on weekends to organize things the way I liked them. When I asked for a raise, they said they couldn’t budget it. Meanwhile, the owner of the company BOUGHT A HELICOPTER and started flying to work a couple times a week even though he lived less than a 20 min drive from the building. I couldn’t believe it. He then proceeded to freeze wages warehouse-wide during christmas because he didn’t want anyone to get a raise right before we would be working 10 to 20 hours of overtime every week. To date, this is one of the biggest slaps in the face an employer has ever delivered to me.
Next are some events that are worthy of a post of their own that lead to the next transition in my life, but to prevent this from becoming an even longer story, lets just say I made some questionable partying decisions that led to me almost getting arrested. I decided pretty much out of nowhere that I was tired of being taken advantage of, and not happy with the path I was heading down. The day after almost getting arrested, I walked into the recruiting office of the Indiana National Guard. The recruiter promised me he could get me in ASAP, so I quit my job that day. I got a 95 on the ASVAB, but chose infantry because I could get a $20k signing bonus and they could ship me to basic in only 2 weeks. So literally 10 days after walking into that office, I left for Fort Benning, GA. This is the part of the story where things get truly complex. To anyone who has read this far, I truly thank you.
What I’m about to talk about, I have shared only with those closest to me in full detail. I went on to write a lot of songs about this period of my life and the things I learned and experienced. But this is going to be controversial. I may catch some blowback from my opinions, but I’m gonna do my best to just tell exactly what happened without putting too much of my own perspective on it.
I had been in 7th grade when 9/11 happened. I saw the second plane hit live on the news, and I always thought I would someday try to join the military to some degree, to do my part. I bought into all the propaganda, and was kind of a “MURICA” asshole for a while. So me joining the military wasn’t truly out of nowhere, other than that I was a scrawny lanky kid trying to join the infantry lol
So, after a few days at Camp Atturbury in Indiana where they did our processing, I shipped out to Ft Benning, GA AKA Sand Hill. Upon arrival, we turned in our personal belongings and had our heads shaved. Then they took us into an auditorium and had us sit. There were probably between 100 and 200 of us, it’s hard to recall specifically as there was a lot going on around me and inside my head at that point. They brought out a few CO’s and NCO’s to talk to us about what to expect over the next few weeks. The last speaker however, was a chaplain (a religious officer if you don’t know, basically an army pastor). The chaplain came out and one of the first things he said was something that still haunts me to this day.
“I know a lot of you are having internal conflicts about your decision, and that’s okay. I’m here to tell you that GOD will NEVER punish you, for killing the enemies of America.”
I was shocked. This was the same rhetoric our enemies were telling their troops. My mother is an atheist and my father is one of those christians who never prays, reads the bible, or goes to church, or really anything at all other than say he’s a christian because his parents were. I personally was agnostic, and mostly saw religion as a tool to control people at that point. (I have developed my own spiritual beliefs as of this period of my life, but I was an asshole about not letting people act like their god made them better than anyone else). So my natural instinct when confronted with something I can’t change is to go super introverted. I locked my lips, kept my head down, and tried to fly under the radar. I figured maybe if I could just get through basic training, it would be different at my unit.
Basic training was one of the greatest and worst times of my life. I learned more about myself and what I’m capable of than any other period of my life, unquestionably. I became physically strong, mentally disciplined, and even saw a potential path for a career in the military for myself. I thought I could change things, or at least rise through the ranks enough to be an example of a different way to be. I was wrong. While I gained a lot of personal strength there, I gained even more psychological baggage. The racism and nationalism is unbelievably strong, at least in my personal experience there. Our drill sergeants would frequently refer to middle eastern people as “Sand N******”. I absolutely despise that word, and couldn’t believe my white drill sergeants were using it in front of my fellow black soldiers. They just hijacked one of the most derogatory insults in history and started casually tossing it around towards another group they hated. It was disgusting. They were trying to desensitize us for the very strong likelihood that we would someday have to kill these people, and I knew in my heart that I couldn’t bring myself to kill someone who wasn’t actively trying to kill me. And if another country invaded mine, and soldiers came to my home and mistreated my innocent family members, I would probably attack them too. I started seeing that it wasn’t such a simple issue. There were many layers to what was happening overseas, and we were only hearing the parts that would help us be better suited to accomplishing the goals of the army, regardless of whether it was completely honorable or not. This is where I fear I will lose most of you. From my first hand experience, I don’t believe that our government or military has the best interests of it’s people at heart. We can have a whole discussion about how soldiers are treated after coming back from war, and the almost complete lack of actual care they receive. Let alone the fact that most of these wars are started by rich folks who wouldn’t even send their own children off to fight.
So needless to say, I felt even MORE introverted because I couldn’t really share how I felt with anyone around me. I was so afraid of being seen as a traitor or terrorist because I honestly believed that we were not the good guys anymore. (I still don’t support the majority of our government and its policies, but again, that’s another long conversation). So this was a horrible time in life for me. I was stuck in the army, hating the majority of it, and feeling like if I said anything I could end up in jail or military prison. They REALLY scare the shit out of you at basic with the whole AWOL thing. They try and make you believe that if you try to leave the military or if you don’t follow orders that they will court marshall you and try to put you away for as long as possible. I didn’t even realize until wayyyy later in life how fucked up it is to have to threaten peoples literal lives to get them to conform to your ideology.
After a few months however, I graduated as an 11Bravo, and came back home an infantry soldier in the National Guard. At my unit in my home town, things were a lot better. I only had drill one weekend a month, and then a 2 to 3 week training camp in the summer time. I met a lot of really good men and women at my unit, and for a short time, I had hope that my experience at basic was a standalone experience. I even accepted a job as a recruiter for the Guard, and ended up recruiting a couple of my friends and a few others that my Squad leader and head recruiter basically tossed my way. I made unbelievable money off of recruiting, which I now realize was so that I didn’t think too much about what I was doing. I was convincing kids with no life experience that what I had done was the right way to go, while knowing in my heart I didn’t believe it to be true. One of the worst things I’ve ever done in my life. I still think about it from time to time and wonder if I caused anyone the same trauma I deal with. I deserve it if I did.
So, eventually there came around an opportunity to go on a deployment to Afghanistan, on an agricultural mission. It would have been mostly helping locals set up farms and sustainable living situations in areas affected by the war. Seemed like I could finally do some good in the world. But I was a private. In the NG, if your unit isn’t the one being deployed, you can volunteer to join a unit that is being deployed. However, it goes by rank first. As a private I was at the bottom of the list. NG deployments are honestly easy money if you don’t have family. You get paid full time army pay, tax free, plus additional bonuses for being overseas in a combat zone, and MOSTLY the NG would just do base and convoy security. We were essentially back up for the regular army, which compared to what the active duty soldiers had to deal with was a cake walk.
After being denied the deployment, I decided to try and shift gears. I wanted to take advantage of my free college money and I set off for Indiana University, Bloomington. I joined ROTC and decided that I would become an officer so that I could have some say in how things went around me. I absolutely loved my time at IU. I didn’t care for the military stuff as much, because it was basically again just a bunch of kids with no life experience being brainwashed towards certain ideologies and borderline nationalism. I spent a year and a half at IU, trying to get a degree in Fitness and Nutrition, with my overall goal to become an officer that would help with physical training and overall health of soldiers. It was my way of helping my soldiers, but not directly participating in violence.
Fast forward to the bailouts for the banks and the auto industry...One of the first things our state cut to afford the federal bail out was tuition for soldiers who had not been on a deployment that were currently in school. So, even though I had volunteered for a deployment and been denied, they were going to cancel my school money, even though it was in my contract. I couldn’t believe it. I had done everything I was supposed to, even against my own morals at times, and then I got stuck with over 12,000 in back tuition. I couldn’t afford it and it was clear I would have to drop out of school again. I had reached my limit however with the army.
This part is another where I fear I will lose some of you, and that’s okay. I wouldn’t expect you to understand if you hadn’t experienced it yourself. But I decided to find a way out. I had been tricked into working for an organization that didn’t care for me, and I was under threat of military prison if I tried to break it off. Even if I dodged jail time, I would get a dishonorable discharge and that would ruin my future. I wouldn’t ever be able to get a good job with that on my record. This is probably where the biggest break in my mind happened, up to that point in my life. I was absolutely terrified. I didn’t know how friends and family would react. I thought everyone would be disappointed or mad, or that they would see me as a traitor. It’s almost impossible to confidently say “I do not support our governments actions, nor the direction it is heading” as a soldier. It’s like signing your own death warrant. You’ll be immediately cut off from most of your fellow soldiers, and judged by people you thought were your friends. Luckily, I had a few people to confide in who understood my position even though they didn’t necessarily see it applied to them in the same way. But never the less, I had enough support to decide to do SOMETHING.
I finally drove back to my unit in my home town to have the conversation about wanting to separate from the military. That did not go well...AT ALL.
It was drill weekend so everyone was there. I showed up unexpectedly, and was asked to wait in an office with some of the NCO’s until they got everyone going on training so we could talk. I initially told them that I was there to talk about my status as an ROTC cadet (not a complete lie) and so they were fairly normal to me and mostly just wanted to talk about what training was like at IU. Eventually however, the 1st sergeant of our company came in and that’s when shit hit the fan. I somehow mustered the courage to squeak out the basic concept that I didn’t want to be a part of the army anymore. My first sergeant exploded. I have never in my life seen someone go from calm cool and collected, to ready to kill SO QUICKLY. This man went OFF on me. He began SCREAMING in my face that I was a traitor. That I was stabbing every man in the back I had come to respect and serve with. He called me any name he could think of that communicated how subhuman I was. (never tried convincing me to stay I should note) it was horrible. To this day, the most embarrassing moment of my life. I was so ashamed. I already felt unbearably guilty for being a failure as a soldier, and now this man was confirming everything I thought people might say about me. He then told me I had to stay for the rest of the drill weekend (I had driven up just for that day because I had finals that week at IU, and wanted to at least finish out the semester before dropping out due to money.). I wasn’t allowed to leave, and they said if I did that they would call the police. They basically just had me hang out there the rest of the weekend, and they sent a few soldiers they knew were my friends one by one to talk to me. Once they realized I wasn’t changing my mind, they just left me alone.
Then something amazing happened. Our supply sergeant, who had been a solid mentor before I went to IU asked me to drive with him back to my home town (they were training out of city) with him. Supply left early so that when everyone else arrived, they could check all the gear back in quicker and get everyone on their way. On the way back he basically told me that if I helped him get all set up back at the base, I could leave before everyone else came back. I was so grateful that I worked harder than I ever had when we got back. I busted my ass to unload and put trucks and gear away before the majority of our company made it back. This sergeant then called me into his office and had a conversation with me that literally saved my sanity.
He didn’t make me elaborate on my feelings too deeply, but he could see that I had transformed. Before I left for IU, I was very strong willed, strong physically, and SUPER gung ho about the army. I wanted to go to ranger school and he was helping me train. The person in front of him now however was a broken, terrified, child in pain. He basically told me that since I was only a private, and since I had all my gear turned in, that I could just leave and never come back. He said that in the NG, going AWOL can have a few consequences. They can prosecute you, and request jail time or money, they can take away your rank and force you to carry out the terms of your contract or send you to jail, among other things. But what he said next I almost couldn’t believe.
His exact words were “Sometimes, we just let people go because it isn’t worth the paperwork. Is it really that bad, man?”
I couldn’t even meet his eyes because of the tears in mine, but I nodded. He said Okay, and told me I was free to go. I literally sprinted out that building to my car (my girlfriend that drove with me from IU had left it in our hometown for me and had her parents drive her back...yeah, she’s awesome, we are still cool to this day) and began uncontrollably sobbing the moment I got behind the wheel As soon as I could drive, I did. I didn’t want the rest of my company to show up and to see me so broken. On my drive to my parents house, the supply sergeant called my phone. He asked me one final time if I was sure about my decision, then he wished me well and sent me on my way.
I calmed myself enough to drive back to IU (a 3 hour drive from my home town) and took my finals that week before officially dropping out. I moved back in with my parents in my home town, now 23 years old and with nothing of my own to my name except my car. I had to pay back my signing bonus so I literally had nothing left, and I was still stuck with my debt to IU. A few weeks passed and I got a package in the mail from the National Guard. Inside were discharge papers, and a certificate for a General Discharge under honorable conditions. I had a guardian angel in the shape of a supply sergeant who pulled some strings for a guy he didn’t owe a damn thing to. I’ll never forget that.
The relief I felt that day, is almost indescribable. All at once, my fear and outright terror subsided. I had managed to get myself out of a horrible situation, and I even had a chance at a future. It was one of the happiest periods of my life. I got a job as a server at Olive Garden and fell in love with the job. I had been an introvert all my life, but my experiences in college and in the army had helped me deal with that and for the first time in my life, I was confident and social. I was a great server. I enjoyed the fact that I spent all day making people satisfied and happy, and I LOVED MY CO WORKERS. To this day, I’m still friends with the majority of those people. I worked there for about 2 years and dont regret a single day of it. During that time I partied a lot. Slept around. Dated. Tried to just live a normal life.
Something I should have mentioned earlier, is that during the time I was at IU I got back into music. Its another long story, but I got SUPER into hip hop music. I realized all the jazz and music theory I learned applied directly to Hip hop, and after writing my first rap and leaving all my friends jaw dropped, I knew I had something special. I used rap to talk about everything that was happening with the military and my state of mind. This was my way of getting it out of me without directly telling anyone. A funny thing about rap, is that even if you’re talking about how depressed you are; if you sound cool while doing it, people pay attention to the rhythm and flow, and not as much what you’re saying. I’ll leave a link to my last free mixtape at the end of this, as proof of skill lol But, it’s truly super important to the next chapter of my life.
I decided I was going to be a rapper. I know. Trust me, I know. But honestly, I’m great at it. I understand words and music to a level that rhyming and forming cadences comes more naturally to me than anything else in the world. I probably could have made this whole post rhyme and flow if I wanted to lol I started writing and recording non stop, trying to improve myself and to start showing people I knew what I was doing. After separating from the army and moving back to my home town, I started making music with co workers and other artists I met in my city, and eventually became part of a group called Far From Fake. All of our music was about our disappointment in the music industry, and about how far rap had fallen. Rap is in my opinion one of the greatest art forms humans have ever created, when done right. The amount of information and emotion one can convey in a song is borderline magical. Some of the things I’ve written I don’t understand to this day how it all fell into place. Like for example, one line I wrote that I still love is:
“This needs more than assessment,
Supreme court intervention,
This my country,
And I swore to protect it,
From all enemies both foreign and domestic”
Say that out loud with the commas being the end of each bar and I think you’ll see what I mean.
So for a few years, my fellow artist friends and I played shows and tried to build up our online presence (although I admit I never took it as seriously as I should have, because part of me was still afraid of exposing myself to society because I didn’t want to directly talk about what happened to me in the military. I thought I’d be seen as a traitor still). We had great times and wrote some really dope music. Then….I fell in love harder than I ever had before.
(continued in part 2)
Part 2:
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2019.12.16 13:44 QueeLinx Census Partners With Bloomington-Normal NAACP For Workshop (McLean County IL)

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2019.06.03 05:20 WeimarRepublic Happening in Indiana: June 3rd - 9th

Back by popular demand
All my information comes from VisitIndiana so the list is not 100% comprehensive. If you know of anything that's missing, please post and share with everyone! If you've ever been to any of these events, or if you go this week, please share your experiences
Also be sure to visit the city-specific subreddits
This Week Only
Northwest Indiana
Buffalo Daze - June 8th at Buffalo Town Park. DJ Music, door prizes, town wide yard sale, craft vendors, and MORE!
First Fridays At D PerforMANCE - June 7th, 8:30-10:30pm, at D PerforMANCE Comedy Theatre. This month's comedy show on Friday, June 7th features a stacked line up of Chicago/NWI/Michigan talent! Michael Hatchett, Keegan Damron, Billy Diangelo, Marni P, Victoria Manthei Mansberger, Ron Ervin, & Brennan Schoen!
Idaville Truck and Tractor Pull - June 8th at the Idaville Volunteer Fire Department. A family event full of fun and excitement with hard working and determined truck & tractor pullers.
Two Rivers Music Festival - June 8th, 5pm, at Downtown Logansport, 4th and Market St. Join us for a great evening of live music and fabulous food! A beautiful outdoor setting in downtown Logansport.
Queen of All Saints Parish Festival - June 6th to June 9th at the Queen of All Saints Parish Grounds. The Queens Festival is an annual event with music, food, fun, rides, beer garden, bingo, crafts, kids' games and more.
First Friday Art Walk Summer Series - June 7th, 5-8pm, at the Uptown Arts District. Local uptown businesses open their doors to the public and host artists and their work. These "pop-up" galleries showcase anything from painting to sculptures, to live live performances.
Brew at the Zoo - June 8th, 5-8pm, at the Washington Park Zoo. Join us for our annual Brew at the Zoo! Come and enjoy all that the zoo has to offer while sipping on craft beer and wine and eating tasty morsels! 21 and over event.
Science in the National Lakeshore Maple Sugar Research - June 9th at 2pm, at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center. Learn about the lakeshore's involvement with a national research study that looks at climate and its effect on the culture and ecology of sugar maple trees. Following a short indoor presentation, you'll drive to the Bailly/Chellberg parking lot and walk to the site of the sugar bush were the research is taking place. Participants should wear boots and should dress for the weather. If the sap is flowing, visitors will be encouraged to try their hands at data collection.
44th Annual Michiana Greek Festival - June 7-9, 4-6pm, at the Saint Andrew Greek Orthodox Church. One of the most popular ethnic festivals around The Bend, offering all your favorite Greek dishes, live music and traditional Greek dancing performances. Tour the beautiful Orthodox church, let the kids play in the Children's area while you enjoy all things Greek. Raffles, silent auction, vendors and more.
Summer Blast Weekend - June 7th, 10am-6pm, at Sweet Home Indiana Gifts. Join us at Sweet Home Indiana Gifts, as we celebrate summer with a roll out of our new Father's Day, lake, beach & BBQ gifts! This event will be from June 7th-9th, from 10am-6pm. We'll have hotdogs, snacks and drinks while you shop. If you mention this ad you'll receive 10% off you entire purchase. Thank you for shopping small!
Northeast Indiana
Gallery Talk - Vintage Weddings Gowns - June 5th, 11-11:30am, at the Ruthmere Museum. Joy Olsen, Collection Manager, will present a Gallery Talk about vintage wedding gowns on Wednesday, June 5th at Ruthmere at 11am. Gallery Talks feature a twenty-minute discussion on an object/artwork within the Ruthmere collection or a person or event in local history. Gallery Talks are free and open to the public.
Germanfest - June 2nd to June 9th at Headwaters Park. We will be at Headwaters Park in Downtown Fort Wayne for our 38th annual week-long celebration of German heritage and Essen, Trinken, und Gemütlichkeit (Eating, Drinking, and having a really Good Time).
