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The primary focus of her work is on the intersection of communication technologies and interpersonal relationships. Some of her recent studies have used longitudinal, experimental, and content analytic methods to explore relationship initiation and development practices on online dating platforms. Explains some of the setbacks in dating relationships. The Good, the Bad, the 'Only' The pros and cons of being the only woman in a department and the importance of setting boundaries and knowing your own limitations. Words of Wisdom: Dr. Andino Advice for students: stay focused, ask questions, and remain open-minded when working with others. Dr. Lauren Reed is the faculty advisor for the Thriving Relationships Lab, an interdisciplinary social-justice minded team of faculty, students, and public servants dedicated to conducting community-based research on teen dating and sexual abuse prevention. 'Swiping right' on casual hookups and serious relationships isn't taboo anymore, and students at ASU are among the nearly 50 million people with Tinder accounts.. To explore these disaster dates, heavy heartbreaks, sweet successes and just plain weird interactions on dating apps, The State Press spoke with ASU students about these experiences. Arizona State University's best FREE dating site! 100% Free Online Dating for Arizona State University Singles at Our free personal ads are full of single women and men in Arizona State University looking for serious relationships, a little online flirtation, or new friends to go out with. Start meeting singles in Arizona State University today with our free online personals and ... Multimedia news website exploring Arizona State University by telling the stories of the people who make up this remarkable institution.

The timeshare presentations in Nevada are getting out of control

2020.09.19 06:12 G_A93 The timeshare presentations in Nevada are getting out of control

“...and walk away with a trip to beautiful Las Vegas Nevada! Enjoy a complimentary 5 day 4 night stay at any MGM casino resort all on us! No nonsense, no gimmicks. Just a bit of your precious time! Call today!”
Yes. A vacation extravaganza all on the arm. Courtesy of the Hibou Timeshare Corporation. All it cost was your time and cooperation for a timeshare presentation. Simple enough yes? I wish I would have realized how much better a couple of overtimes would have served me, than taking myself to that horrid building.
I was living in Phoenix AZ with my parents. Still half way bullshitting my final semester at college. I’ve got to be honest, I was checked out. It was summer..I was going to graduate and I had these final two classes in the bag. I could have failed my finals and still walked out with a C. Yes but that kind of luxury came at a price. My social life was the casualty in all of this. While I did have a tight knit of pals, my attendance to social gatherings were...well..less than punctual. I was usually doing work for one of my advanced classes. If not that, then I was pulling a shift at either of my jobs. could say I gave up the glamour of late night pizzas, puking in my friends car and hooking up with a random ASU frat sluts for a heavier wallet...except I was paying everything out of my own pocket. My gas, insurance, cell, college. I wasn't exactly hiding cash in the walls. My parents worked hard but..never did make a living to give me and my siblings an extravagant lifestyle. We were grateful though.
So when I heard that AD of how I could get a long needed vacation to party central Las Vegas, all for watching some BS timeshare I knew I wasn’t going to buy into, you bet your ass off I made that call. The phone only rang once before I got an answer,
“Thank you for calling the Hibou Timeshare Corporation, how can we help you?” a voice rang through the phone. The voice sounded shrill and sickly.
“Hi, I'm calling about the vacation in Vegas? Says that you need people for a presen..”
“Yeessss.” the voice interrupted “The timeshare presentation, well...we would be so honored to have you”
“Uhh..yeah...anyway I’d like to sign up? Is there a form online or do you take the information here?” I feeling a bit tense.
“Well I'll tell you what...pack your things for the vacation. When we are finished presenting..we can send you on our way to Vegas. We just need..a bit of your time.”
That was that. He gave me the address, date and time of the meeting. The area was in a place called Amargosa Valley in Nevada. Luckily it was just about an hour away from Vegas. Before we parted ways on the phone, the operator said something...he said something that should have been a MAJOR red flag.
“Okay then, you’re all set...we will see you July 28th at 4:30pm. Not a moment later” he laughed
“ more thing, if you have some more specimens like yourself that might be interested in the free vacation...bring them along. They’ll all receive the same prize and you will receive $100 cash for every person you bring. We look forward to presenting you, Austin. Good day.”
