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[EVENT] Pushed by Junior Ally in Parliament, Government Passes Law Strengthening Turkish Language Association

2018.11.18 23:59 DabsByMike [EVENT] Pushed by Junior Ally in Parliament, Government Passes Law Strengthening Turkish Language Association

SÖZCÜ -- Pushed by Junior Ally in Parliament, Government Passes Law Strengthening Turkish Language Association

[Nov/Dec 2020]
(ANKARA) The four million Syrian refugees in Turkey have begun to catalyze reactionary nationalistic tendencies, both among citizens and political parties. Disturbed by the proliferation of Arabic shop signs, which is exacerbated by Istanbul being a popular destination for Arab tourists, many have fallen victim to fear-mongering and xenophobia regarding the status of the Turkish language.
Though the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is not disturbed by the spread of Arabic given that its Islamist roots, their junior partner who President Erdoğan relies on to form a majority in parliament, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) is uneasy.
Wielding veto power on much of the AKP's legislative agenda and garnering support for its stance from the secular segment of society who see Arabic as a sign of creeping Islamification, the MHP has pushed through legislation strengthening the Turkish Language Association.
Founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and tasked with carrying out massive language and alphabet reforms which targeted mainly words of Arabic origin and transferred the Turkish language over to the Latin alphabet, the Turkish Language Association is quite republican in its institutional character -- a start contrast to Erdoğan's aura of an Ottoman revival.
The AKP, knowing that this is not a battle worth fighting given the importance of its partnership with the MHP, bowed to pressure; opposition İYİ Party and the Republican People's Party also lent their support.
Signed into law today, the Turkish Language Association has been armed with strengthened legislation and the ability to refer incidence to prosecutors. Specifically they have gained the following powers:
  1. All street signs and displays must be in Turkish in addition to other languages. The Turkish writing must be featured in equal size and on top, except for signage used by the Ministry of Tourism which has discretion on the matter.
  2. The Turkish Language Association may refer private entities to prosecutors for "Unnecessary utilization of foreign words which represent a threat to the Turkish language."
The second regulation has been met with controversy, with liberals arguing the law is oppressive and will lead to unnecessary involvement of the state in something as simple as daily speech. Proponents dismiss these arguments, pointing to the exact wording of the law.
"It is true that it would be ridiculous for the Turkish Language Association to force people to use different words. However, there is a detail to how the law is worded which people are skipping. The criteria for prosecution is that there must be a (a) near exact Turkish equivalent with similar connotation, (b) the equivalent is deemed to be in widespread daily use, and (c) the audience must be large enough to threaten the degradation of the language. This is not an easy case to prove in the courts and will not lead to a large number of prosecutions."
Foreign loanwords are peppered into the Turkish language quite freely, allowing communication with concepts borrowed from languages such as English, French, Persian and Arabic. Often times these loanwords add value to the Turkish language and come with different connotations or fill a void where there is no Turkic origin word.
"This will not be a major impact on people's lives. However, it is common to hear people use words like 'enternasyonal' on TV to sound sophisticated instead of saying 'uluslararası' -- there is absolutely no difference in meaning. This is what is being targeted."
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