Vera Bradley Foundation Classic - June 1st to June 3rd. The annual Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Classic® in Fort Wayne, Indiana gathers more than 2,500 guests, players and volunteers for a beautiful sporting event of golf, yoga and pickleball to raise funds for breast cancer research. This fun and friendly competition allows you to invest in a team of the best, the brightest and the most passionate researchers in the world.
Gas City Concerts in the Park Presents Lorrie Morgan - June 4th, 7pm, at the Gas City Park. This is a FREE concert that will be held on Tuesday June 4th.
New Haven Canal Days - June 4th to June 8th at Downtown New Haven. Canal Days is our community’s premier homecoming event, when we welcome all current and former residents and guests from all over the tri-state area for a week filled with camaraderie and family-friendly fun. Please join us downtown on Broadway, in Schnelker Park, and the space in between for the New Haven Canal Days Festival!
The Gatlin Brothers with The Booth Brothers - June 4th, 7:30-9:30pm, at the Shipshewana Event Center. Doors Open: 6:30pm Prices: Tickets Only - $24.95 -$49.95 -$64.95 -$79.95 Dinner and Theater - $42.95 -$67.95 -$82.95 -$97.95 This Concert will be held at the Shipshewana Event Center
Dailey & Vincent - June 6th, 8-10pm, at the Shipshewana Event Center. Gospel music. Prices: Tickets Only - $19.95 -$29.95 -$34.95 -$49.95 Dinner and Theater -$37.95 -$47.95 -$52.95 -$67.95
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound - June 7th, 8-10pm, at the Shipshewana Event Center. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound - (June 07, 2019) Showtime: 8:00pm Doors Open: 7:00pm Prices: Tickets Only - $19.95 -$24.95 -$29.95 -$39.95 Dinner and Theater - $37.95 -$42.95 -$47.95 -$57.95
Chonda Pierce - June 8th, 8-10pm, at the Shipshewana Event Center. Chonda Pierce - (June 08, 2019) Showtime: 8:00pm Doors Open: 7:00pm Prices: Tickets Only - $24.95 -$39.95 -$49.95 -$64.95 Dinner and Theater - $42.95 -$57.95 -$67.95 -$82.95
Central Indiana
The Browders Gospel Concert -June 7th, 7-8:30pm, at the Main Street Church of God. One of the fastest-rising family southern gospel groups in America, the Browders have infused bold, Christian witness into their live-band-accompanied concerts all across the country. From their hometown of Hiltons, Virginia, they come to Anderson, Indiana, to share the message of Jesus in music and testimony.
Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival - June 7-8 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. The mission of Hoosier Hills Fiber Festiva​l, Inc. is to celebrate the world of fiber arts and old time artisan skills. We encourage the recognition of the work ethic, artistic abilities, and creativity of these artists. We strive to bring an appreciation of all things fiber related to children. In addition to our marketplace we offer a variety of workshops by skilled instructors. While visiting the festival, consider taking one of these workshops to expand your knowledge and skill set.
First Thursday - June 6th, 4-8pm, at the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis. Celebrate family and freedom for the commemoration of Juneteenth! Come learn more about this historical day of significance with exciting activities and performances, including the Freetown Village Singers.
Kokomo Strawberry Festival - June 7th, 11am-9pm, at Courthouse Square Downtown Kokomo. Celebrate the beginning of summer at Kokomo's Strawberry Festival! Enjoy homemade strawberry shortcakes (while supplies last), live music, food trucks, vendors, kid's activities & much more! Event starts at 11 a.m. and will continue through Downtown Kokomo's First Friday. Admission is free.
Lunch & Learn: "Fire Away With Potter Scott Frankenberger" - June 4th, 11:30am-1pm, at the Haan Museum of Indiana Art. Enjoy lunch, and then Scott Frankenberger will show all the different ways of firing pots, including electric, gas, wood, pit, raku, salt and sugar methods, and how they’re used to achieve different results. Afterwards, guests may go upstairs to see our current exhibition, Karl Martz and the Legacy of Indiana University Ceramics. Fee: $15 (includes lunch*). Reservations are required, as seating is limited. *Lunch Details: Sandwich Buffet (gluten free option available).
Mosey Down Main Street - June 8th at Downtown Lafayette. Live entertainment, food, family-friendly, free event introducing the sights, sounds, venues and merchants of downtown Lafayette. Mosey Down Main Street is a series of street celebrations brought to you by the local artistic community.
Mooresville Block Party & Summer Concert: Tastes Like Chicken - June 8th, 7-9pm, at Bicentennial Park. The Mooresville Park District will again host the free 2019 Citzens Bank Summer Concert Series at Bicentennial Park in downtown Mooresville! Located at the corner of Indiana and Main Streets, the park is convenient to local restaurants to enjoy before the show. Popular regional band Tastes Like Chicken will take the stage on Saturday, June 8 as part of the Mooresville Downtown Block Party, which kicks off this year's concert series with a bang. The intersection of Main and Morgan Streets will be closed for vendors beginning at 3 pm. Live music begins at 7 pm at Bicentennial Park; bring your lawn chairs or blankets. FREE.
Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival - June 8-15 at Bill Monroe's Music Park and Camping. The oldest Bluegrass Festival in the country! Featuring Top Bluegrass Bands Over 8 Days!
Indianapolis Colts Fan Fest - June 5th, 5-7pm, at the Muncie Central High School. The Colts are hitting the road on their sixteenth consecutive Summer Tour. The Fan Fest features player, cheerleader and Mascot Blue autographs, live music, Colts Inflatables, The Play 60 Zone and much more! This event is FREE to the public!
Muncie Symphony Orchestra: Festival on the Green - June 8th, 7pm, at the Quad Lawn Ball State University. Explore the vastness of space and beyond in the music of the spheres with this season’s theme “To Infinity and Beyond”. The MSO and our Community will journey together on a musical adventure, so bring your space-themed picnic baskets and lawn chairs, and enter our free picnic contest for great prizes from local businesses. And, don’t forget to vote for your favorite Super Conductor!
16th Annual Gathering of Great Lakes Nations Pow-Wow - June 8th and 9th at the Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Club Grounds. A celebration of Native American Great Lakes Culture with drums, singers, dancers, vendors and children's activities.
Redkey Volunteer Fire Department's Annual Truck & Tractor Pull - June 8th at the Redkey Truck and Tractor Pull Grounds. The antique tractors and trucks will be begin their pulling competition at 3 PM. The featured regular tractors and trucks will begin their pulling compeition at 7 PM. Admission fee is $8 per adult and children aged 10 and under are FREE.
Library on the Prairie Pioneer Festival - June 8th, 11am-4pm, at the Johnson County Library. Travel back in time to the mid-1800s to explore life on the prairie in Indiana. Enjoy traditional crafts, games, live entertainment and more at this event that's sure to be fun for the whole family. Watch a blacksmith at work, learn all about quilting and spinning, visit the antique farm machinery show, experience Native American arts and crafts, listen to storytellers and re-enactors, and more.
Donut Trail - June 7-9 at the Westfield Trail System. Come explore the trails with our unique Donut Trail activity! Before this deliciously fun weekend approaches, you will want to pick up a Donut Trail Passport! Each passport contains the rules, a map of all the sweet stops, and participating Donut Trail Shops to redeem your prizes!
Southern Indiana
Painting Class at Patoka Lake Winery - June 9th, 2-4:30pm, at the Patoka Lake Winery. Patoka Lake Winery and Giddy-Up Art Studio are co-hosting a "Spring Sparkle" Painting class on Sunday June 9th at 2pm. No experience necessary! $30 includes all supplies needed Painting will last approximately 2 and a half hours. Participants are welcome to purchase bottles or glasses of wine before, during and after the class. (We've heard a wine slushy helps the creative juices flow) Please come at least 15 minutes early. Feel free to bring snacks (no outside alcoholic drinks per Indiana law). To Sign Up: -Go to: -Click "Book It" -Choose June 9th -Click on 2:00PM -Click Next -Input information
Bloomington Garden Club's 30th Annual Garden Walk - June 8th and 9th, 10am-2pm, at the Private Gardens, 7870 S Zikes Rd. Visit five creative private gardens and the spectacular Flower Show, held at the Monroe County History Center featuring floral displays created by Bloomington Garden Club members. Visitors are invited to stroll the gardens and the Flower Show at their leisure in any order on both days. Cameras are welcome.
Over the Rhine & Carrie Newcomer - June 8th, 8pm, at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. We are pleased to present an evening of acoustic music from two local favorites: Over the Rhine & Carrie Newcomer. Over the Rhine “It’s a collection of songs that required some extra real estate,” Linford Detweiler says of Over the Rhine’s Meet Me At The Edge Of The World, the latest product of his prolific two-decade musical collaboration with longtime partner Karin Bergquist. Bloomington’s own Carrie Newcomer is a songwriter, recording artist, performer, and educator. She has been described as a “prairie mystic” by the Boston Globeand as having “a voice as rich as Godiva chocolate” by the Austin Statesman. Doors will open for this reserved seating event at 7:30pm.
Campbellsburg's All American Country Hoedown Festival - June 7-9 at the Town of Campbellsburg. Campbellsburg, Indiana's All American Country Hoedown Festival was organized to celebrate the town's heritage and pay homage to the past through exhibits of antique farm machinery, antiques and collectibles, contests, demonstrations and old fashioned fun. With family fun activities always held the first full weekend of June, activities include a parade, Miss Country Girl Pageant, a talent show, 5K walk/run, car show, baking contest, baby contest and many other activities, visitors will find something for everyone.
Sunday Concert Series: The Monarchs - June 9th, 2-5pm, at Turtle Run Winery. Our second longest playing band at Turtle Run Winery is back! Join us for the good time rock-n-roll classics of The Monarchs! This band is THE Louisville Tradition. This is one of the bands that's a must hear if you want solid, solid professional music with crisp, clear, consise sound. Harmonies are spot on. Great energy and great entertainment for all. Our concerts are free and they are family friendly. You are welcome to bring food though sometimes we have a food vendor here. We also have cheese and crackers available too, and Diane brings breads to sell most Sundays..No other alcohol permitted. Our concerts normally end at 5:30 and we supposedly close at 6:00. If you want to stay later than 6:00, that's fine
Crothersville Red, White and Blue Festival - June 7-9 at Crothersville Community Schools. This patriotic festival celebrates small towns and the American spirit. Vendors, carnival rides, food, entertainment, a parade and great fun for all.
NMLRA National Spring Shoot - June 8-16 at the NMLRA Range. Muzzle loading rifle competition, living history encampment, lectures, classes, youth activities, and rifle museum in Friendship. Hours vary. Parking & adm. chg. National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association 812-667-5131.
RiverRoots Music & Folk Arts Festival - June 7th and 8th at the Bicentennial Park Riverfront. Nationally known contemporary & traditional folk/roots musicians, storytelling, food, regional wines, craft beer festival. Two performance stages providing non-stop entertainment. Family friendly. On the event grounds you’ll find a fascinating Folk Art Village with traditional and historic arts and crafts. Artists and craftspeople will be actively making and demonstrating their wares – everything from spinning and weaving to carving and glass blowing. Always a favorite with the kids! The “plein air” painters will be out in force, capturing the event “live” as it happens on canvas. This has been a real crowd favorite, as you can watch talented local artists capturing in real-time the energy and excitement of the festival. Many of the paintings will also be “instantly” for sale as they are completed, making for an amazing one-of-a-kind souvenir from the event. Folk Jammers Tent - Bring your instruments & join in with fellow musicians and performers. And don't forget the kids...special activities just for them. Showcasing some of the finest in fermented beverages, The Beer Tent features all Indiana Craft Beers!
Paddle Festival 2019 - May 31st to June 3rd, 8am-10pm, at Cave Country Canoes. Paddle Fest will allow guests to canoe or kayak 37 miles of the beautiful Blue River. Exciting trips added just for this weekend. Participants who choose the 3 day adventure will receive 2 nights free camping. Free music nightly in the campground along with food vendors and fun. The paddle festival is open to individuals who have their own boat and those who wish to rent canoes and kayaks.
New Harmony Antique Show - June 8th and 9th at Ribeyre Gym. 18th Annual Golden Raintree Antiques Show downtown New Harmony, Indiana. 50 plus dealers travel from 6-7 states with antiques and vintage decor to set up inside and outside on Main Street. Free Admission, Rain or Shine. Come stroll Historic New Harmony, Indiana and shop authentic farm related antiques, high country and primitive antiques, Americana and Folk Art, Crocks and Stoneware from Indiana and beyond.
Space Adventure Workshop Storytime - June 7th, 1-2:30pm, at the Pike County Public Library Petersburg. Ascend upon the Petersburg of the Pike County Public Library to stuff and create your own soft alien to take home. "There's No Place Like Space" will be read and light refreshments served. Please sign up in advance. All ages welcome to attend.
Spencer County Fair - June 5th to June 8th, at the Rockport City Park. Activities include pageants, carnival rides, demolition derby, and much more. Mega Zipline will also be at the Spencer County Fair! Food and drinks will be available for purchase.
Wine Pairings - June 7th, 8pm, at the West Baden Springs Hotel. Experience wine tasting at West Baden Springs Hotel paired with five courses of a variety of hors d'oeuvres. The event includes American and European wine presentations by our house wine expert highlighting a different imported or domestic varietal with each pairing. Our atrium is the ultimate wine tasting room!
Northwest Indiana
  • Chesterton
Chesterton's European Market - Saturdays May through October at Third St and Broadway, Downtown Chesterton. An outdoor family/artisanal market held in historic downtown Chesterton from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Gary
Gary Southshore Railcats at U.S. Steel Yard - Various days at US Steel Yard. A day at U.S. Steel yard is non-stop fun, and that's even without the baseball! The RailCats promise a wide array of laugh-out-loud between inning entertainment, great giveaways , jaw-dropping fireworks and a family-first, kid-friendly atmosphere! RailCats fans come in all ages, shapes, and sizes, and the RailCats promise every fan will have fun.
Miller Woods Hike Sundays - Every Sunday at Miller Woods. The hike starts at the National Lakeshore's Paul H. Douglas Center and travels through varied habitats including rare and beautiful black oak savanna and offers incredible views of Lake Michigan and Chicago. Wear sturdy shoes and bring water and insect repellent. This hike is offered every Sunday from 1:30 to 3:30pm.
  • Logansport
Summer Sundown Music Series - Sundays May through August. Bring the lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy Sunday evenings listening to a different musical artist each week. Each Sunday evening you will find yourself at a different park with new musical artist. Check online to see where and who will be appearing!
  • Michigan City
Michigan City Municipal Band Concerts - Thursdays in June, July, and August, at the Washington Park Guy Foreman Amphitheater. Experience free live musical performances under the stars near the shores of Lake Michigan in Washington Park. Seating available or bring your own chair. June-August, Thursdays 7:30pm.
  • Portage
Market on the Square - Fridays June through August, 3-9pm, at Founders Square. There will be over 20 vendors selling unique crafts, fresh produce, honey, flowers, breads and jams. Plus local food vendors selling food. Bands from the region will begin at 6. Then to top off the evening we will have a family movie at dusk. Come and enjoy a fun family evening at the square!
  • South Bend
Keepers of the Fire: The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi - April 27th 2019 to January 19th 2020 at The History Museum. The rich history, culture, and art of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi is shared in this vibrant exhibit about the thriving community. Through interviews and oral histories, sculpture and beadwork, art and artifacts, the exhibit immerses visitors in the traditions and teachings of the Pokagon Band.
South Bend Cubs at Four Winds Field - Various days at Four Winds Field. The South Bend Cubs are the Class A minor league affiliate of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Over the past 30 seasons, the team has won five Midwest League titles, most recently in 2005, and has captured 12 division titles. In 2015 the team was named Ballpark Digest's Team of the Year and received the John H. Johnson President's Award, the highest award in minor league baseball.
The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show - May 4th 2019 to May 2nd 2020, 6-9pm, at the DoubleTree by Hilton. America’s largest interactive murder mystery dinner show! The Dinner Detective provides a hilarious evening of murder mystery, a 4-course meal, and a prize package for the top sleuth. Just beware, the killer might be sitting right next to you!
Northeast Indiana
  • Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne TinCaps at Parkview Field - Various days at Parkview Field. The TinCaps are entering their 10th season at Parkview Field, which has been rated as Minor League Baseball's No. 1 Ballpark Experience four consecutive years.
  • Middlebury
Faces of Middlebury - May 17th to October 4th throughout Middlebury. Grab your cameras and the map to locate each “face of Middlebury” and insert your face for the perfect picture. Free maps are available at local businesses and organizations. Post your pics on Middlebury Then & Now’s Facebook page or on Instagram using #facesofmiddlebury. Can you find all of them....up to 30 "faces"?
Gangsters, Saloons and Buggies on Roofs Guided Tour - May 29th to September 25th at the Downtown Middlebury library. You wouldn't know Middlebury had a rough-and-tumble past, but behind today's modern facades lie tales of small-town mischief, hoods on the lam and possible mysterious passageways. Get the inside story and secrets from a local with this tour of downtown. Tours are offered at 10:00am every Wednesday and at 6:30pm the first Tuesday of each month. Walking tour is approximately 1 hour. Allow time after the tour to visit the unique shops and restaurants in the area. $5 Group tours are available by advanced reservation (call 574.825.5601)
Giant Toadstools and the World's Fair Guided Walking Tour - May 30th to September 26th at the Krider World's Fair Garden. Enjoy a guided tour through living history! The Krider family of Middlebury once captured the imagination of the world. This tour of the garden that bears their name opens a window to the family's nursery at the height of its creative powers. The beauty will take your breath away, just as it did at the Chicago World's Fair in 1933. Tours are offered at 10:00am every Thursday and at 6:30pm the first Tuesday of each month. Walking tour is approximately 1 hour. Allow time after the tour to visit the museum, unique shops and restaurants in the area. $5 Group tours are available by advanced reservation (call 574.825.5601)
  • Shipshewanna
A Simple Sanctuary, the new musical - March 28th to October 31st at the Blue Gate Theatre. She prayed the day would never come, but when her past comes calling, Melissa James has no choice but to flee. Pursued and living on the run, she finds desperate sanctuary and surprising friendship in Amish country. Part suspense, part romance, A Simple Sanctuary is a compelling story of love tested, the cost of freedom, and the solace found in true community.
Shipshewana Flea Market - Tuesdays and Wednesdays from May through September, 8am-4pm, at the Shipshewana Auction. Nearly 700 open-air booths on 40 acres await you at the Midwest’s Largest Flea Market in Shipshewana, Indiana. ood courts, restrooms, scooter rentals and rest areas are on site. Open rain or shine. Also open for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and new weekend markets on June 14-15 (Dog Days) and August 16-17 (MotheDaughter Days). Antique Auctions are every Wednesday inside the Antique & Miscellaneous building.