I never gave him my name.
Still, my young dumb brain didn’t hear anything past $100 dollars. So I rounded up a few of my best pals and we were set to meet the reps over at the timeshare. The days leading up to the trip I couldn't get a hold of myself. It was so exciting. My first real vacation in...i couldn't remember how long. I longed for this type of adventure with my friends. We packed a truck full and set off to Amargosa Valley.
I brought Luke, Larry and Adam. We’d been friends since the 3rd grade. We all moved to AZ from different parts of the country that summer, so being new kids we naturally ganged up together. Luke was from Texas..we called him Tex. Real big guy. Loved to work out but definitely was a bit of a boozebag. Larry was from Ohio. Quiet in public but probably the loudest of us all. Always had some political conspiracy to talk about. Then Adam..Adam was interesting. He was from Florida...or Georgia...or Nebraska. Adam never could keep it straight about where he was from. He always had some sort of story and backtrack about where he’d come from. I personally thought he was probably from another part of AZ and just wanted to fit we humor him and let him be the nomad of our group. I myself was originally from California...things got pricey so we made the move to blistering AZ.
That was my crew. No matter how long it had been, we were always as tight as ever. The ride was filled with laughing and gags. Stops at fast food joints and all around bullshitting. Yes it was an amazing time just driving there, we couldn't wait to get on with the meeting and head down to Boozeville USA. As we approached our destination...something felt off. Amargosa Valley had been a bit of a ghost town the whole drive. A gas station here. A small outlet there...but otherwise unpopulated. When we hit our destination we were met by a Chrome building. Smack center in the middle of the highway. As we parked at the only stall..we all took a look at each other.
“Well this is...odd.” Luke said plainly.
“Yeah man...are we really going there?” Adam shook out. Barely containing his fear.
“Look guys, I know it looks weird. This place is really clean and bright in the middle of a dusty desert but c’mon. It's like hour of our time? Within 2 hours we’ll be on our way to the dopest guys trip ever.” I said...selfishly.
The guys all agreed. We got out, locked the car up and walked in through the sliding glass doors. The cool air hit us like a wave. Each of us breathing in the refreshingly cold air. The inside of this lobby..was also immaculate. Chrome everywhere. Right down to the sofas and chairs. A woman came from around the front desk.
“You must be here to be presented. I see you brought more specimens! What a joy! Will you gentlemen please follow me?” She said.
Specimens. Ugh. Her tone. That word still makes me shutter.
Me and the boys looked at each other..all with the same should we do it look on our faces. Maybe it was the cold air enticing our sweaty brows. We’d been a poorly AC’D truck for a couple hours. Or maybe it was the ice cold drinks she presented in front of us. Whatever the case we followed her through a door behind the front desk and were met with a grand auditorium. It looked as if it could hold maybe 50 people. And all they had was me and my knucklehead friends. As we sat down, sucking down sodas and waters, a mans voice came over the intercom.
“Welcome my friends to the Hibou Timeshare Corporation presentation. Today you will be examining the lifetime of these vessels. Determine whether or not you think they are a smart investment and make a choice if you would like to partake!” I recognized the voice. It was the same shrill tone that I set up the appointment with.
“Now my dear friends, it's time to sit back with your favorite drink...and listen..”
With that, a large projector screen came down from the celine. An old timey countdown began winding down.
From what I can remember, I heard the screams of something...unnatural. A scream so high tone that I felt as if my ears would burst with blood. I tried clasping my hands over my ears but to no avail. The screams were too overpowering. As soon as it started, I passed out.
I awoke looking at the lights on the celine. Unable to sit up. I could tell I was bareass naked on a metal table. I moved my head, the little that i could to see Adam next to me on another table. Naked as the day we were born. He was encased in what looked like a light purple energy field. Looking more in depth, I too had this field in front of me. Before I could speak the tables raised up. Bringing me upright. Bringing me face to face with Tex. To the left of me..Larry. “My friends, I present to you: Terramite 99-0 specimens.” a voice rang out. The same voice from the auditorium.