Central Indiana
  • Indianapolis
Hot Wheels: Race to Win - May 18th to July 28th at The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines and hold on tight as we open our Hot Wheels: Race to Win exhibit celebrating speed, safety, design, and power. Get revved up for the special performances, activities, and the occasional pit stop.
Mind Tripping Show - March 1st to December 28th, 8:30-10PM at the Hilton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites. Mind Tripping: a Comedy with a Psychological Twist is an interactive show by Christian & Katalina, the #1 Husband and Wife Comedy Mind Reading Act in the Nation. Be a part of a mind-bending, reality-twisting interactive theatrical show. Think Candid Camera meets the Twilight Zone. Be prepared to have your perceptions challenged and your expectations turned upside down
Naturally Inspired Art Exhibition - May 24th to August 21st at The Indianapolis Zoo. After the paintings have dried and been professionally framed by The Great Frame Up Downtown, they are displayed for the summer in the Schaefer Rotunda at White River Gardens. Plus, you also get to enjoy the works of some of our more artistically inclined animals. Who knows — you may see a penguin Picasso, a walrus Warhol, an elephant Escher and many others! The Naturally Inspired Art Show presented by The Great Frame Up Downtown is included with Zoo admission.
Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol Adventure Play - February 23 to July 28th at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. The hero pups of Adventure Bay are coming to The Children’s Museum, and they need your help. It’s time to run some rescue missions, as we work together to overcome challenges and help everyone in Adventure Bay. Enter the Lookout. Save the Day in Adventure Bay. Be a Helping Hero on Jake’s Mountain.
The National Bank of Indianapolis Summer Nights Film Series - Various days June-August, at The Amphitheater. The National Bank of Indianapolis presents the Summer Nights Film Series, where you can watch movies under the stars every weekend at Newfields. Doors open at 7 pm, when you can enjoy a picnic dinner, music, and activities, followed by that night’s movie, which will begin when twilight turns to night (usually 9:30 pm). Over the summer, over 20 movies will be shown—everything from black-and-white classics to modern blockbusters. All you need is a picnic (with non-alcoholic beverages only), chairs (for the back row of each tier), and blankets (in case the chair row is full). You will also want sunscreen and bugspray. No alcohol, pets, candles taller than 12 inches, or knives permitted. And if you want to travel light with just a chair and blanket, concessions will be available to purchase. Tickets go on sale soon. Check out to see available films and to purchase tickets once they are available.
  • Kokomo
First Friday Kokomo - First Friday of every month, 5:30-9pm, at Downtown Kokomo. Free, family-friendly and arts-based event held the First Friday of every month in Downtown Kokomo from 5:30-9:00 p.m., January-December. Activities include art, music, food, local vendors, shops, entertainment, kid's activities & much more! Visit their Facebook page for monthly themes and schedule of all activities!
Kokomo Jackrabbits at Kokomo Municipal Stadium - Various days at the Kokomo Municipal Stadium. Enjoy a day at the ballpark! Kokomo Municipal Stadium located in Downtown Kokomo is home to the Kokomo Jackrabbits baseball team, a member of the summer collegiate Prospect League. Games are held late May through early August and feature fun themes and giveaways. Lawn and stadium seating available, starting at $8.
Kokomo Free Summer Concert Series - Fridays in June, 7-10pm, at the Kokomo Arts Pavilion in Foster Park. Kokomo's Free Summer Concert Series features nationally-known bands and musicians performing at the Kokomo Arts Pavilion in Downtown Kokomo's Foster Park. All concerts are free! Many concerts will also feature food vendors and kid's activities in addition to great live music! Outdoor seating; bring lawn chairs. Visit website to see full list of bands and concerts. June 1 - Weberfest featuring Delta Rae June 8 - Carver Center Summer Celebration featuring Average White Band June 22 - HOG Fest featuring Allman Betts Band
  • Lafayette
Karl Martz and the Legacy of IU Ceramics - May 4th to July 27th, 1-4pm, at the Haan Museum of Indiana Art. This exhibition features Karl Martz and the Legacy of Indiana University Ceramics. Martz’s influence spread throughout Indiana and beyond through the ceramics program that he established at IU in 1945, and through his students. Many of Martz’s students went on to teach at universities, and others established successful careers as independent ceramic artists. The exhibition features works by Karl Martz, faculty that taught (or still teach) in the IU Ceramics Department, and students who went on to establish successful careers in ceramics. The Haan Museum will host a Lunch and Learn event related to the exhibition on June 4.
  • Marshall
Space Exhibits and Activities - April 14th to June 22nd, 10am-5pm at Turkey Run State Park Nature Center. Explore the wonders of space with six space exhibits on loan to Turkey Run State Park.On the last day the exhibits are at Turkey Run (June 22), the Wabash Valley Astronomical Society will be on hand from 3-5 p.m. with a special telescope that allows for safe viewing of the sun. That night, nearby Shades State Park, which has one of the darkest night skies in Indiana, will host a Shades Star Party at 10 p.m. along the road to the Pine Hills parking lot. The society will set up telescopes along the road and have astronomers available to help people see into space. Turkey Run's interpretive naturalists will provide star shows in the nature center planetarium at 2 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday beginning in May and running through August.
  • Richmond
Summer Story Hour - Mondays, 10-11am, at the Physical Building of the Joseph Moore Museum. Join us each Monday in June and July at 10am for a special hour of stories! Each week will feature a different book about nature or science with a corresponding craft or activity. All ages are welcome and stories are chosen particularly for children in preschool - first grade.
Southern Indiana
  • Birdseye
Wildlife Cruises on Patoka Lake - Wednesdays May through October at the Patoka Lake Marina. Not just a boat ride: cruise the second largest lake in Indiana upon a climate controlled tour boat to search for osprey, eagles, blue herons, loons and other wildlife. Two hour cruises embark EVERY WEDNESDAY at 10am beginning in May and continuing through October. The knowledgeable narrator will entertain and inform, making sure passengers don’t miss any of the native animals’ sites. Voyagers are encouraged to capture on camera baby osprey in their nests, an eagle in flight, and busy beavers as the boat passes by.
Wine Cruises on Patoka Lake - Every other Friday starting June 7th, 7:30-9:30pm, at the Patoka Lake Marina. Sip wine paired with hors d'oeuvres/desserts while enjoying the sunset on Patoka Lake or the colorful Fall foliage as the season changes on our 60 person tour boat! Enjoy 5-7 tastings of wine from a featured Indiana winery, and choose 2 glasses of your favorite to enjoy after the tasting portion. Bottles of wine available for purchase as well as additional glasses. Call (812) 685-2203 to reserve your spot today! Only $50/person or $98/couple. Visit our website to view the winery lineup. *Photo ID required to board vessel. Must be 21 years of age.
  • Clarksville
Snow White and the Prince - May 25th to June 29th, at 9am, at The Derby Dinner Playhouse. Children's Musical Theatre suitable for ages 3 to 12. Join Snow White on a comical adventure with her prince, and all seven of those silly dwarves, in this vibrant new musical. A clever re-telling of the classic fairy tale that is sure to please even the most devoted Disney fans! Price: Breakfast – $17.00; Lunch – $22.00 Breakfast 9:00 A.M. Show 10:00 A.M. Lunch 12:00 P.M. Show 1:15 P.M.
The Savannah Sipping Society - May 22nd to June 30th, 6-10pm, at the Derby Dinner Playhouse. From the authors of “The Dixie Swim Club” comes a laugh-a-minute comedy about four Southern women, all needing to escape their day-to-day routines, drawn together by fate—and an impromptu happy hour. Ticket price includes dinner, show, tax & parking. AAA discount available.
  • Floyds Knobs
Floyds Knobs Farmers Market - Saturdays May through October at 400 Block Laffollette Station. Floyds Knobs Farmers Market Opening May 11 - October 26 Every Saturday from 8:30 am to 1 pm. Were an Indiana Grown Market and host a variety of Great Events throughout Season.
  • French Lick
The Art of the Monon - April 1st to August 31st, 10am-4pm at the French Lick West Baden Museum. The Monon was Indiana’s railroad and touched every town in Orange County. See the Monon paintings of renowned railroad artist Howard Fogg and other rare Monon items.
  • Huntingburg
Dubois County Bombers at League Stadium - Various days at the League Stadium. When you enter the gates of historic League Stadium in Huntingburg, IN, home of the Bombers, you may think you’ve stepped back into the golden age of the game. League Stadium was home to the Rockford Peaches in the hit movie A League of Their Own. The vintage signage, scoreboard, and atmosphere remain. The Bombers play in vintage-inspired uniforms - pants are knickered, stirrups are worn. The crack of a wood bat against a baseball resounds through the stadium. You may hear Who’s on First over the audio. We even have our own Peaches at the games keeping everything in the stadium rolling, while our coaches and players keep it exciting on the field.
  • Rising Sun
Rock on Rising Sun - April 10th to September 30th on Main Street. Search and re-hide painted rocks hidden within the City of Rising Sun city limits. Spearheaded by a local resident, thousands of rocks are painted throughout the season for kids of all ages to find and re-hide. Participants are encouraged to paint their own creations and hide within the city limits. Photos of found rocks (with or without their discoverer) are asked to be uploaded to the Rock on Rising Sun Facebook page. You need not be a local resident to participate.
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2019.02.20 21:06 BriGuyBeach PSA: BloomingPaws is a terrible business

I'd taken my three dogs to BloomingPaws Resort a few times over the years. Just about every visit felt off. Extra charges would be tacked on to my receipt, service wasn't the friendliest, and my dogs seemed to act different for a few days after being release. Pet resort services are limited in Bloomington though, and I don't go on vacation often. It was easier to continue patronizing Bloomington than to shop for new businesses.
Then on my last visit, one of my dogs was struck by a terrible illness. She was endlessly vomiting and had unbelievable diarrhea. I complained but was simply told their policy doesn't cover diarrhea and was promptly turned away. My dog recovered, but only after she had been subjected to a week of pill cocktails and syringes.
Cut to today. My dad told me he'd like to go on vacation for spring break urged me to make another appointment. I told him BloomingPaws sucks, and that my partner was capable of watching them while we are on vacation. He can be the paranoid type though, and wants the dogs to have constant supervision while we're gone (we own the dogs jointly. It's a bit of an odd circumstance but irrelevant to the topic). He'd written off the dog's previous illness to stress anyway.
So I reluctantly agreed to give BloomingPaws another chance. However, after calling four times during normal business hours and not getting a callback, I decided to do some research.
There are droves of reviews on Google reporting more or less what I've shared here. I also found an article from 2014 (linked below because I forgot how to format) in which a BloomingPaws employee's dog died after sitting in a hot car for five hours IN THE BLOOMINGPAWS PARKING LOT. Apparently the employee was only allowed to have one dog in the resort, so had to leave one in the car when it was 86 degrees outside - not 10 yards from a business that is designed to watch dogs. These people watch your pets.
I regret ever giving my money to this business and will never do so again. I urge you all to do the same, for your pets' sake.
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2019.02.03 21:00 aihitPulse Intersect Illinois - Partners Change

2019-02-03 -- Chicago
Intersect Illinois partners with Bloomington- Normal Economic Development Council
About Intersect Illinois: Illinois is a global powerhouse at the heart of the U.S. Meet Intersect Illinois, your go-to resource for doing business in Illinois.
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2018.09.22 16:50 Enamya100 This is what porn does to your brain

Figuring out the risk-to-benefit ratio of watching pornography may just top the ranks of controversial topics that scientists can’t seem to completely agree on. But one thing’s for sure: Americans like watching porn — and lots of it.
According to the website Paint Bottle, 30 percent of all data transferred online is porn. In a 2015 infographic, the porn site detailed that 70 percent of men consume the content compared to 30 percent of women. And the number of people consuming porn is rapidly increasing every week, according to the site.
After lawmakers in Virginia recently proposed legislation that aims to implement greater restrictions on watching porn, Fox News talked to three psychologists to learn more about what scientists know — and don’t know — about the potential health effects of its consumption.
How does porn affect the brain?
Studying porn and determining its health effects are tricky, experts say. That’s because several parties — neurobiologists, psychologists, sociologists and others — are weighing in on the topic, and their methodologies and study cohorts can vary vastly.
“One big-picture question has to do with how confident one can be — scientifically — that pornography consumption is causally related to the various harms identified in the resolution,” Paul J. Wright, an associate psychology, socialization and media use professor at Indiana University Bloomington, told Fox News in an email. “To answer this question, one would have to identify a philosophy of cause that all agree to, standards for acceptable evidence, and then engage in systematic reviews of the literature associated with each hypothesized harm. In short, this would be a monumental effort, and likely would still lead to some disagreement among scientists, because although the promise of science is consensus, scientists rarely 100 percent agree on anything.”
In their proposed legislation, Virginia lawmakers claim pornography is “addictive,” promotes normalization of rape, may lessen the “desire to marry,” and “equates violence with sex,” encourages “group sex,” “risky sexual behavior” and infidelity, among other effects.
Dr. William Struthers, a psychology professor at Wheaton College, a Christian liberal arts institution just west of Chicago, said that while much of the legislation’s tenets “seem to be pretty reasonable,” another challenge that researchers face is that technology is outpacing scientific studies.
“Any kind of pornography research is incredibly muddy water,” Struthers told Fox News. “A lot of the research being drawn on was published 20 to 25 years ago, and that is very different from the pornography that is being consumed by young people now. The unfortunate truth is we can’t keep up with the pornography that is being produced.”
Can you be addicted to porn?
When it comes to alcoholism, gambling and drugs, the answer is clear: Addiction exists. Studies show a clear association between those behaviors and alterations in brain chemistry, which is coupled with physical withdrawal effects if the given behavior is restricted. But “There really isn’t the science to demonstrate that porn is in and of itself harmful and addictive,” Ian Kerner, a licensed psychotherapist and sex counselor, told Fox News. “That has not been, in my estimation, scientifically or clinically proven.”
Rather, Kerner argued, excessive porn viewing often presents as a comorbidity with another health issue, like anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder.
“When people get depressed, they may get lonely and tend to masturbate,” he said. “If they’re having anxiety, the problem occurs when the only way you know how to calm yourself is with masturbation … in those cases, porn is the symptom, not the problem.”
In fact, in Kerner’s experience, ethical, so-called feminist pornography — which often features storylines, and always contracted, paid adults having consensual sex — can enhance couples’ sexual experiences by helping partners get warmed up and be creative in the bedroom.
Perhaps counterintuitively, watching porn may also help keep some relationships intact, he said.
“I know a lot of men who travel and are happy to masturbate to porn rather than potentially pursue infidelity,” Kerner said. “When there are natural libido gaps in a relationship — maybe one partner is interested in sex more than the other partner, maybe one just had a baby and can’t have sex, or maybe illness is involved — porn is actually a really positive way to smooth over those libido gaps.”
As for adolescents consuming porn, the Virginia legislators argue that the average age of exposure to porn is 11 to 12 — a stat that certainly would scare any responsible parent, yet one which Kerner argued, if true, suggests a deeper issue for discussion.
“If kids are learning about sex through porn, well, that’s not a problem with porn — that’s a problem with a lack of proper sex education,” he argued. “If we live in a country that teaches abstinence only, the problem is there’s no competing script to porn.”
What don’t we know about porn?
And yet, experts like Struthers argue that basic psychological science suggests frequent exposure to something like porn may indeed lead to normalization of harmful behaviors.
“The more you’re exposed to something, the more you tend to see it as acceptable, whether it’s violence, gambling or sexuality,” Struthers said.
His concern, however, is the psychological effect that frequent exposure may have on developing brains.
“I think the questions we really need to be asking are, ‘What are the secondary effects that porn has, not in what they do for a person’s sexual behavior, but does viewing porn influence our ability to detect nonverbal nonconsensual sexual cues, or instrument objectivity?’”
Wright, the professor at Indiana University, who has conducted research on porn’s potential influence on youths’ behavior, speculated that most scientists in this area and at this level of debate would agree with some of the lawmakers’ claims yet disagree with others.
But he said one thing most would agree on is that more can be done.
“Is there enough suggestive evidence of harm in terms of compulsive use and socialization toward attitudes and behaviors that most people perceive as antisocial that scientists should support policy efforts calling for further research, community and school education programs, and programs aimed at the prevention of harmful effects?” Wright said in an email. “I think the majority of scientists familiar with the research in this area would say, ‘Yes.’”
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2018.05.08 23:20 rbco Scott's Miracle-gro (SMG) - A cannabis pick and shovel company > $500M in Cannabis related revenues

Hey, I am not familiar with policies, so I apologize for linking my notes in my last post(s). Here is a bunch of info I collected on SMG.
May 2, 2018 ($78.51) Stock down 7.25\% - Purchased an additional ~1\% with average cost of $78.70
I have been researching the cannabis industry since February 2014. Unlike AB, my research has been casual over those years, but still concentrated. Going on my 5th year of researching, my thoughts are summed up in this comment. Please understand that this comment is for me, my clients, and in no way should anyone reading this post follow my current conclusion.
My view is that cannabis will eventually legalize world-wide. I had never imagined this in 2013. The industry was plagued with what I consider to be less than stellar operators. I used to clearly but DP in this category, but I am open to relaxing that view. As the industry progresses, larger players will enter the industry. I think most of the current cannabis companies, might very well crash and burn. I think that will occur via a lack of financing, liquidity, impaired investments, stress on operations as the expensive builds will cause great hardship as the industry finds that production will far exceed demand (even in Canada). At some point, and possibly in this decade we will see major corporations enter the fray. Perhaps Philip Morris (PM) will be one of them.
Yet, now is now. If you want to invest in the industry, how do you find value amongst companies are selling at multiples that are bigly. Come on, a company with $3M in annual revenues carrying a market cap of $200M. This is common. Yet, other than finding Canopy at just over ~1.15 USD and a then market cap of under $100M USD, I had never found a suitable value play. My research and thoughts are Scott's Miracle Grow fits the mold of value in the cannabis space.
For me as a cannabis investor, I think I have come across a near blue-chip company, deeply and materially entrenched in the cannabis sector, selling for value prices. I think the company is misunderstood by many, as they think the cannabis related revenues of the company are too small to move the needle, when indeed that is far from the case. I project SMG cannabis related revenues for F2019 (September year-end) will be more than 20%. I also think that their "hydroponic division" (Their sole source of revenues which are projected to be ~$600M in F2019) is a word that is misunderstood. I have spoken to industry professionals (finance people), who were not aware that "hydroponic" includes all aspects of an indoor grow, the entire infrastructure from lighting, to nutrients, ventilation, cloning, etc. Of course; all growers I have spoken with certainly are familiar. Like the craft beer industry, many users don't know that SMG owns specific Hawthorne brands, just like they might not know their favorite craft brew might be owned by Anheuser Busch (i.e. Goose Island). I think this contributes to value.
Of course, the debt load of SMG is my large concern, and that can certainly kill the stock. Keep in mind that Moody's has SMG on potential downgrade, and I would be surprised if that weren't to occur.
In my view, a serious cannabis investor, why take chances that a company might last to make sense of a valuation that may or may not come to fruition, and let’s face it, most will fail, when indeed they can own a well-endowed and known company, such as SMG. I have yet to find another.
You get a company with $2.8B of projected F2019 revenues, of which > 20% is projected to be cannabis related, at a market cap of $4.5B, with a forward 2019 P/E of ~15.5X.
If you have an indoor grow, being a home grower or the largest commercial grower in the world, SMG will power your infrastructure!
May 1, 2018 ($83.53) 2Q18 earnings recap
Company-wide sales decrease 7% primarily due to slow start to lawn and garden season.
For the fiscal second quarter, the Company reported sales of $1.01 billion, down 7 percent from $1.08 billion a year earlier. We were expecting $1.12B.
Sales for the Hawthorne segment decreased 29 percent to $41.8 million.
“The challenges we began to see earlier this year in California continue to affect our Hawthorne business segment at the mid-way point in the year,” Hagedorn said. “As we’ve previously stated, we now expect those challenges to last for the balance of the year and now believe Hawthorne sales will likely be, at best, flat in 2018 on a year-over-year basis including the impact of acquisitions.”
On a company-wide basis, GAAP income from continuing operations was $152.7 million, or $2.66 per share, compared with $154.1 million, or $2.54 per share for the second quarter of fiscal 2017. These
results include impairment, restructuring, and other charges. Excluding these items, non-GAAP adjusted income from continuing operations was $165.2 million, or $2.88 per share, compared with $156.0 million, or $2.57 per share, last year. We were expecting $3.20 per share.
“The slow start to the season and the declines at Hawthorne create challenges for us as we navigate the balance of fiscal 2018,” Coleman said. “However, given the amount of consumer activity still in front of us, it is too early to revise our expectations. We currently anticipate providing the investment community an updated outlook for fiscal 2018 in mid-June, a practice consistent with how we have operated in the past.”
For the 3-months ended March 31, 2018, Hawthorne revenues were 4.54% of total revenues, and 11.33% of 6-months ended March 31, 2018.
Cash balance is $33.0M, whereas short-term debt is $335.8M.
“We are disappointed with the result of Hawthorne.” CA continues to struggle becoming a strictly regulated marijuana market. There are only 12 of 58 counties granting licenses. Progress is looking slower than SMG hoped. Industry probably got ahead of themselves during 2017. More cannabis was grown in 2017 that was needed. This will result in a shake-out, which the strong will survive via this temporary situation. This is happening in all legal states. Hence, SMG claims ready to thrive in the long run. SMG via their discussion of course is quite fluent in the marijuana industry. SMG has been modeling worst case scenarios in the Sunlight acquisition. Even with worst case scenarios, the acquisition makes sense.
Share-repurchase efforts are postponed due to leverage levels caused by Hawthorne acquisition of Sunlight Supply.
April 30, 2018 ($84.41) I spoke with an industry insider
I was set up with a grower in a large organization. I just wanted to be in contact and make sure my thinking and understanding was accurate. The grower confirmed all that I seem to be doing is reasonable and customary in the industry.
He mentioned they get much of their supplies from a local co-op. The co-op and them are partners of sort. Much of the co-op products are from Sunlight Supply.
The grower mentioned several potential competitors:
  1. HydroFarm - They seem to be privately owned and have 10 distribution locations. 2. Bloomington Wholesale - Also privately owned, and they claim to be one of the largest wholesale distributors of indoor, hydroponic, and organic horticultural supplies in the United States.
  2. FarmTek - This is mostly if not all used for greenhouses. Engineering Services & Products Company owns them.
April 26, 2018 ($83.41) More to add to the thesis on April 25th
A summary of why one would want to invest in SMG (I could be incorrect on all or some of this, so do your own DD).
  1. Misunderstood by many. Many think the cannabis section of SMG is too small to move the needle. I don't think those people realize(d) that cannabis currently makes up 15% of SMG revenues. That is pre-Sunshine Supply purchase. Cannabis related revenues should be $600M ++ in F2019 (September year-end), possibly for F2018 as well. The most recent quarter 12/30/17, Hawthorne unit revenues were $76.7M. This was 34.63% of total SMG revenues. This is prior to Sunshine Supply purchase. 35% of total revenues is material, and I would venture to say, surprising to the cannabis investment community, including analysts, unless they study SMG.
  2. If cannabis production continues to increase worldwide, is there any major supplier to support indoor grows and infrastructure, other than SMG?
  3. Most investors think SMG's hydroponic unit is based on tradition hydro growing in water. They are WRONG! SMG classifies anything used in indoor grows, such as lighting, cloning, propagation, filtration, venting, tents, etc. as hydroponic.
  4. SMG in its current form has cannabis related revenues that are 6X greater than any cannabis company which I am familiar with. Again, SMG cannabis related revenues are expected to be and are still close to presently $600M annually.
  5. SMG seems to be priced as a "value play." This includes P/E being less than 20, and materially less than trailing and forward ROE. Forward expected P/E is slightly higher than expected Forward and trailing ROA.
  6. "If you wait for the robins, spring will be over." Warren E. Buffett
On the negative, and really the only negative I can find, and it is a potentially material and deal killing negative, is the debt load. The current debt to equity is about 200+%. Moody's has indicated potential downgrade is coming, due to Sunshine Supply acquisition. If downgraded, and if solvency is expected in my analysis in the future, I would probably load up on material dips (i.e. under $80).
Hydro business prior to Sunshine Supply announcement was huge for SMG and for the industry. This is not debatable in my opinion. I have not heard any member of SMG say or write anything but positive things on Hawthorne.
Just the facts!
The most recent quarter 12/30/17, Hawthorne unit was $76.7M. This was 34.63% of total SMG revenues. This is prior to Sunshine Supply purchase. 35% of total revenues is material, and I would venture to say, surprising to the cannabis investment community, including analysts, unless they study SMG.
For Fiscal 2017, Hawthorne division did $287.2M, or 11% of revenues. I estimate SMG cannabis related revenues for this fiscal year, will be >$500M, and will be close to 20% of SMG total revenues.
"Meanwhile, our new hydroponic business, Hawthorne, continues to be a major part of our growth strategy. These changes have improved our rate of profitability, given us greater focus and helped us enable the share price appreciation we've seen over the past 2 years." James S. Hagedorn - Chairman & CEO January 26, 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting
"Hawthorne obviously saw a different outcome in the quarter than we were expecting. The entire hydro segment is seeing a logjam in California due to changes in state law and the downstream impact of the implementation of new rules at the local level. We told you in the past that this
business could see significant quarterly short-term swings and this is one of those times. I'll come back to discuss each of the business segments in a few minutes with a particular focus on Hawthorne. As always, I'll leave the meat of the numbers to Randy, and I'll focus on broader strategic themes." James S. Hagedorn - Chairman & CEO January 30, 2018 1Q18 CC
"When we decided to begin investing in Hawthorne in 2014, we never thought we were chasing a 1- or 2-year fad. We believe the long-term trends remain favorable, and we're confident that they will help drive Hawthorne's growth. That said, we've told you in the past we expect some choppiness from time to time, and we saw that in Q1. Hawthorne reported 20% growth in the quarter due to acquisitions. Excluding acquisitions, sales declined $12 million in the quarter. We have continued to see negative pressure on sales throughout January, a trend we now expect to see continue for at least another month and perhaps longer.
Let me explain what we believe has occurred. There were a lot of headlines in the last few months about California's new system for authorizing and regulating production and sale of cannabis. Many of those same stories also reported that county governments are behind schedule in setting up their local rules for issuing licenses for growers and retailers. It appears this has contributed to a short-term slowdown, aggravated by some natural disasters that worked its way into our pipeline late last year.
Given the size of the California market compared to the other states in the Hawthorne sales mix, this issue clearly impacted our results. I can't tell you with certainty when we'll see the numbers reverse.
Obviously, we didn't expect the softness when we provided our full year guidance on our last call. I can tell you, we no longer expect to see 10% volume growth for Hawthorne that was outlined in our original guidance. For now, you should assume that number to be flat, perhaps even down from last year, depending on the second half of the year. Obviously, we continue to expect year-over-year growth from acquisitions.
From a bottom line perspective, Hawthorne team is accelerating some of its integration efforts and contingency plans to offset the shortfall. As always, we have other company-wide contingency plans if it becomes necessary, so I'd encourage you not to overreact here. In fact, there's likely a silver lining for us. Given the breadth of our product line and our financial strength, we are better positioned than anyone in the Hydro growing supply space, not just to weather a temporary downturn in the market, but to potentially benefit from it. I'm not going to predict the future, but I will say that our competitors simply don't have the kind of capital structure that we do.
Additionally, recent trends could actually make the M&A environment more favorable. Because of our long-term optimism about the hydroponic business, we'll be opportunistic if the right deal presents itself.
A final thought before I move on because context does matter here. California clearly has stumbled a bit, as they've tried to put more structure around an industry that was pretty loose in the past. But in the long term, that structure will add legitimacy, and that legitimacy ultimately helps drive the overall market higher, both in California and throughout the United States. So even if the slowdown lasts a couple of quarters, we're still confident in the long-term opportunity.”James S. Hagedorn - Chairman & CEO January 30, 2018 1Q18 CC
"So I'll just say that on a company-wide basis, we're up 7% for the quarter, which is only a little behind what we expected because of the backlog at Hawthorne. On a full year basis, we originally guided for sales growth of 4% to 6%. We now believe 2% to 4% is a more reasonable expectation.” Thomas Randal Coleman - Executive VP & CFO
"We saw a 240 basis-point decline in the gross margin rate for the quarter to 15.3%, largely due to the volume and mix impacts from our Hawthorne business. The rate will get better as the year progresses, and we see more leverage out of our fixed cost, and as the higher gross margin U.S. consumer business begins to accelerate in our much larger second and third quarters." Thomas Randal Coleman - Executive VP & CFO
"I also share Jim's optimism about the continued long-term prospects for Hawthorne." Thomas Randal Coleman - Executive VP & CFO
"Well, because I know one thing. There is long backlogs, like Humboldt, I just -- because they gave me the numbers of -- after talking to the County, how many applications are waiting to be processed, which is huge, okay? So I think there's a lot of people applying to be able to cultivate. And so I think that, that trend is not scary for us. I think if you look at Canada and sort of the work that's happened with the big growing LPs in Canada, with let's say, Canopy, the biggest one up there, we have a fabulous relationship with them. I think this is where I think we've really learned where we can add value with the sort of size of the product line that we carry, the professional expertise that we can bring to helping them actually be more productive and profitable. So this is not like I think. This is I know, which is that Canada has really moved forward from a sort of scale and professionalism point of view. It's not a gigantic market relative to California or the United States, but we have very much benefited from big relationships on across our entire -- where our sales force, our tech people, our ability to innovate, be creative with programs, has come together. So I
think this is one where we view scale as good. And by the way, we're developing products to sort of deal with areas where we think they're going to want to save money. But remember, we've talked for a long time with you guys about how at least 1 layer of distribution has to come out of -- when something leaves our plans and gets to the ultimate consumer that there's just too many places it's traveling and people who are taking value out of that chain. And that part of what we're doing, as we mature our distribution system, is to deal with more direct sales. And that's another way to deal with the sort of the demands of the larger, more professional customer, and it's not something we're surprised or disheartened by. It's one thing we know -- we're just executing our plans, okay?" James S. Hagedorn - Chairman & CEO January 30, 2018 1Q18 CC
"So we expected the operating margins for Hawthorne to approach mid-teens. There's probably a little bit of pressure on that, but we're working through contingency plans that were already laid out when we started the year. We do that both for our consumer business and Hawthorne, so we have room to navigate. So we're looking at open headcount, discretionary spending plans, investments that right now may not make much sense. When sales are down, you don't need to be as promotional, for example, so we're working through all of that. I'd still expect our operating margins to approach mid-teens, and to try to quantify where we expect the business to land for the year. I'd still say mid-300s, probably a little pressure on that to be low- to mid-300s on the top line for net sales, and still expect EBITDA to be in the $50 million range, give or take a couple of million bucks. So that's what we're looking at right now for fiscal 2018." Thomas Randal Coleman - Executive VP & CFO
"Think of Hawthorne as the complete solution for this category. So all the things we put together, all the technical capability. So now you're dealing with the grower or a small grower and you are actually being able to provide them all the help that have great success, and basically, what we've put together is that capability with the technical services, and so we're ready to go either way. So -- and to your point about 6 months, but this kind of slowed. We have a list of things we wanted to integrate. We're just accelerating them. So it actually -- it should help us when it breaks loose. And then if there's pent up demand, it actually could go the other direction to fairly quickly as far as, do we have enough in supply. We'll be much better situated to handle that. So on the operations side, I am very optimistic when we come out of it. The question is when do we come out of it and how much can we get ready when it comes out?" James S. Hagedorn - Chairman & CEO January 30, 2018 1Q18 CC
"I don't think there's anybody better positioned than we are by far." James S. Hagedorn - Chairman & CEO January 30, 2018 1Q18 CC
April 25, 2018 ($85.23)
I think SMG has the potential to be a pick and shovel cannabis conglomerate.
I am using shares outstanding of 55M for my F2019 projections. At today’s price of $85.23, that would be a market cap of $4.7B. SMG is projected to have F2019 revenues of $2.8B, hence they are trading at 1.68X our projected F2019 revenues. We are expecting (and this can change up or down quickly) F2018 earnings of $4.80 per share, which equates to a current Price Earnings ratio of 17.76X. I like to invest in companies where the ROE is greater than the P/E, which we have here. We also have the unusual situation of the P/E also being about 80% of the forward F2019 P/E.
We recently accumulated a ~3% portfolio position for most of our clients at an average price of ~$81.94 per share. We are buying a company which by far is the largest public or even private company related to the cannabis industry. As more states legalize cannabis recreationally, new licenses will be awarded, and there is absolutely no reason to think that SMG will not be a material beneficiary of such a paradigm. I think the US government is backtracking on the Sessions situation from several months ago, and I would not be surprised to see full U.S. decriminalization in the future. Unlike other cannabis stocks, I do not think that SMG has massive if any over-valuation.
The company has hit a soft spot in this segment which they claim is temporary, and their excuses seem valid. The primary excuse has been the slowness of the California regulators issuing licenses, which if you read on seems to have subsided, and licensing appears to be tepid now, with over 3,000 CA licensees, of which about 1/3rd is for indoor grows. The weather in CA, including the wild-fires of last year, and the coldness throughout the U.S. in the spring has affected SMG’s hydroponic revenues.
The term hydroponic includes, all aspects of indoor grows, from supplies, lighting, nutrients, cloning, and virtually every aspect a grower needs. This grower can be industrial size or a home grower. Of course, SMG’s focus will be on the larger commercial organizations.
The fundamentals of the valuation seem to be in line, when looking at Price/Earnings, Return on Equity, Return on Capital, as well as a dividend pay-out ratio of < 50% is expected in F2018 and F2019. The fiscal year end is September 30th.
Officers and directors certainly have skin in the game as they own over 29% of the shares.
There is a cannabis analyst, who I consider to be the best in the business, who was of the thought that the cannabis related division of SMG was immaterial and couldn’t move the needle. I respectfully disagree, as hydroponics is currently about 15% of SMG’s total revenues.
My concerns of SMG are their rising debt load from acquisitions. The most recent announcement of purchasing Sunlight Supply gave Moody’s a basis for a potential credit rating downgrade. Moody’s currently rates SMG with a rating of ‘Ba2,’ which is a speculative credit rating, and below investment grade. This will be something to monitor as time marches on. We need to see if the acquisitions can materially help to pay down debt and reduce interest costs.
April 23, 2018 ($83.26)
It is my understanding the number of licenses issued in California continues to accelerate. Of the 3,100 licenses issued in 2019, 2000 have been issued for indoomixed light growing. Hence, about 2/3’rds of the licensees will require some form of hydroponics, from artificial lighting to nutrients. I am projecting this acceleration in licenses will have a direct effect on SMG revenues during the second half of Fiscal 2018, despite recent warnings of the 2Q18 Hawthorne division being down 30% in 2Q18. End of the day, the hydroponic division of SMG is expected to produce ~$600M in revenues during F2019. I believe this revenue is by far the largest cannabis-based revenue by any company in the world.
In fiscal 2017, Sunlight Supply had revenue of approximately $460 million and EBITDA of approximately $55 million. The transaction will be funded with $425 million of revolver borrowings and $25 million of equity. The reason the combined revenue of the two divisions is only $600M, is based on the assumption that 20% of Sunshine’s revenues were to SMG.
“While we view the recent slow down within Hawthorne as temporary, it has continued into the second quarter. We now expect full year organic sales growth at Hawthorne will be flat assuming a return to normal market conditions in the second half of the year. Our long-term prospects for this business remain unchanged and we continue to see Hawthorne having strong long-term growth.” SMG 8-K 1/30/18
For 1Q18, sales for the Hawthorne segment increased 20 percent to $76.7 million. Revenues for this segment were $63.7M in the first quarter (12/31/16) of F2017.
Net profits for 1Q18 for the Hawthorne division were $1.7M, as compared to $6.6M during 1Q17.
Review of 10-Q for period ended December 30, 2017:
Shares outstanding as of February 2, 2018 was ~57M.
Generic Free Cash Fl0w Calculation:
3 Months ended 12/30/17 3 Months ended 12/31/16
Net (Loss) ($21.2) ($64.9)
Add: Depreciation 12.7 14.0
Amortization 7.1 6.1
Subtract: Capex (19.4) (16.1)
Generic Free Cash (Drain) ($20.8) ($60.9)
Company repurchased shares during 1Q18 of $96.2M, and in 1Q17 of $43.6M.
Other Notes:
There has been some minor insider buying on the open market.
April 19, 2018 ($81.30)
On April 17, 2018, SMG announced that Hawthorne Hydroponics entered into a purchase agreement for all the assets and certain specific liabilities of Sunlight Supply Inc.
The transaction was stated to create a direct distribution model for Hawthorne that will service more than 1,800 hydroponic retail customers throughout the United States. “Hawthorne, which had 2017 sales of approximately $290 million, owns leading hydroponic brands such as Gavita, Botanicare, Can-Filters, and General Hydroponics. Sunlight Supply is the largest distributor of hydroponic products in the United States. Within the last year, Sunlight opened a state-of-the-art 350,000-square foot distribution center in Vancouver, Washington and has eight other distribution facilities across North America.” Form 8-K 4/17/18
The Company currently expects it will announce that Hawthorne segment sales declined approximately 30 percent in the second quarter, including the impact of past acquisitions.
Yield is 2.61% ($2.12). Earnings expected at $4.80 which would give a P/E of 16.94X. Dividend payout has averaged 51.33% for the last 9 years. The payout ratio was 46% in F2016, and 61% in F2017. Dividend payout ratio expected to be 43% for F2018 and 45% for F2019. ROE has averaged 22.98% for the last 9 years. ROE was 35.5% in F2016, and 30.5% in F2017. ROE is expected to be 47.0% for F2018, and 41.0% for F2019. ROTC has averaged 12.68% for the last 10 years. ROTC was 15.3% in F2016, and 12.4% in F2017. ROTC is expected to be 12.5% for F2018, and 13.0% for F2019. Average P/E for the last 10 years has been 21.26X. Projected eps for F2019 is $5.05 which equates to a forward P/E of 16.1X.