“They are..of the male species. Strong. Cunning and above all loyal...if raised properly.”
“HEY, you bastards. WTF is this! LET US GO!” Tex cried out. Before he could continue, the energy field tightened around him. Tex let out a scream that will haunt me for the rest of my life. The smell of burned flesh and hair filled the area. I would have puked had the horror of seeing my best friend being burned alive wasn't keeping my attention away from the smell. When the field lifted, Tex was stripped down to the muscle fibers. Hair burned down to the scalp. Tex convulsed until he finally relaxed into a hanging position on the table.
“Now see..specimen is now sedated. Relaxed into a weaker position. With the energy field keeping him contained and the Auto-Reversal Time Warp engaging, we can have this specimen back into working shape immediately.”
There was an electrical hum in the air. As before my eyes, Tex’s skin began to heal. His hair growing back. And all burns subsiding. It was as if nothing had happened to him. He still hung in limbo, but we could see the breath return to his chest.The rest of us let out bits of gasps of horror and astonishment.
I could see Adam crying a bit in the corner of my eyes.
A figure appeared from behind me. A tentacle graced my shoulder, not even phased by the force field. I caught sight of the creature. It stood around 7foot tall. Skin that looked human but a head that was elongated. No nose. And eyes that were black as coal. It had two tentacles for hands. I could not see its feet, as it was covered by a long gown.
Larry screamed in anger. “Your...your...a...a…” he managed to get out before the creature silenced him.
“Shhhh….I am...a salesman is all. Now my friends I will demonstrate the life cycle of the Terramite 99-0’s.”
With that, Larry's forcefield began to hum. Right before my eyes Larry began to get...smaller. Not in stature necessarily, no, but in age. He went from being a young a that kid i met in 3rd an infant. His cries were extremely loud. Unaware of the horrors around him. At that moment I could hear Adam's field begin to hum.
“Please no! Please!” Adam begged.
“If you will direct your attention to our third pod:”
Adam then began to scream as he went from a young middle aged retirement age and a decrepit old man. Hair as white as snow. Wrinkled beyond recognition. Each breath looking to nearly be his last.
“From birth to the declining ages of 70 to 100 Terran years…the Auto-Reversal Time Warp pods are the perfect tool to use when training your armys, your children, your slaves. Imagine...never having to replace workers. Never worrying if your training methods or punishments might go too far. Never losing a prisoner to death.” The creature said. Full of glee in his dead eyes.
Between the crying of baby larry and incoherent babbling of old man adam, the room felt like it was spinning. Just when I thought things couldn't get any stranger, the rest of the lights came to life. The room we were in were surrounded by seats, similar to the ones we sat in. However, sitting in these seats were ghastly creatures of different varieties. Some looked like the salesman creature. Others were ogreish. Large bodied creatures covered in a film of slime. Some of them even looked human. It was the eyes though...their eyes were a teal color with white pupils. Many many creatures looked up me and my friends. All of them began clapping their hands in unison. The claps were deafening. The cries of the baby felt as if a baseball bat was connecting with my head every second. Adams babbling was terrifyingly disturbing. And Tex...hanging there. Eyes rolled back into his skull. I couldnt imagine the hell he began to feel. At this point I wondered what awaited my fate. The clapping stopped abruptly.
“Oh...Austin...yes, well if you want to know what fate awaits you just shut your eyes. Shut your eyes and quietly count back from 3.” the creature said...was he reading my mind?
Suddenly the urge to close my eyes overtook me. Almost as if I had no choice, I began counting down. 3….2….1….
Everything went black. I wasn't sure if i was alive or dead...or somewhere in between. I saw nothing but black for what felt like a lifetime. And in an instant...I heard that same shrill scream. Only this time I could not cover my ears. I couldn’t feel my body but I felt an unimaginable amount of pain. As the scream grew to its peak, I slammed my eyes open. Trying to catch my breath.