Shares outstanding projected to be 56 at December 31, 2018, and 55 at December 31, 2019.
S&P credit rating is ‘BB’ Highest Rung of Speculative Outlook Stable (11/10/15)
Moody’s credit rating is ‘Ba2’ Upper Rung of Speculative (1/11/10) Outlook DNG (4/18/18)
Fitch credit rating N/A.
Scotts Miracle-Gro recently announced a proposal to acquire Sunlight Supply, which is the largest distributor of hydroponic equipment in the United States.
“California distributes commercial licenses to grow marijuana at the county level, versus other states that issue licenses at the state level. Some California counties have yet to begin issuing licenses as the governments set up application rules. As a result, the entire hydroponic equipment supply chain is holding excess inventory that was produced in anticipation of California’s new commercial grower demand and Hawthorne’s sales have declined in 2018.” Morningstar April 18, 2018
I am of the belief that the Federal government will start easing up on cannabis, and that could very well be a boom for SMG as they are looking to exploit the hydroponic market.
Over 60% of its sales come from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart. As of 2017, 97% of total sales occur at brick-and-mortar retail.
“The Hawthorne segment, which includes indoor gardening, hydroponics, and lighting contributed about 15% of revenue in 2017. This segment’s future growth is closely tied to legalization of cannabis in the U.S. as its products are frequently used by licensed growers. Recent acquisitions in the segment should position Scotts to take advantage of growing demand from states and municipalities where cannabis has been recently legalized.” Morningstar April 18, 2018
“We think the Hawthorne segment is well positioned to take advantage of increased demand for indoor gardening equipment stemming from the legalization of cannabis and the rise in urban gardening as a recreational activity. We expect the Hawthorne segment to average a low-double-digit revenue growth over the next decade as hydroponics, indoor gardening, and vertical farming experience significant growth.
In April 2018, Scotts announced an agreement to acquire Sunlight Supply, the largest hydroponics distributor in the U.S. Due to improved distribution and economies of scale, segment margins should expand from 12% to 19% by 2027.” Morningstar April 18, 2018
During the 2Q18 (3/31/18) conference call, the CEO and COB, James S. Hagedorn mentioned the following items, which I think are important.
The acquisition of Sunlight Supply is intended to help SMG and Hawthorne become an efficient and vertically integrated hydroponic company. The reason being is that Hawthorne services a different retail channel than their Consumer business. SMG feels it can't efficiently utilize the existing supply chain. The purchase of Sunlight increases scale, which SMG claims will result in meaningful profit improvement as well as a direct relationship with retailers who sell them products and the growers
who use them. Hawthorne will be shipping direct to retailers. SMG claims that users who continue to “professionalize their operations and will want an even more direct distribution model in the future. The pending acquisition of Sunlight Supply will instantly change that dynamic. It creates unique competitive advantages for Hawthorne, especially ownership of the largest, most modern, and most cost-efficient supply chain in the hydroponic industry. The benefits don't just accrue to us. They make the entire hydroponic industry better.”
Hawthorne Canada announced plans to build a 50,000 square foot R&D facility in partnership with Flowr, a Canadian-based professional licensed cannabis producer. When that facility is complete, the company believes that Hawthorne will have the most sophisticated cannabis research capabilities in the world.
In fiscal 2019, the company stated they expect full year net sales for Hawthorne to approach $650 million. The year-over-year adjusted earnings benefit from this deal is expected to range from $0.60 to $0.80 per share. The company’s goal by the end of 2020 is to report Hawthorne segment profit of $120 million and operating margins in a range of 17% to 18%.
SMG expects to be known by all their stakeholders as the ultimate supplier in this industry; and to create a level of technical expertise that results in hydroponic growers large and small viewing us as the subject matter experts in this space.
Conference Call Quotes from CEO and COB, James S. Hagedorn from April 18, 2018:
“I want to start by saying our planned acquisition of Sunlight Supply is one of the most important announcements we've made during my 18-year tenure as CEO of ScottsMiracle-Gro. Even in the context of the 150th anniversary of our company, which we'll celebrate next month, I see today's
announcement as one of our most important ever. This deal is transformational. It makes us better. It makes us stronger, and it makes us more profitable. It also reinforces a sustainable growth platform in an emerging industry for years to come. It is the final chapter of the reconfiguration
of our business under an initiative we've been calling Project Focus.”
“Since the launch of Project Focus, we have assembled the best brands in the U.S. hydroponic products market and put them in our Hawthorne business segment. Before today's announcement, we had invested more than $600 million in building a portfolio that had annualized pro forma sales of approximately $340 million entering this year.”
“We moved aggressively to build a first-mover advantage in a category we believe has transformational opportunities, whether it's for growers of plants on their kitchen counter or in greenhouses or warehouses.”
Sunlight is based in Vancouver, Washington but has a national footprint. It distributes more than 5,000 products to more than 1,500 hydroponics retailers across the country. It has 9 distribution facilities across North America, including a new 350,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility that is state-of-the-art, not just for hydroponics but for any product category.
“In its most recent fiscal year, Sunlight had sales of approximately $460 million and EBITDA of $55 million. About 2/3 of its existing business comes from distribution. Almost every major vendor in the hydroponics industry, including Hawthorne, moves its products through the Sunlight supply.
However, the rest of the revenue comes from Sunlight's own portfolio of signature brands, many of them in categories where Hawthorne currently does not play. So, if you operate a greenhouse or an
indoor growing facility, there is virtually nothing that you need that Sunlight can't provide, whether it's through its own brands, Hawthorne brands or third-party brands. Sunlight is run by a truly creative and visionary leader, Craig Hargreaves, who founded the business in 1995 and has never looked back. It's fair to say that Craig is the single most influential person in this industry today.”
“We're not chasing rainbows here. We're not looking for some pot of gold that results in overstated and unsustainable valuations on this business.”
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2018.04.19 20:22 AHaikuRevelers Food Truck Fridays are back!

Food Truck Fridays opening this week in front of H-T By Carol Kugler 812-331-4359 [email protected] 20 hrs ago
Food Truck Fridays opening this week in front of H-T Map of Food Truck Fridays at The Herald-Times
Food Truck Fridays will begin this week in its new location — in front of The Herald-Times, at 1900 S. Walnut St.
After searching for a spot for the popular Friday event, organizer Jordan Davis, with the Chocolate Moose, met with Herald-Times staff earlier this week to finalize plans for opening the community event as soon as possible.
"It was a super-quick turnaround," Davis said of finalizing the venue for this year's Food Truck Fridays. "But we're just really super glad that The Herald-Times is willing to let us do this."
In past years, Food Truck Fridays began the first Friday in April, and Davis has had a lot of people asking about it this year. "We're glad to get the event starting and up and rolling," he said.
Food Truck Fridays' previous locations were downtown, first next to the old Chocolate Moose and then in the parking lot between Washington and Lincoln streets just south of First United Methodist Church, but a downtown spot could not be secured this year.
Although the location has changed, Food Truck Fridays will still be 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. With the quick start, not all of the food trucks will participate this week, Davis said.
There will be at least nine trucks offering barbecue, tacos, ice cream, kebabs and lemon drinks on Friday.
Davis expects the family-friendly event to get bigger, adding food trucks and more live music in the following weeks.
On Friday, food trucks will line up in the parking lot area next to South Walnut Street in front of The Herald-Times. There will be handicapped-accessible parking nearby and spaces for the general public in the employee parking lot at the bottom of the hill on the north side of the newspaper building.
"We are excited to partner with the local food trucks to provide this great event to our community, and we are excited about the future growth of Food Truck Fridays," said Larry Hensley, general manager of the Hoosier Times Group, which includes The Herald-Times.
More info
Food trucks participating this week will include:
• La Poblana Taco Truck.
• Wever's Smoke Eater's BBQ.
• Red Frazier Bison.
The Chocolate Moose.
• Kebab on Wheels.
• Kona Ice of Bloomington.
• Doner Kebab.
• Pil's Party Taco.
• Brown County Kettle Corn (lemon shake ups only).
Note: The front drive at The Herald-Times will be closed 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday. However, the main entrance will remain open for customers. All visitors may park in the large north employee parking lot. Directional signs will be posted near the driveways to guide visitors. The south circulation entrance will operate normally during the event.
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2016.08.11 19:38 PartTimeVelociraptor I think Get Some Pizza (the fast-casual pizza joint next to B-Town Diner) is open for real now. I tried it and liked it!

It's the pick-your-toppings cook-in-three-minutes pizza place we talked about in this post. I went on Tuesday and they said they'd been open for around a week.
Here's a menu, but it's a bit dated/unfinished. Their facebook is here, but isn't really updated.
I liked it. The pizza is about 5 x 15 inches, cut into 10 pieces. More than I could eat, but not too much for some people. It's ultra-thin crust, kind of like Papa Murphy's thin crust or Pizza King. I think the crust underneath the pizza is nice and it's very thin on the long edges of the oval, but on the two ends of the oval you might get a few bites of just thick crust... And that's boring as hell and not very tasty.
I got the zesty sauce and it was really good! My partner got the normal red sauce and I thought it was fine, but kind of bland. I got crumbled sausage, chicken, and sweet hot peppers. All the toppings were great. I thought they were being stingy with the toppings at first, but I realized it's because they anticipate you will put a lot of different toppings on the pizza. They are happy to pile on a bunch of any topping if you just ask. My partner got a TON of mushrooms, which were great. We got the normal cheese blend and everything was cooked to a bubbly melty crispy perfection.
We took it to go, and I have to say... The to go boxes almost seem too nice. I doubt they are made from recycled cardboard and they seem almost too substantial and wasteful. But I don't really know what they could do about that. It's a dumb complaint I guess. They look nice. I'll recycle them.
I guess a more substantive critique would be that I wish they had the toppings labeled on the glass in front of the assembly station. Instead, they are on the wall before you get in front of the assembly station, so you kind of need to know what you want before you get in front of the person making your pizza or you'll be staring into the containers trying to figure out what everything is/what your options are.
I hope they last, because I really want to try more combinations. Maybe they will ramp up their marketing once students are back.
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2016.04.29 07:03 yepitsdefinitelyme Well....what is there to say?

I want to thank the lovely Redditors for some awesome recommendations! I just concluded my first visit to Bloomington (will be attending IU in the fall). Mostly spot-on recommendations! Time was an issue, but let me say the following:
-Mother Bear's pizza and King Dough - yum! -Really enjoyed the downtown area - so many cool shops -Enjoyed ice cream at Hartzell's Ice Cream (and my partner enjoyed Chocolate Moose - I was too full for more!) -Had an ok dinner at a Taste of India
Can I just say that Bloomington is so beautiful? Driving in from Chicago, I was a bit nervous coming through the north of Indiana. Getting closer and closer made me more excited!
Tornado sirens?!?! WTF! I really had a come-to-Jesus moment during that. Mixed reactions on how common that is (the reality, not the test).
Loved the recommendations for MeadowCreek and am so glad that I'll be leasing there. (Please MeadowCreek, keep it that way!)
Was a caught a bit off-guard by the transient population in downtown. REALLY caught off-guard. Is this normal? Many kept to themselves, but a few really unsettled me. I'm used to homeless in San Francisco, but not at all prepared for Bloomington.
The IU campus - no words. Amazing. AMAZING! Missed Bernie but saw the insane lines!
Thank you guys, and hope to meet some of you one day! :)
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2016.01.05 20:49 bubbas_brain Intermittent closures on 37 north of Oliver Winery during the day, Thursday Jan 17

This appears to be by the big substation north of Oliver winery on 37. They are doing it during the day instead of the normal overnight closures.
EDIT: Can't change the title, but it is on a Sunday. I forgot how to read a calendar.
I-69 SECTION 5 ANNOUNCES ROAD CLOSURE ON STATE ROAD 37 Road closures required for overhead utility line removal and installation
Bloomington, Ind. (Jan. 5, 2016) – The I-69 Development Partners Team announces intermittent road closures on State Road 37 from approximately 600 feet south of Crossover Road to Sylvan Lane.
Road closures will be required for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time to drop existing overhead power lines and to install new lines.
Work will take place on Jan.17, weather permitting, and will be completed between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
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2015.04.02 17:15 anon-ny-moose Female 35 -R4Peoria

I am here ! I just moved back and I know not a soul in the Peoria - Bloomington/Normal area. I would love to make the most of my time. Are you looking for a social partnefriend on the weekends?
Theatre, dining, etc, consider me down for whatever.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
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2014.10.23 00:28 ilstu $3 GIANT pizza slices at Fire House after 10! Perfect for the inebriated! Half goes to charity!

Hey guys,
I'm doing a project for COM 223 and have to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington-Normal. My group partnered with Fire House and we get half of every pizza slice sale. We're making good progress, but we still need to sell a lot more pizza! Stop by Fire House after 10 to get some grub and help some kids! (Free karma!)
Promotion Times: Sunday - Thrusday: 10PM - 1AM Friday - Saturday: 10PM - 2 AM
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2014.04.23 04:41 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are the professional runners of the New Jersey-New York Track Club here to answer all of your questions! Ask us anything!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-04-23
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Kyle, what was more devastating: not making nationals after running the 'American collegiate record' or your hs gf cheating on you? This is the best question here. And the answer is yes.
The Real Merb, Are there any plans to make a follow up to The Real Maine? I think a documentary like that was a step in the right direction and with some real planning, it can generate a lot of interest in running. We have talked about it a lot. What a lot of people don't realize is that was Erik's thesis and there were certain things he had to do to fulfill certain requirements. In the future we would hopefully be a bit further on in our career, and change the idea up and possibly add in a couple new faces. Erik has learned a lot since then and we have talked about it. One idea we had was to jump around the different groups we are a part of and get an inside look to compare NJ*NY, Brooks Beasts, Bowerman TC, etc. Really glad you enjoyed it, and it was a fun summer. Erik threatens us with releasing the R-rated version, which would be the demise of our futures. -Kyle.
Robby Andrews, does Kyle Merber cut his sandwich diagonally or does he eat them in two boring fucking squares? Kyle is a hipster, so first he cuts it in weird designs and then takes black and white photos of it.
I ate sandwiches before they were cool. -Kyle.
Mr. Cabral, What was your most memorable moment while running at the 2012 Olympic Games? Definitely the opening ceremonies! After a long walk to the stadium giving high fives to local kids chanting USA! USA! USA! we got to the track. When I walked in it was dark but the seats were lit up and I realized the magnitude of the ceremony & how the whole world was watching. Jitters just typing about it now! -Donn.
Shorts or half tights? I've noticed that since being signed by Adidas you seem to be favoring the tights over the short shorts, any particular reason why? The guys on the Princeton team gave me a lot of confidence to wear the short shorts, so I've been sticking with that this year!
To any and all: Any up coming races on the schedule? If so what are they? How do goals shift in a non-championship year? Heather Wilson just finished 3rd in the US Road Mile about 10 minutes ago! Other than that, we'll have a few guys and girls running the mile at Penn. THEN, it'll be a meet at Henderson High School in Pa., Payton Jordan, Oxy, (maybe someone at World Relays), Pre, another Henderson meet and onto USAs.
I've got Payton Jordan and Oxy coming up next. Since its my first year post-collegiate, the goal for me is to run some big PRs and gain some experience. (Penney)
Scratch that, Heather was 4th after official results came out. Still a great race for her.
Payton Jordan 5k Oxy 3kSC and I'm hoping for Golden Gala (Diamond League in Rome) 3kSC and maybe 1 other race in Europe the following week.
After a rough yr last year my focus is just getting back to PR-type level. Placing well at USAs & getting a more respectable 5k PR are on the to-do list too! -Donn.
Mr. Rutt, How has having Hoka as a sponsor served you, as a middle distance runner? The Hoka sponsorship is going GREAT! Their shoes are awesome for all of my recovery runs and even a few of my tempo runs. We are in the process of developing spikes, and there are some lightweight trainers that will be coming out in the next few months. They will be used ideally for my track workouts. They are doing a lot to work with me as a middle distance runner. It's great to know that they really want to help me out!
Hey there Delilah, What's it like in New York City? Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. - Delilah.
Kyle, Ever since the "glass incident" the challenge has always been to stay healthy. I did a great job of that during the indoor season and had the biggest consistent block of training I have had in years. I developed some muscle imbalances and have gotten significantly better at evening them out. I was really excited to run 1:47 at BU and come back the next day to hand off the relay in first. I thought I was prepped to run 3:55 or so the next weekend at Iowa St, but our flight got cancelled due to snow and I never got the chance. Unfortunately I had a small little niggle right after that, but am healthy and back training now. I'll be opening up a bit later in the season because of it, which I am OK with since the goal was always for a much later summer season, anyways. That's the perk of running post-collegiately--no conferences to rush back for. S.
How is training coming along? I know you have dealt with various injuries over the years but it seems like you are struggling to return to the form you had when you ran 3:35. Is there anything specific area you need to work on to get back to that level of fitness?? I don't think the track is short, although I will joke about it. It was the most perfectly set up race and weather possible for me, and I honestly felt invincible that day. If the track was short, I think you would see some ridiculous times coming from there more often. And even if it was short, it was still a competitive field.
Also side you ever wonder if that Swarthmore track is short? Kyle.
What does an average day for you guys look like? Dear will I miss you. -Genna.
how do you suggest one looks for clubs if one is considering running post-collegiately? Dear Will I miss you? -Genna.
How do you deal with her? THAT WAS NOT ME, LIES. also i knew this was you well before I had "This is not Will" read to me. - Love, Genna.
Robby, what's the most slices of pizza you've had in one sitting? A whole pie. Haven't tried for anymore than that. Maybe this off season? - robby.
1st I gotta give a shout out to Wayne Bartholomew since I'm from Moco. 2nd, how do you guys approach workouts with such a big group? Are things more individualized or do you guys go with the group mostly? Thanks for the shout out man. We usually split up into groups. Sometimes the groups are big on strength days but speed days they usually get cut down to groups for more specific events, etc. -Wayne.
I hear that when you go to Chipotle, you ask for a water cup for tap water, then fill it up with lemonade even though you didn't pay for a drink. Is this true? Only on Wednesdays -Rutt.
Would you consider expanding to field a sub-elite team (organized workouts/coaching)? Yes. Gags is considering this. Keep in touch with our squad. If Gags pulls the trigger on this, we'll put the word out for anyone interested.
Yes but not at same time as elite and possiblity of rye, ny with asst coaches, gag.
[serious question]: what are your views on partying / drinking? Does it differ by athlete? Dry season? All in moderation. Be smart based on the racing/workout schedule.
Dancing is recommended always. Basically whenever an opportunity arises... and even if they don't -Ash.
There is a time and place for everything. But running should always take priority. If you're dedicating so much time and effort to the sport, why not go all the way to give yourself the best shot of succeeding.
Delilah - Being a big steeple chase runner, how was the transition to half-marathon and marathon? I know that you were quite the cross country runner, but I can imagine that the transition can be difficult. Which event do you prefer? Thanks! I love the steeple but cross country is where my heart is! It's been like that since HS. The transition to the marathon was difficult for me because I had to bump up my mileage and my body didn't respond too well. I was plagued with some injuries in training. If I do the marathon again I'll make adjustment to have a longer, slower build up instead of ramping up my mileage too soon. - Delilah.
Who was the coolest, most awesome, HOTTEST guy you ever met in clinic at law school and why was it me? You know, I'm not sure if it was the flip flops in December or that mystery movie you should me where you play lead detective... somewhere in there I knew. -Ash.
Best advice for a HS junior looking to join Heps Nation? Also (to Kyle), what is your interest in joining me for a run this summer in Long Island? I'm not Kyle but I can help! I would email all the coaches a short but pertinent list of your personal bests and interests. All of the coaches are great and very responsive and the best way to find out who is the best fit is talking to them as much as you can. Also, as far as financial aid, talk to as many schools as you can, it may help your aid. - Genna Hartung, Cornell '13.
Get your SAT scores up. The better you do on the standardized tests and in school, the slower you can be to get into an Ivy. It makes the coaches jobs much easier as they need to maintain a team average when it comes to HS academics. They'll only take someone bringing down the average if they've run really fast. Additionally, if you're really smart, you'll help out which is much appreciated. Don't be afraid to email the coaches either. Unlike a lot of schools, The Ivy recruits nationally so don't misconstrue a lack of contact from them as a lack of interest. And I am 100% always looking for running partners. My spot is Belmont Lake State Park. I'll post on the LI Runners Facebook page next time I am home. -Kyle.
Well that's a great choice... if you go to Princeton! But in all seriousness, the league has a great atmosphere, and a great balance of athletics & academics. And indoor heps has more energy than any meet I've ever seen. I'll volunteer Kyle for a run with you! -Donn.
Robby - Is there ever a time when you race without the wife beater underneath your singlet? Never! Old habits die hard.
Easy runs fast or slow? Farah and rupp supposedly do their easy runs at 5k pace + 90s per mile. We usually take em pretty easy. We work out pretty hard M-W-F with a long run Saturday so on the off days we run by feel, which can get pretty pedestrian. -Donn.
I go by feel. But always listen to your body and don't force it if it's not there!
Ashley, How do you feel about Jim Schlentz dying his hair? I kind of think he looks more normal if it's gray, but when he turns it like orange it looks weird. Do you think that the dying makes him look younger, or weirder? Both??? Link to - Ash.
Dear Donn Juan, Hows the guinea pig? have you seen the South Park ep with Lemmiwinks? if not you should check it out. Addison's a saint! But she's smart enough and could definitely find her way out if she needed to...
Kyle, what would it take for you to stop tweeting? More friends. Kyle.
A threat from Gags -Rutt.
For all, what is your take on Nick Symmonds's goal to go for a Beer mile WR this year? Would you guys consider a similar "joke" race to get attention/publicity? The indoor mile steeple gives me significantly more attention then running an actual race any day. I think anything that makes the sport fun and marketable is great! Especially when you can then show up when it counts - Ash.
Nick does a great job to market himself as well as the sport. I think we would consider doing something similar, given it was done at the right time of the year and nobody would risk getting injured. -Rutt.
Ashley, Last year at the Henderson distance festival I gave you my number and never got a call back, whats up with that? I know I look young, but I was afraid it might be against the law to contact you. - Ash.
What advice would give for MS/HS runners? Have fun and listen to your coaches! If you take yourself too seriously you could easily burn out by college.
Live by the clock.
Hey Sophia! Listen to the coaches in your life who are always there looking out for you. Learn to enjoy the sport as a process and make the best out of each step along the way. -Kyle.
To anyone: What is the most memorable race you have ever had? What made it such a great memory? My most memorable race was when I ran 1.59.6 that's because that was my PR... BOOM -LaTavia.
Winning the 4x800 at Penn Relays in 2011! There is nothing like the rush of racing in front of 40,000 fans and winning a relay at one of the most prestigious meets in the world! - Cyd.
Running at my first NCAA meet. 2010 indoor nationals... it wasn't a great race by any means, I ran the 1200 of the dmr but it was a race that made me believe I could run at a higher level, and doing it with friends made it that much better. Rebeka.
Winning the xc Heps team title in 2009. Everything is more fun with your teammates. Kyle.
To the milers (and anyone else who wants to answer) what kind of mileage do you guys do? In buildup phase, beginning of season, and in the heart of the season? and do you take time completely off after the season or just drop the mileage? 65-75 in season but 75-85 in base training
Donn, how does it feel being less attractive than Evan Jager? Keeps me up every night! -Donn.
Donn is so hot.
Top 5 best Dyestatters of all time? WATCHOUT!!
Hey this one's directed to Coach Bob. On a scale of 1-10 how big of a factor was having faith in your girlfriend when you won NCAAs from the Kick Heard Around Des Moines? On the scale of 1-10 it was important to me that the people closest to me had faith!
Is Liam Boylan-Pett still competing? Man he used to destroy me in high school. Never lapped me though! I am! At least trying to. Thanks for asking. I will be racing the mile at Penn this weekend. Hoping for another sub-4. If you still live in Michigan, I should be back this summer for Ryan Shay Mile at end of July and then hopefully racing the Michigan Track Classic Mile at Saline on Aug 10. It was an awesome event last year. - LBP.
It'd be great if you could jump into the track classic so I could try to lap you, though. Haha, thanks!
Merbs, What was your experience at Texas like? I think I remember hearing you were injured at one point but can't remember too well. PS. You will always be remembered as a Blue Nooge at Summit. I loved it and consider it an extremely important part of my life and career. I learned a lot, and I feel bad that I couldn't give the coaches and my team a more healthy and consistent year. Austin is an exciting city to be in for a 20-something, and the experience of a Big 12 school was very different from an Ivy.
Here is a blog I wrote on it in the weeks after: Link to
Hey Donn, Remember when you out kicked Merber at Penn? That made me mad. - Will. DMR or 4xmile? ;-) -Donn "Lion killer" Cabral.
Russell can you talk about your move between clubs? Why did you move and how have things changed? What were some of the things you liked and disliked about Eugene? I moved because I got engaged, my fiance got a job here, and I needed a change of scenery. I loved pretty much everything about Eugene, and was sad to leave. Living in New York though makes every day exciting. It's been an easy transition. Gags and Vin have very similar approaches to training, and I knew and liked pretty much everyone on the team before I got here. - Russell.
How hard is it to deal with teammate Genna Hartung on a daily basis? In all seriousness- how has your training changed since college? She's my roommate, it's horrible. Haha actually Genna is awesome, we've both had some ups and downs with injuries this year and we've been very supportive of each other this year. The training with NJ*NY is WAY more intense and I'm doing way more volume than I did in college. I was a 400/800 runner in college and now I'm doing way more mile and strength work and it's hard as shit. But I'm definitely a lot stronger physically and mentally- Cyd.
I'm getting so much love (not) on here :P. Dealing with me is horrible for sure, thank god my teammates and coach are saints. But seriously, training is much much more intense. We do workouts I would have never expected to do, and our volume is much higher. Everything is emphasized as well, especially core, rehab, etc.
Any secrets of the trade? Nutrition? Recovery tools? Maybe some beet root juice? Live by the clock -all of us
Meaning sleep and wake at the same time everyday, weekends included? Also, run at the same time everyday? Do your best to. It will go a long way. And I'd also say it's better to train at 90% than 101%. Consistency is key.
Merb, if I remember right you were injured stepping on a broken bottle. How much of an "oh shit oh shit" moment was that?? It was a huge shock. I really didn't know what the repercussions were going to be at the time. I was just pissed I didn't get to finish up my run since I was on a roll (hence not looking down). A few hours later when my foot was completely swollen, I realized I was going to have to take a few days off...
All of you: If you could go back and run for any college (you can't say the school you went to) which school would you attend? and why? Stanford-- at the same time as russell brown ;)
Stanford. The weather is awesome. They have great coaches. And a Stanford education is top-notch.
Probably Florida, because it's warm and I hate the cold weather! -Wayne.
Princeton, because I went there and know it's the right answer from experience. ;) - Ash.
Columbia. I'd go there, bring a horrible attitude to practice every day and ruin the team culture so Princeton could reign supreme. -Donn.
Kyle- I've asked you before, but when do you plan on blogging more? You're blogs were probably the biggest reason I started training again after my knee surgery. Also have any of the others considered blogging? Work on your hurdles and water barriers, but don't overdo the water barrier practice. Also, stay relaxed and don't forget how much will change in the last 1k. - Genna When you practice water barriers, set up a barrier in the turf most of the time. That's much safer than using the actual water or the LJ pit. The more efficient your hurdling, the less it'll aggravate injuries. -Donn I am taking a small break right now. I've been pretty busy between running/coaching/work, but I probably should start doing some here and there more often. Hearing something like that is the motivation why I have always tried to be so open about my career.
Donn, Travis, Ashley, Delilah (any of the steeplers)- any advice or pro tips for a college steepler returning from injury or on steeple in general? As for returning for injury, take it slow and do the little things. Make sure you get in the weight room!
I live in New Jersey and it's pretty cool to have a professional team based off of an area versus a company sponsor. I guess my first question would be what is it like running for a team that is not apparel sponsored? It's nice because we have so many athletes living and training together that would not have otherwise been able to. Gags wants the best runners training together, regardless of what uniforms they have on.
Also will any of you be at Penn Relays on Friday? I run the 4x8 at 9:20AM for the high school boys and it would be awesome to meet you guys. Not sure if anyone will be there Friday night. Best of luck! -Rutt.
I guess this question is open for anyone. What's been the most difficult thing in terms of making the jump from racing at the collegiate level to the professional level? Staying within yourself on a day to day basis in practice. It is very easy to get caught up in the high level workouts and push it to much and overtrain.
The most difficult thing jumping for collegiate to professional level for me was not having the trainers there...
The most difficult transition for me was getting used to each race being a battle. In college, it was possible to race the first few meets of the year without really "going to the well." Now, each and every single race takes every ounce of energy to pull out a victory or a PR. Luckily, Coach Gags works us in practice to simulate races and get ready for competitions. -Rutt.
From a middle school track athlete, what would you recommend doing to help me improve? I run mile and 800. It's all relative to how you're training currently. At NJNY we believe in mixing aerobic strength with food speed. To see what types of training we do, you can check out my blog at where I log all of our workouts (since the beginning of 2014). -Rutt.
Make sure you start focus on the little things as opposed to just running more. Sleep, nutrition, stretching, functional strength training (not lots of heavy lifting) are all integral to your success. At this point, any sort of consistence running will make you better. -Cyd.
Listen to your coaches! Make realistic goals for yourself. Now is a great time to learn about what you can and can't handle in terms of training. And minimize the junk food. Also do the little things such as stretching, rolling on the foam roller; things like that. -Wayne.
Is Higginson there? How do you find the time to go to Law school and train? I work all day, then at about 6-7 o'clock I start to run and I am pretty tired. I want to do a half marathon but I just don't seem to have the time. Any tips? While I will admit there are things I miss out on (be it evening activities at school, clubs, a social life generally), I am so happy with my school running balance - I can't imagine it any other way now. My biggest advice, 1. stick to a schedule, getting up early gets easier if it is the same alarm every day. 2. Write out your goals for the week, you are more likely to do something you have already put on a list. 3. Don't decide what life should look like by comparing to other people's lives - Do you! - Ash.
Hey Erik, I've been really tired in practice recently. A friend recommended taking an iron pill and a nap to take the edge off. What do you think? Dont ask berg. he is tired in races!!! gag.
Don't do iron pills derick take a multi vitamin but make sure you take naps I love them but get your blood work done right now I'm a little low.
Unfortunately the last couple I have been.
Will any of you be competing in any American Track League events this summer? Link here: Link to Specifically the first meet in Bloomington, IN. Good luck to each of you this outdoor season! No plans right now. did they get sponsors? gag.
Who is the least likeable: Joffrey from Game of Thrones, that couple who runs Amy's bakery, or Kyle Merber? And why is the answer Kyle Merber? Joffrey is dead and I am a yelper.
Why do you guys think that it's a good use of your time on earth to run around in a circle? Sometimes we do out-and-back runs too. -Donn.
We may run around in circles but some of us jump over stuff too!
If you guys were in the Peanuts gang who would be who? i'll start, Renee would be Peppermint Patty. Merber is Pigpen ... for the person who asked him about the headband unwashed, might want to rethink.
What are your favorite recovery tools (rope, Stick, lax ball, Froller [frozen], foam roller, massage, food)? I'm all about the recovery! I can't live without my rope, black foam roller, and lacrosse ball. If I'm flying, I make sure to pack those things on my carry-on so I can stretch on the flight and in the airport. I also try and get a massage once a week and see the chiropractor whenever anything feels iffy. Additionally, I've found that the sauna and the pool are great recovery tools also. I'm a huge fan of luna bars after workouts or other homemade goodies :) Cyd.
Compression gear (110% brand), foam rollers, trigger point kits, sticks, and ropes! For food...sushi -Rutt.
I don't know if he's here, but Brian Gagnon--are you gonna be at Foss this year? I'm at Foss every year! Wouldn't miss it. Best two weeks of the summer. - Gagnon.
However when it comes to racing I feel like I under preform very often. I'm just not hitting the times that I should given how healthy I am and how much I'm in shape. So basically any advice on how to improve when it comes to racing? Thanks! I really appreciate hearing that and I always try to take advantage of any opportunity to talk to younger runners. I had a lot of older runners help me during my time in HS, so I figure I owe it to pay it forward.
I would just like to thank Merber for being an inspiration to us in Section 11. Your speech at the Xc County dinner last year was very insightful. Kyle.
Who among you use altitude tents? And if so, do you find it actually works or does it merely have a placebo effect? Do the decreases to sleep quality negate the positive aerobic effects? I do. If I sleep poorly the tent is just set too high. I never knew if it had an effect but I got testing done this year and it showed some improvement. -Donn.
Two part question: What was your greatest moment / memory in your running career? What do you do to pump yourself up before a meet? Hard to pinpoint THE greatest memory I've had in my running career but one of the tops would have to be the day I signed to LSU. When I get ready for a race I usually just put on one of my designated race day playlists and envision the race.
Also, is it true Merber has seen Mottram's sack?
Russell, If you can only eat one food for the rest of your life would it be oatmeal or something else? If you'd asked me what I would eat for one day, it still wouldn't be oatmeal. Rest of my life...It would have to be Pop-tarts, brown sugacinnamon. There is just no substitute. That is not the athlete in me talking though. I'm just trying to be honest on here.
Can't you put brown sugar and cinnamon in your oatmeal? Yes, but it still tastes like oatmeal. You gave me an idea though- Pop-tarts in oatmeal, that is something I could survive on for a while.
Hi guys! I am a HS short sprinter (100m, 200m, 4x100). What would you recommend eating the night before and the day of a track meet? What other methods are useful to help prepare for the meet? Thanks! Stay away from fatty foods and sweets! Your body will be happy if you eat clean. Also, you can do some recovery techniques like using ice baths to get your body ready. -Rutt.
Ayo, super sweet that y'all are doing this. A question directed at The Real Merb: Rumors are swirling about the new head coach at UT, and some people are saying that he's terrible and a dick, while others seem to love him. UT got a pretty nasty recruiting class this year for sure, where do you see that going? And thoughts on Craig? Injury wise/ emotional love for the game, as well as was he seriously considering transferring cause the new coach rubbed so many people wrong? Also, just signed to run D1 at Auburn today, so any tips? Thanks. I think in any coaching transition there will be people on the team who are unhappy. Many of the runners came to a specific university because of their relationship with the coach, and it's heartbreaking when things change. I think it's not fair to judge a coach until a few years have passed, and their own recruited runners start filtering into the program. Craig is a gamer and will rebound strongly.
Who's the best mini-golfer? ME - LaTavia
Hey Berg, Given the choice, would you rather be the top scientist in your field, or contract mad cow disease? Well obviously to be the top scientist in my field...
Kyle: any chance of you updating your blog soon? I really liked some of your entries! Also I'd like to say thanks for your coaching advice you gave me a couple weeks back and apologize I never replied back. Happy Running! Tonight has motivated me to start putting out blogs a bit more regularly again. I don't want to force anything, but if I am feeling enlightend anytime soon, I will be sure to write it down there. And I hope the advice was helpful. I try and write back to everyone whoever emails or Facebook messages me, especially when it is about training.
Do you guys ever train at altitude? If so, where do you prefer? I've done Park City before and loved it. Albuquerque has recently gone up in my book too!
Columbia or princeton this year at heps xc? PRINCETON - - - GIRLS!!! - Ash.
To Mr. Berg, How are things on Home Planet Swag? Do the swag berries still taste of swag berries, fresh plucked from the swag hole? The swag berries taste like swag berries!!! So juicy you should come get them
I've been fortunate to meet a few of your teammates before, and I think that the program you guys have is pretty awesome. My question (for anyone who wants to answer) is how have you copped with hardships in your running careers? I'm at the point now where I don't want to continue running competitively at the DI level, but it's obviously a really tough decision. Any thoughts or comments? Thanks for any advice you can give! Never give up. All it takes is a string of a few months of training to put together some really awesome races. It can be tough to get over hardships, but having a good support system around you is another huge asset. My advice is to work with trainers, strength coaches, and nutritionists. If you have some imbalances in your body, it can cause a lot of problems, and those people can usually help you answer those questions. -Rutt.
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2013.10.19 18:04 tabledresser [Table] IamA Sexual health educator for COLLEGE students in the south. I talk about anything from birth control to pleasure with students who may never have learned about it. AMA!

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What is the most astounding moment in your work there? What has left you the most speechless? This actually is a story not from my position as an educator, but when I worked in the ER shortly before then. We had a patient come in that complained of abdominal pain, bleeding, etc. Basically, to cut it short, she was pregnant. When we asked her about birth control, she claimed she used Nuva Ring...Which is great when used properly!
We asked her how she was using it and how regularly because there are some issues with proper use and she showed me her wrist and showed me she ALWAYS wears it. To be safe, she also made her partner wear one.
Mind. Blown.
Edit: For those who don't know what a NuvaRing is, it looks like a jelly band that fits inside the vagina and sits against the cervix's like a purity bracelet! Yup, that release progestin and estrogen!
What kind of doctor would prescribe this without instructing their patient how to use it? This is crazy. Unfortunately, free clinics who care less about the patient and more about getting the day over with... That's not to be said about any or all free clinics, but some providers absolutely.
Wait... So she just wore it around on her wrist... Like... Externally? I don't know what to think... Yup, it's exactly what you imagine. It was.