I was back in the car...we were all back in the car. The engine was on. Shitty ac blasting. The others were still out. I sat up in my seat. Not wanting to move too suddenly. The sun was beating down on us. I looked over at the time on the dash…July 28th 4:34 pm. I reached into my shirt pocket and I found several vouchers for the MGM hotels in Vegas along with $300 dollars. I also found a card that simply read “Hibou Timeshare Corp. would like to thank you for a bit of your time”
The boys came too. All feeling rather groggy.
“We all fell asleep huh?” Adam laughed. “We here?”
They didn't remember a thing. Not one thing. Not going in...not the reception area...not the freaky timeshare presentation...not one bit. I lied...i told them that while they were sound asleep, we arrived a little earlier than expected. The presenter had an emergency and left our vouchers at the front desk and apologized profusely.
“Wow, what a gentleman!” Tex laughed. “We definitely owe it to him to sit through another timeshare, probono.” Larry added.
I think it's safe to say that I will not be returning to this or any other timeshare. As I drove away I could see the building disappear in the rear view mirror.
So if you’re traveling deep within the southwest of the United States and hear an ad for a free vacation that's too good to be yourself a favor..turn off the radio, call into work and ask for some overtime..because nothing is ever given for free.
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2020.09.17 19:27 TheMadderRed 3080 Gaming Build ($1700-$1900)

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
*mostly gaming. PvP stuff like Valorant, rainbow six siege, Dead By Daylight, DeepRock and then some of the single player stuff that’s coming out like watchdogs and cyberpunk.
I don’t think I’ll stream but I’d like to be able to capture clips from my POV for my friends that do.
Also online Grad school but that’s just watching videos and typing papers.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
*California but needs to be online. I live on a military base in the middle of nowhere in between LA and Vegas and we haven’t been able to leave for awhile. I haven’t had shipping issues with amazon or Newegg.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor $273.47 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler NZXT Kraken X53 73.11 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $129.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS ATX AM4 Motherboard $164.89 @ Amazon
Memory G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory $84.99 @ Newegg
Storage Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $89.00 @ Amazon
Storage Seagate BarraCuda 4 TB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive $93.32 @ Walmart
Video Card MSI GeForce RTX 3080 10 GB GAMING X TRIO Video Card -
Case Thermaltake View 37 ATX Mid Tower Case $139.99 @ Amazon
Power Supply Corsair RM (2019) 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $139.99 @ Best Buy
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1115.64
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-09-17 13:27 EDT-0400
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2020.09.10 11:52 mr_annoying_dog Alternate Ideas for Rivals

I only have a few, and no, I'm not going to make Kokona a rival.
First, the order of the rivals would be Amai, Asu, Mida, Kizana, Osoro, Oka, Info-chan (replacing Muja), Hanako, Osana, then Megami. Osana should be much, much later in the game imo, the childhood friend shouldn't be this easy to eliminate.
Changes would include:
Depending on the gender of you and your Senpai, either Ayano's mom or dad will disagree with the relationship. In the dad's case, he will disagree with the (straight) relationship because he doesn't want more psychos to come out of the Aishi family and will throw obstacles at the player to try and stop it. If you play pacifistically/pretend you did nothing wrong and convince him of it, he will stop and start aiding the player. If the player and Senpai are gay, Ryoba (Ayano's mom) will be homophobic and do the same things as the dad would do in the straight couple version of the game. By slowly teaching Ryoba how to be accepting and stuff, the obstacles would stop. But if by the last week of school, the obstacle parent hasn't been convinced, Ryoba/the dad will give up and accept the fact that their kid is gay/will make baby murderers of their own one day.
Mida is now a teacher looking for promising young students to accept into a school abroad via a series of exams happening once a day. (Unrealistic, I know, but this is for the sabotage part.) Senpai and a handful of other students would be part of this. Normally, Senpai would get in, but there would be multiple ways to sabotage his chances of getting in. You could help motivate other students study and get higher grades in order to get into Mida's school (letting you get rid of certain obstacles on future days, making it easier to get rid of some rivals?), ruin Senpai's test scores, make Senpai look bad in front of Mida, convince Mida to teach in Akademi so she would still be able to teach Senpai yet allow him to stay in Japan, or an alternate ending where Ayano studies hard and gets into the school abroad with Senpai (possible sequel could appear in some other country starring the same characters?).