Never understood how NuvaRing worked. It's a bit complicated but it released hormone in the same kinda way that taking a pill does...just in the vagina!
Reminds me of this clip from House Link to Holy...Love of...This is amazing!!! And somewhat true...
Unbelievable that she didn't even think to read the instructions in the leaflet that comes with them. It even has diagrams, ffs... They now have the instructions on the back that it is meant for the VAGINA. Maybe this was a frequent occurrence?
Whats the benefit of that over the pill ? To clear up the conversation below me, the benefit for some women is remembering to use it. The NuvaRing can also be removed for certain time periods during sex so that's another plus.
Are your students receptive to your message? I was wondering how you deal with students holding dogmatic opinions - do you try to convince them to think differently or do you address the ones most likely to be interested? Great question! For the most part, yes. When we see students (other than outreach events), they are there because they want to learn. However, we also do HIV and STD testing/counseling so we can get into some areas they they didn't come in for.
Example: It's HARD to get some students to wear condoms. I can preach all day about the benefits but it's sometimes nearly impossible. The number 1 way of getting around that, I've found, is showing WOMEN the different shapes they come in. Look at the ribbed, or spiney condoms! Put them in a new light and they aren't just a protective measure, they're a fun and sexy new toys to play with.
Condoms are awesome though. I don't understand how anyone can have fun during sex with the weight of an unwanted child with a person they might not spend the rest of their lives with over their head. EXACTLY! The idea of being able to have fun without the risk of a number of STIs or pregnancy is pretty sexy to me! Sex is physical and psychological, and if you know you don't have to worry about those things you're gonna have a better time.
How often do southern college students have no idea about safe sex practices? Stereotypically its a more religious part of the nation and the god squad aren't exactly known for being overtly sexual. In the region I'm in, there used to be a STRICT Abstinence only method of sex education. When students get to college they start either exploring their religious and spiritual beliefs, or their bodies. Sadly, it isn't just a religious thing and it's VERY common we get students that don't know about safer sex practices or even how to have sex! We are able to walk them through it all.
How has "walking" the students through how to have sex been going? I see what you did there.
Do you often have confrontation with parents? Yes, but it's PRETTY rare! It's mostly if we run an STI or HIV test that appears on insurance. It will NOT say what the test is but if someone calls the insurance company they can find out what it is. I usually tell them I cannot disclose, regardless of power of attorney.
but if someone calls the insurance company they can find out what it is. Insurance company will release that information to other than the person whom the test was done on? I think they better not. Depends on the insurance company, but most college aged kids are dependents and under the insurance of their parents. The primary holder can investigate any charge.
It may not be a legal issue, but would you deny that it's an ethical issue? I completely agree it's an ethical issue! But in the realm of what parents can control, this isn't the biggest problem with minors having no privacy in health care.
I'm with BanFauxNews on this one. If I had an embarrassing medical condition, I sure as hell wouldn't want my parents to know. A lot of people will just decline important medical tests because of that. It's a reason we DO have people not get tested, and it's unfortunate, but it's not an issue we can avoid unless the individual is on their own insurance :(
What dildo or vibrator do you recommend for vaginas? That really depends on the woman! It depends if they find clitoral stimulation the best...or may they like just penetration. Or maybe penetration and g-spot stimulation. OR MAYBE ALL THREE!
Do women use birth control pills / nuva rings for anything other than to prevent pregnancies? Absolutely! BC is prescribed for MANY reasons other than pregnancy, but less so the nuvaring and more so the progestin only BC methods such as "the shot", "the implant", pills, and IUDs.
The hormones in birth control can control cramping during menstruation, PMS, lighter periods, STOPPING your period, ACNE, skin conditions, and plenty of other things! It's not uncommon to see non-sexually active women taking birt control.
My second question is how can I have better communication with my doctor? I'm kind of shy, but I want to talk to her about birth control. First off, I can't give you medical advice, which unfortunately BC methods fall into, but I can tell you about the methods. IUD stands for Intra-uterine device. There has been some bad press about them, but I'm here to tell you a lot of it is NOT TRUE! Yes, like any medical procedure there are risks, but they are increasingly rare and IUDs are become extremely popular there is a waitlist at our university because we keep runnning out! An issue with IUDs were that there were 2, a copper and a hormone based, and they were fairly large. Normally, they were recommended for women with a certain size uterus which is fairly large for a woman that has not given birth. A new IUD (Skyla) came out which is smaller and better for young women. The risk of complications is very low and the precautions for IUD insertion have gotten much better (measurement of the uterus before to ensure the correct placement/type, depth, anesthetic, etc.). It's a great method but you'll have to talk to your doctor about this one! The key to talking to your doctor about this is to really try to be open about what YOU want out of your birth control. If depression is a concern, tell your doctor. It's your body and you know it far better than them so be vocal. If something doesn't work for oyu, you can ALWAYS change methods or types. Just remember, you're in control!
Can you go blind if you masturbate too much? If you aim for your eyes, yes.
Have you ever had anybody pass out or faint during a lesson? Yup! We do guest lectures for classes and I had a student pass out at the sight of an STI.
NOTE: I NEVER include pictures of STIs in my presentations but I was going off the instructors ppt because it was a last minute thing. I hate fear tactics, especially with adults.
Do you discuss masturbation? I know its not an "accepted behaviour" by some religions, but its really just as effective as abstinence! ALL THE TIME! Like i mentioned in a previous post, most individuals coming to us are there because they truly want to learn so it's rare to have a discussion about religion interfering, but it does happen!
I'd say 1/3 of the time I talk to a student, masturbation comes up and I'm happy to talk about anatomy, biology, toys, and everything in between! It can get complicated for some women and is all about exploration.
Most high schools still have bans on discussing masturbation, right? I've seen stories about teachers getting in major trouble for mentioning the M-word, or even mentioning "sex feels good". I see you do college, but do you know if these restrictions are really the case in HS? Do you think you'd be able to work in high school, or would you find the limitations too restrictive? It really depends on the school board. In my county and surrounding counties it's not discussed. It's a strange topic to talk about to kids younger but I think we should discuss it or give materials to explore.
Some of the Reddit open-question topics have been just crazy. It's not surprising to me to hear people say they "discovered" masturbation at 9 or so... But the funny part was confessing they believed they'd "invented" something. Because, well, no one else seemed to be aware you could DO that. If it was normal, why hadn't anyone mentioned this?? I dunno, I've heard some pretty creative forms of masturbation from those not taught! One involved an electric drill, a pillow, and a print out of a nude model.
At what age would you say sexual education really needs to begin? College is by far much too late clearly... I believe in evidence based literature and what it says about sexual health education, and it's VERY variable right now depending on region, state, and even down to city. What I can say is that High School is too late, and that's evident by the increase in gonorrhea and chlamydia infections in youth. If I'm not mistaken (which I could be with these dates), back in the 70s and 80s, chlamydia most common in women 21-23. Today, it's most common in women 14-19 with rates being 1 in 15 sexually active! That may not seem like a lot but for an infection that can cause sterility, it sure is!
In my perfect world, we'd be teaching middle schoolers about sex, because stats show they ARE having sex and are getting pregnant and infected with STIs.
To show you some amazing statistics, check out the CDC's report on STI rates.
Link to
I teach 4th grade and we teach "puberty class", which includes the basics of sex ed. THIS IS AMAZING!!! I'd love for you to PM me with some details about region and education methods if you don't mind?
That SHOULD start before puberty. That's a rough time for boys and girls (mostly girls) and needs to be addressed.
I'm 13, started learning about sex in fucking 4th grade. goddammitbayarea Good! That's a good age to learn about it. Try to enjoy it and feel lucky you are getting the education!
What the hell is "Q"? Q stands for "Queer" in LGBTQ, which can also appear at just LGBT, but in that sense it usually refers to someone that does not fit the LGBT catagories, such as someone that isn't cis-gender. I'm not an expert on this topic but there are plenty of articles online I encourage you to read about it!
Before people like you, how did people ever find out that sex feels good? It's actually pretty innate! Animals and other organisms aren't instructed on how sex feels good, or even that it's possible. However, urges and personal exploration usually leads to it! It changes from organism to organism and culturally in human populations but it's always the same. Biology drives us, simple as that.
What's the point if it's got holes in it? If I had gold, I'd give it to you.
What dildo or vibrator do you recommend for penises? Many fleshlight type products come with holes in the top that you can place a "bullet" that!
What's the strangest question you've ever been asked by a college student? Functional, pleasurable, or otherwise? "Can I get pregnant if I swallow"
Yes, you can: Verkuyl DA: [Oral conception. Impregnation via the proximal gastrointestinal tract in a patient with an aplastic distal vagina. Case report](Link to Br J Obstet Gynaecol. 1988 Sep;95(9):933-4. PMID: 3191066. We actually have this article printed out in my office. I worry that you may work in my office.
"Is it true that if "you don't use it, you lose it?"" No steve, no.
I recently got my depo shot :) I've read that a few individuals can get depressed. Is this side effect normal? It can be. Progestin, the hormone in the shot, can cause depression in some individuals. It's important that if you do have depression to tell your physician. There are plenty of other options if you do have side effects like depression.
I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the Diva Cup, if you'd recommend it? I never recommend diva cups for multiple reasons. They are messy, they can be uncomfortable, they can be VERY difficult to remove as they create suction against the cervix when there is a flow, etc.
Overall, I'm not a fan.
What is a diva cup? I've heard of the name buy I don't know what it is. To put it frankly, it's a cup that sits on the cervix and holds back blood.
Is it possible that you just don't hear from the women who don't have complaints? Personally? Sure. But literature tells us statistics and there are a bunch of studies through public health and sexual health journals showing the lack of backing of providers for this reason.
My sister and some of her friends are in the process of organizing a sex-ed class for freshman during orientation at Emory University. Do you have any tips or advice to offer about the process of establishing these programs? Contact me through private message! I'd be more than happy to speak with her and give her some of our programming!
How common is sexual encounters between College Professors and students? I've never had this disclosed so I really wouldn't know. We don't ask about the individual someone's having sex with other than sometimes the occasional detail for STI/HIV risk.
That being said, as an undergrad this happened more so with TAs than professors so I'd think that's a bit more common.
Does pre cum contain semen? It can, yes! This is different from man to man, though.
I love what you do! May I ask, what is your training/background? Is this where you planned to end up or was it just how things worked out? I'm a biologist with an interest in public health and medicine. I've worked in medicine for some time with an profound interest in sexual health and behavior, mainly STI and HIV.
I'm actually pretty young and applying to med schools :)
Have you considered getting a Masters in Public Health? I'm the only non-MPH/MPH student in my job actually! I just had the expertise and experience prior.
I'm in an MPH program and your job sounds pretty awesome. I plan on getting my MPH with my MD.
So what was your work in the ED? I'm a health care worker and my original goal was something akin to what you're doing. I'd love to discuss avenues with you. It was unrelated actually, but I did talk to patients a lot :P.
To simplify it a bit, you have a polymer (a kind of plastic) mixed in with oestrogen/progesterone. Polymers of this type aren't totally solid walls and allow drugs to diffuse across them (to move out of the system they're held in and move into their surroundings, in this case into the vagina). Because the polymer does provide a bit of a barrier, you get a system which releases the drug you've included with the polymer, but it does so at a slower rate which is more regulated (like if you put a dam in a river). Does that make sense? I try to avoid science in this (having a biology and chem background), but you put this very well!
No question, just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. I'm a big supporter of family planning and sex education. I hate that so many people don't understand why its so important for young people to learn about sex. You'll never ever be able stop people from having sex, so why not make sure everyone's doing it safely? So yeah, awesome job dude. Thank you! I really appreciate comments like this, makes me feel good :)
What is some things that you'd want/expect more people to know? apart from the obvious like practicing safe sex. I always assumed women knew the difference between what a vulva is and what a vagina is, and that the urethra is not the same as the vaginal meatus (or vaginal opening). This is why I always try to encourage self-exploration in women as...let's be honest...your anatomy is WAY more complex.
Why do you think that the anti-abortion zealots are also the ones that are most staunchly against birth control? It seems counter-intuitive. I think they should probably read some books based in reality.
What is the most terrifying sexual misconception you have encountered? "Herpes is only infectious when I have an outbreak...other times I'm fine having sex with and without a condom and not disclosing my status".
Heh, I had a girl tell me once that I could skip wearing a condom as long as I washed my genitals with dial soap before we got started. It's always good to stay clean! But, that won't help prevent an STI :P.
I recently just graduated from Indiana University - Bloomington, where i took a couple classes that were connected with the Kinsey Institute of Sexual Research, and I must first thank you for being an educator on these topics. While my campus was big on safe sexual health and research, I cannot fathom how some other campuses may shy away from the topic. My question to you is whether you think male BC is a viable option in the future? Is it really something worth researching and producing? Or do you think there may be to many obstacles for this to be mass produced? So, this is a complex question and more philosophical, ethical, and biological for me. It's pretty easy to use BC in woman, as we are only manipulating what the body does natural, with little to no side effects on the body. For men, BC involves stopping a cycle that is NOT stopped. Because of this, I'm hesitant about the long term effects of male BC. That being said, I'm all for the research into it! I just would not advocate for it until we see research based evidence in a long term study that there are no long term health defects.
How can you say there are very little risks with BC for women? YAZ come to mind? Blood clots, strokes, HBP just to name a few. Its about time men took on some risks, but watch, they wont because women are already. I really strongly disagree with what was said about women and BC. So what about the cancers and risks of from the pill? I could show you statistics of side effects lik Blood clots and HBP vs. side effects of many other drugs to show exactly how rare these are, as well as how FEW risks there are...but I have a feeling this will only turn into an argument with you taking a side against science, so I encourage you to do some research.
Research I have done and will continue to do. I wonder if a female would be as bias in their approach. I work with all women. They feel the same.
I still feel ripped off. It still sounds male centered to me. Sorry. It's not.
If it was so great, why all the lawsuits. I challenge you to find a single drug without lawsuits :)
What are your thoughts on condom sizing - in Europe we now have condoms fitted to the length & girth requirements of the individual? I wish we had the same! Unfortunately, we have a culture of men obsessed with penis size and showing off with friends, so if we go out into the community they'll all grab the XL. In reality, that can lead to slippage and be a huge nono.
Edit: spelling. That being said, condom sizes are pretty widely shown through the web and I encourage my students to take a look and measure (yes...measure). It's based on diameter of girth or the head and base of the shaft and I think every man should do this.
What are some of your best/worst incidences of college aged people just being totally naive about their own bodies and reproductive systems? There are really so many that I'm hard pressed to name just one. There is a lot of confusion about menstruation in women, how birth control works, and exactly what STIs are and the fact ANYONE CAN GET THEM! The worst is probably ignorance of STIs and the reality that the majority are asymptomatic. I guest teach lectures on this and at the end we always have at least 20+ questions regarding myths about avoiding STIs or young people's inability to contract them.
I'm 35 and STILL from time to time have moments where other adults say things that just shock the hell out of me by not knowing things I learned in grade school. I'm not surprised based on what I've heard from students!
My question is: How did you end up in this line of work? What school(s) and programs did you have to go through to get where you are now? I mentioned previously but I worked in clinical medicine for a while through college as well as working with HIV patients and outreach. I became more involved in STI and HIV research and patient interaction and always had an interest in sex behavior prior. I went to school for biology and chemistry so I brought more of a science background with immunology and pathophysiology to the group, which I think is why I fit the job description...That and I'm a people person and love talking about this stuff! Birth control was something I had to learn a lot more about when I got the position but so far so good! Now I'm just applying to medical schools so that's a bit about me!
Any idea about forcyde spots? as in frequency, or if they freak out the women? I've had one or two questions in my time about forcyde spots and confusion if they are herpes or HPV. In my experience though, it seems like such a common occurrence that it doesn't bother people. Plus, the internet is magical and it's searched for so often that it reassures people.
Are you like Galords mom in Meet the Fockers? Except I'm a male...dun dun dun.
How safe is "pulling out"? Safe? Not very if we're talking about STIs as it protects against 0. Pregnancy, it is VERY risky. The risk of pregnancy wiht PERFECT pull out (no ejaculate or pre-cum) is ~76%...perfect pull out just doesn't happen.
So how has this job affected your personal sex life? It hasn't really. I've always been very open and very vocal about sex behavior and different aspects. All of my friends know this and my partners.
What is the most surprising thing that you've discovered a college-aged person did not know about sex or sexual health? I mentioned in a post above, but it's definitely confusions about the female anatomy and how each part affects sexual interaction.
What was the most awkward moment in your class? Someone interrupting the lecture and talking about her "VD"
What's your opinion on implants ( like nexplanon) and do you recommend it? They are fantastic and I do recommend them! There is little for me to say that is negative about nexplanon/implanon, except for the procedure which often turns many individuals away. It's a fantastic device and works great!
That's great news, I recently got one and was wondering what somebody besides my mid-wife thought about it. I like it so far except the erratic spotting. That's one of the more common side effects.
Wow. Huh. I guess I just always kind of thought it would be. So you've never had anyone talk about that at all? Considering we're a top 50 school as well and in the upper tier of that (not narrowing it down anymore), it's even more unlikely. So no.
What are the top 2 things women complain about during sex Ed? In our individual sessions, the biggest complaints are the type of birth control they are on and pain during sex.
Isn't it unethical to pleasure your students? Unethical? No. Inappropriate? Yup.
I've never had any sexual contact with students ever, just to clear up any further questions ;)
I believe it's like the IUD that comes with hormones. You don't have to remember to take it every day. Also, the hormones get absorbed into the lady bits, rather than having to get swallowed, digested, passed all over the body, etc. [Not to be too technical ;)] So there are less side effects. Actually to clear this up, other than what I posted above, 2 of the IUDs are hormone releasing and 1 is not. NuvaRing is ALSO a hormone released birth control with progestin and estrogen vs. Skyla and Mirena which only release progestin.
That really depends on the woman! It depends if they find clitoral stimulation the best...or may they like just penetration. Or maybe penetration and g-spot stimulation. OR MAYBE ALL THREE! Also, it depends on their level of comfort with sex in general. A woman that does not want to have intercourse but does want to satisfy any innate sexual desire would usually opt for a clitoral vibrator.
Verified. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed the condom :)
I've more commonly seen the combined oral contraceptives (specifically not the progesterone-only pills) used for purposes such as reduction of acne, control of bleeding, etc, but I've not seen the NuvaRing for anything other than pregnancy. Probably because it's a lot more expensive. It's a different method of hormone release and regulation in the body. Without getting into the biology of it too much here, oral ingestion is the better method or some of these things.
Well..I've started to know about sex since i was very young like when i was 6. And ive been masturbating for quite a long time..and im now kinda getting worried if i feel nothing when i have my first experience and whether my health becomes bad. Trust me when I say that masturbation does not interfere with intercourse! In fact, we recommend it sometimes to women attempting to have sex with their partner and being unable to due to...sizing issues.
In short, don't stop masturbating and don't worry!
So im surprised no ones asked yet but size give us the nitty gritty on size what's small average and so on ill be waiting with my measuring device to reaffirm my manliness The real answer is it depends on the woman and her preference!
Damn you and your logic and generalised answer lol. Hey, most of my answers aren't generic! But this one is actually true!
Do you ever get clients that talk about problems with heterosexual sex, but you get the impression that they are actually homosexual and hadn't discovered it themselves yet? I do not judge so no, never. That may sound sketchy and like a lie, but it''s completely true.
Judging has nothing to do with you noticing something about a person. You can't "notice" characteristics about homosexuality. That is stereotyping and, in fact, judgement.
I have to wonder (and NOT to bash the south, I love it here) how often you get asked about inbreeding/having "feelings" for a cousin/sister etc. I have no sisters or female cousins, but I feel like that would be surprisingly common. That's very very very very very much so not common. There are plenty of statistics showing how uncommon it is across the entire US and world.
Would you give me some money? No.
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2013.09.11 03:11 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Lil Bub, magic woman space cat. AMA!

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I've been very happy to see that you're apparently feeling better and more active! Could you tell us about your health and how you're doing? I am feeling better than ever, which is very exciting. As some of you may know, I have a disease called osteopetrosis. I am the only cat in recorded history to have been born with it, which is why it's been so hard to figure out how to treat me. So the growth of my bones is why I look so amazing, but it also makes it very hard for me to walk. I was able to run and jump as a kitten, but at about 7 or 8 months my mobility became limited, and continued to get worse until about a few months ago, which I'll get to in a minute. If you've seen the documentary, you know there was even a time when I wasn't able to walk at all, and was in a lot of pain. I know I look super happy all the time, and that's cause I usually am, but when I'm in pain I don't look like that. I went to see a specialist who said there is no cure for my disease, and it was probable that I wouldn't be able to move at all within a month, or even be able to move my jaw to eat. It was a horrible time for my dude and myself. That was in December of 2012. So for the following months, up to about 3 months ago I was happy, but still had to "army crawl" to get around, had occasional relapses, but with the help of some joint supplements (glucosamine), some physical therapy, additional energy healing and a lot of love I was a relatively happy cat who would tell my dude when I had to pee or eat or get on the couch. But I wasn't really able to run around. Then I got a message from a fan about a device called the Assisi Loop. It uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF\) to increase blood flow, and acts as a very effective anti-inflammatory with no side effects. It's a sort of wire ring with a button on it, and you place the ring around the affected area (in my case my whole body), turn it on, and it works for 15 minutes and automatically shuts off. This is not crazy magnet voodoo stuff... this treatment has been used on humans post bone surgery and for other treatments for years, although not commonly in the USA. You can look it up on that Wiki thing. Sorry for the long answer. But I've been very excited to share this awesome news, and this seemed like the perfect time to let everyone know what's up.
Bub's dude, I think it's wonderful you looked into alternative treatments for Bub - I love to see owners who will do anything for their pets because they love them so much. Bub is an amazing kitty with an amazing owner. :) I am so happy to see she's doing much better! <3. In BUB's case, these alternative treatments were the only choice. they are the only things that work.
of all, you are such an inspiration to me! Whenever I have a bad day I check your Facebook page and look through your photos until I feel better. I'm sad I wasn't able to go to New York to meet you but if you ever come to Massachusetts I will be first in line! For you: What's it like being from space? How does gravity make you feel? Do you like earth fish or space fish better? What was it like meeting Grumpy Cat? Was Smoosh jealous? How do you feel when people mistake you for a boy cat? For your dude: Have Lil Bub's claws ever gotten caught in your beard? We were just wondering… #1) Being from space is normal. I mean technically we are all from space. I just happen to from somewhere else in space. My biggest challenge is your intense gravitational pull, which is why it's so hard for me to get around. Thankfully I've used science and magic to come up with a very effective work-around. GOOD JOB ME.
#2) Earth fish are cool, space fish are better. They are super tiny and float around and I can catch them on my tongue by cruising through the atmosphere. Not so much here. #3) Meeting Grumpy Cat was pretty amazing. I feel she is the yang to my in. She completes me. #5) I don't mind if people mistake me for a boy. I didn't realize my name meant "little boy" in German when I got here. Oh well. Boy, girl, whatever. As long as you always do a good job at everything that stuff doesn't matter.
#1) BUB's claws have never been caught in my beard. Her saliva on the other hand...
Ms. Bub, as you probably know, our dear friend Stubbs the Cat-Mayor of Talkeetna Alaska was recently hospitalized after a brutal and vicious dog attack. #1. So glad you're still rocking life on Earth. We need you pal. #2. No, as a space cat I have no interest in the political affairs of your planet. I like to focus my energy on Earth animals that need help. #3. Dog problem?! I love dogs. We need to learn to all get along for the greater good of goodness.
My questions to you are: #1. Do you have any kind words to pass to Mayor Stubbs? #2. Would you ever consider a run for office? #3. If elected, how would you solve The Dog Problem?
Bub, do you help screen out girlfriends for your dude? Hmmm.
Video answer coming later on my youtube channel at
Lil Bub, My girlfriend loves you! In the spirit of all the love that you get from everyone, I wanted to ask your help in proposing to her. I know that as a space kitty, your powers extend to control time and space, and I couldn't think of a better way to tell the love of my life that I want to spend the rest of forever with her. If you do ever happen to do any book signings in Ohio, could you use your powers to help me? One last thing, good job Bub. I have no plans to come to Ohio... yet. So I don't want to hold back the best decision of your life.
With that said, I WILL help you propose to her on Email me. We can make this happen.
Bub, you are my favorite internet cat. What is your favorite silly memory of you and your dude? Does your dude do anything that annoys you? And how many microscopic fishes do you usually catch in a day? Thanks! Video answer coming soon to thanks for your questions.
I thought an interesting part was that "meme manager guy" and his work with a lot of popular memes. i got the impression that you and your dude consciously are staying away from that - am i right? If so, can you explain your reasoning some more, and let us know what you think the impacts (pos and neg) might be on your future as a "celebricat" and Most Amazing Cat on the Planet and Giver of Pure Happiness? Ben, the meme manager guy is a nice dude. We met recently, and have been in touch for a while. At one point, even before Grumpy Cat was around, he wanted to represent me. My dude and I respectfully declined because my dude made a rule not to seek out opportunities, and he works closely with his friends on all things BUB. We have both tried to stay away from creating "memes" and silly jokes. My dude wants to make sure everything that involves my face or name is about me. If people like it, that's great! If not, I'm still an amazing cat so it doesn't matter. It seems wild, but from the very beginning, my dude made a rule to never seek out any opportunities for me. I make all the choices. Everything from the film, to the show, to the book... these are all things that came to us directly into me inbox, and come from people that genuinely think I'm awesome. And as long as they're cool with my dude and his friends having full creative control, we go for it! We've turned down many endorsements and other things that we don't feel right about. It's got to be about me, and it's got to be awesome.
Dear Lil Bub, can I please kiss you? Happy Cakeday.
On this day, if I were to magically beam you into my room, you could kiss me. But unfortunately I'm busy doing this! So maybe I'll visit you in your dreams and you can kiss me then. A platonic kiss though. Don't make it creepy please.
I'm a fan of Bub's new show. When is the next episode? Also, i like its similarities to space ghost coast to coast, are you a fan of that show? Hi. I'm so glad you like my show. My dude and his friends (and me of course) put SO MUCH WORK INTO IT.
I'm very excited about the next episode featuring Little Prince. He is a sage, a scholar, and a guinea pig.
You can also look forward to episodes featuring Kelley Deal from The Breeders (I produce her new single), Steve Albini and Nordic Thunder, the Air Guitar World Champion.
And yes, I like SG C2C.
BUB! Next time I see you, will you hold me in your lap? Not so sure about the lap holding. I mean, I don't mean to be a jerk... but I only like to be held in a very specific way, you know? Whoopi can hold me though, I'm sure you understand.
Also, do you still have that crocheted, rainbow, octopus, catnip toy I made for you after the debut of your movie at the Buskirk? However, yes, I love the toy you made me. It is filled with pure magic and is nice to play with. Thank you Mr Tattoohead.
Hey Lil Bub, it's great seeing underprivileged/disabled cats become more mainstream. As a life-long cat owner, it warms my heart. My question is: have you read Homer's Odyssey? I highly recommend it. Sadly, Homer passed away at the age of 16 a couple weeks ago. Hello. It's me BUB.
I'm sorry to hear about Homer. But I also have good news. He is doing a great job in space right now. I just sent him a message with my magic laser eyes and he said that he just got a job as a sandwich maker and apparently he is really good at it. He misses you.
I'm also glad that special needs cats are getting more attention. It's great. I just hope that the people that want to get them are adopting them, NOT seeking the out from breeds. Also, they should understand that special needs cats are more work, and require more responsibility. But we will repay ten fold in love, affection and magic spells.
Did you have fun playing with Grumpy Cat and do you plan on doing it again sometime? Hello. It's me BUB.
Video answer coming soon to
Hi Bub!!! I was just wondering, what do you dream about at night? Water parks.
Hi BUB! I read recently that vibration and use of your loop help break down some bone component thingy that your body otherwise can't. Do you notice your body changing shape as a result? Hi. It's me BUB. Well yes actually... I can stand full upright! And look as amazing as ever doing it.
Hey Bub! I'm a huge fan and I was wondering if you and your dude would ever do a tour of some sort in Canada? I would love to get a chance to meet you in! Hello. It's me. BUB.
I would certainly love to. But I am ready for a break. My newfound mobility has me wanting to explore my own home for a while before I explore new countries and exotic dishes like poutine. But maybe one day.
How the heck is LIL FREAKIN BUB not on the front page!? Doesn't all of reddit love cats? LB is the queen of internet cats. Lil Bub, is it ok if I call you LB? YES.
What is your favorite TV show? Twin Peaks.
I just watched your movie and you are my favorite space kitty! I'm really happy you're here to spend time with us! Can I ask how big you are? PS: come to San Diego! I weigh barely over 4 pounds. Same as Grumpy Cat, actually a little bit lighter. But Grumpy is short and round like bocce ball. I am long and slender like a ferret. A magic woman space ferret.
Hi Bub and Dude. Do you know exactly the impact you've had on people's lives? For myself having lost my cat of 16 years last year, seeing Bub's videos, pictures etc has really filled the void. I feel I will adopt/rescue my next pet when I feel ready to have a pet again. Bub has been more than just an internet cat... It's really a feeling of inspiration and wonder to see her cute face and see her get healthier... EVEN RUNNING! like the video posted today. Thank you so much. P.s. Bub, how are you and Smoosh? Will we be getting more pictures with you and your boyfriend? Hello. It's me. BUB.
I am honored by your message. I'm sorry about your loss, but remember that your cat is now surfing solar flares and stuff like that, which is really fun.
Smoosh and I are platonic lovers. It's a weird concept, I know. Also he now has an amazing sister named Pickle who I think may also be from somewhere else in space.
Meow meow meow... purrr. Meee-ow meow meow? Meow meow. Meow :) Meeeow ;). Meow meow meow? YES.
Bub, I think you and your dude are truly amazing. It's so cool that you used reiki to heal. Have you tried any other alternative therapies like massage or accupuncture? Hello. It's me BUB. I've tried some massage. Also magic.
Hey Bub, do you think the reason Tardar Sauce is so grumpy is because she has a bad flea problem that wont go away? You know what I think it is with Grumpy? As cheesy as it sounds, you just can't judge a book by it's cover. I guess by that reasoning I may very well be the anti-christ. Hmmm. Well I'm not. And Grumpy is a very sweet cat. A real doll.
What do you think is the secret of your success? Science and magic.
Hi Bub! What did you think about the cat video festival? Did you enjoy meeting Grumpy Cat? Cat Vid Fest was an exceptional experience. It's full of 14,000 people who love cats. And you know what? People that love cats are always super nice and awesome. It's true.
Meeting Grumpy Cat was a little stressful at first but then quickly turned into a magical journey through time, space and a mini put-put course in an art museum office. It's true.
Hey Lil Bub :) You are awesome! You make so many people happy, and that's super cool <3 You and your Dude have been spreading a lot of love around the world and outerspaces. It is very beautiful and appreciated. I was wondering if you ever plan to take your Dude traveling through time and space? Maybe back to your home Bub Bub Bub? If I write another book, it will take place in space. And my dude is coming with me.
Lil Bub! You seem quite content with your life! I have to know... What is your secret?! Hello it's me BUB.
I have a super magical video response that I will post later this evening to
BUB does your tongue dry out? I always imagined your dude carries around a little spritzer to moisturize your tongue. It's me BUB.
My tongue is forever wet. I produce so much saliva you wouldn't believe it. I just drip BUB juice everywhere.
What can you tell us about space & other planets? #1) Space is really, really big. Some planets have lots of kitty water parks which are my favorite.
Would you be able to take me on a tour of space? #2) I would love to take you on a tour. But I am very busy right now. Hit me up in a few thousand years.
Also, what brand of kitty litter do you prefer? #3) I use those pine pellets. I used to use clumping litter but it would clump to my eternally wet tongue and that sucked big time.
Also, I love it when you remind us that, "It's me, Bub." How did this start? #4) I have said "It's me BUB" since before the beginning of time. Some may say that the first time I said it is when time started.
BUB, have you ever beaten Steve Albini at Words With Friends? Hello it's me BUB.
Steve and my dude used to play a lot of online Scrabble. Steve was my dude's most formidable opponent (my dude rules at Scrabble). Steve won half the games, but then got really upset when all the pop-up ads came up so he stopped playing.
Bub, what's your favorite place in Bloomington? My home rules.
1) What kind music do you like? 1) The good kind. And RUSH. But only Tom Sawyer.
I'm curious of the celebrity cats you've met whos the favorite and who have you met in total I know you've met colonel meow pudge and tardar sauce and smoosh is there anyone else? Hello. It's me BUB.
Yeah, I've met some amazing cats.
Colonel Meow, Smoosh, Grumpy Cat, Princess Monster Truck and Pudge. I would also love to meet Hamilton the Hipster Cat, he seems like a real cool nerd.
BUB, what is the biggest thing that you miss about your home planet? Chasing luna moths through the sky. And water parks. We have THE BEST WATER PARKS.
Hi Bub! You are quite the inspiration to us all as far as what is really important in life, and for that I thank you & your dude. As a snack I like occasional fishes and yogurt.
I'm new to reddit, but I'm giving it a shot for you... What is your favorite food? But other than that I love my prescription food, which keeps my bladder awesome. I really do love it.
Is there an apparatus like you use available for humans? PEMF Therapy was used on humans before pets. It is mainly meant to be an effective anti-inflammatory. It just so happens that it is ESPECIALLY useful for my very rare, very specific bone condition. This is science and magic at its finest.
Hi Lil BUB! Where do you see man and kitty kind to be in 100 years? Cat friendly water parks everywhere!
Bub do you know what happened to your mom and siblings? Hello.
My mom, siblings and half-siblings all went on to stay feral cats in rural Indiana. Free as a bird. Except a cat.
Hey BUB. First of all, you're amazing. Second of all, your DUDE is amazing. I can tell he loves you very much. My question: what's your favorite toy? Check out my video response on later this evening ok?
For your dude, Do you ever get worried about security around Lil bub? Bub has so many fans that I am often worried someone might be horrible and try to kidnap her. Hello. BUB's dude her (BUB is napping).
You know, I have worried about this. But I'm pretty sure if anything crazy happened BUB would just zap them onto another planet, like real fast.
Hello! What was it like working with Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson for the Uncluded Video? It was an incredible, wonderful experience. Kimya and Aesop are excellent humans, and Portland is a beautiful city. Also I got to ride in a wagon.
Hi Bub's Dude! Do you get much time at your music studio anymore? Do your friends run it for you now? Do you see your other cats very much? Hey. it's me, BUB's dude.
I don't spend as much time as I used to there, at least not recording. I see my cats often.
But I look forward to doing more recording in the near future. I was stoked to record Kelley Deal most recently, and record all the music for Lil BUB's Big SHOW.
Hello Lil Bub! Hello. BUB.
Just curious: What are yours and your dude's opinions on dogs? Do you have any dog 'furriends'? You know, I actually quite like dogs. I get along much better with dogs than with cats. I even beat them up. My pal Sammy is good sport. Check it out: Link to
Dear Bub, I was going to IU during your rise to fame... I actually learned about you through meeting your dude at a couple shows and hearing about how awesome his studio Russian Recording is. My question is, What vocal microphone would you use for your debut album? Also, have you ever had dinner with Racebannon? My personal favorite vocal microphone is the LOMO 19A-13. It is a very rare Russian large diaphragm valve condensor that uses science and magic to transduce sound to electricity.
Yes, I have had dinner with Racebannon. I even helped Mike A bartend at a show once.
Dear Bub, what is your favorite thing about yourself? My infinite wisdom, ability to travel time and space and my good looks. Honestly, I love everything about myself.
I love you Bub! Can you please ask your dude to pet you for me? You are my favorite cat! DONE.
How the hell are you typing? Science and magic and a keyboard.
Lil Bub, I watched your movie and I cried so hard! I'm so glad you're doing better, and I saw you run. You're an inspiration! Stay with your dude, because he needs you like all of us cat-parents need our furbabies. Never give up, Bub! And we won't either. <3. Thanks captainlocke. I'm glad you like the movie that VICE made. They rule. Crying is pretty cool sometimes. I don't even know what it means to give up. BAM.
Bub, you are my hero. Hi. You are mine. GOOD JOB PLUMHEAD27.
Wait little Bub!!! Please dont go yet, there are questions in /aww/ Link to Hello. Yes, I see. I will continue to reply there.
Lil bub! your posts brighten my day and i love how you support the ASPCA :) Thanks. I have big news regarding the ASPCA. It's not 100% figured out yet, but it's happening. We are partnering to create Lil BUB's Fund for the ASPCA, which looks like it may be the very first national fund specifically created for special needs pets such as myself. More info soon ok?
Please help! I ordered your book and sent the confermation for the bookplate and bookmark and I got the book and still havent gotten the bookplate and bookmark and its been at least 3 days Hello you and everyone that is waiting on a bookplate. You all get one! But they ship separately. I've been on tour, but as soon as I get home I will sign, number and ship each one out individually. This is a crazy amount of work, but you're worth it. Please be patient.
Lub, BUB.
I want you & my other favorite kitty (Tard) to team up! You two should do a charitable calendar. 12 months of Bub/Tard. I'd buy the hell out of that. Hello. It's me BUB. This is a fabulous idea. I'll talk to Grumpy, see what she thinks.
I actually have a 2014 Calendar that is available now in Urban Outfitters everywhere. They love me and agreed to donate $10,000 to an amazing animal charity in my honor. This calendar will also be available in my store: Link to with a portion of proceeds going to some of my favorite animal charities (as with everything with my face on it).
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