Oka would stay the same, as a normal rival with a crush on Senpai but would instead have a Osana's stalker. The stalker would be a Yandere too and would want no one else to be with Oka, so Ayano would be forced to stop Senpai from dying/get killed by the stalker, while simultaneously stopping Oka from dating Senpai.
Kokona would still have her enjo-kosai plot, and by doing her Befriend elimination, she would help the player with anything she needs (except obviously illegal stuff), but doing too many weird/suspicious/using her too many times things would lead to her gathering evidence against Ayano, snitching about her to the cops and causing a game over. She would be super OP in the days you'd use her in, but she'd only be useful for those bits. Maybe she'd be useful for two rivals before getting super suspicious?
Info-chan has a week where she gets arrested and would cause a huge resource issue for Ayano. She would be optional, as you could choose to not free her from prison and focus on school stuff like skill-boosting, befriending different characters (imo they should all be fleshed out), dating Senpai (more on that later), and other stuff, but generally, the game will want you to save Info-chan. It wouldn't be helpful to not have resources. Depending on Ayano's actions, Info-chan could become a fugitive, rot in prison, be recruited by the Japanese version of the FBI as a hacker, cause chaos among the police department (again making future weeks easier, except for Hanako's), be exonerated, frame someone else, or get Info-chan executed.
Hanako would remain Senpai's sister, but this time she's been kidnapped by the Yakuza, and are forcing Senpai and his family to do terrible things unless they want to have Hanako (insert terrible crime) here. This is once again optional, as Ayano could have Info-chan's week extend through Hanako's and cause the player to be too busy, Hanako might not be saved, she might willingly join the Yakuza, get killed due to Ayano's actions/Senpai's mistakes, and cause massive damage to Senpai's sanity, or you could arrest the Yakuza/disband them/blackmail them (IDK how tho) into releasing Hanako and make them work like secondary Info-chan's. If the police department was ruined during the previous week, the Yakuza might give Hanako back without needing anything as a "thank you" to Ayano.
Osana is similar to her normal self, but now she's a witty, teasing (and now bisexual) childhood friend instead of one who yells baka all the time. She'd be the "popular" girl because of her being everyone's childhood friend, aka reputation based eliminations don't work with her and you'd need to use other methods to eliminate her. She also has two different crushes, Raibaru (still her invincible bodyguard/BFF). Raibaru is a lesbian now, and she can be matchmade with Osana. If you mess it up, Osana will stop going to school as she wouldn't have the courage to face Raibaru. If you out her, she will kill herself. This would be the easiest method, but it would halve the atmosphere of the school due to how popular and loved she was, and Senpai's sanity will take a massive hit. Doing this when his sanity is too low will cause him to kill himself too, so Osana's suicide elimination wouldn't be recommended. Her stalker plot is given to Oka, and Miyuki has her appearance changed to match.
For Megami? Well, I dunno. Maybe she could have endings where Ayano can help her Final week you ask? Well, there would be a friendship/dating aspect to YanSim where Ayano has to overcome her weirdness around Senpai for the first few weeks of school, befriend him in the other weeks, and in the last week, date him. The ending could change based on which rivals help you, whether Hanako/Osana is still alive, etc. Senpai wouldn't date someone rando girl who he knows stalks him and acts creepily around him, but dating him normally over the course of the previous ten weeks would greatly reduce how hard the dating gameplay is.
This was a massive wall of text, sorry. So, what do you think of the changes?
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2020.09.03 21:56 numberletterperiod [Baki] Baki did not beat Sukune.

So the current Baki the Grappler manga revolves around a sumo wrestler named Nomi no Sukune II, who practices ancient sumo and is really strong. So strong that he rather easily crushed a man who was up to this point arguably the second strongest being on the planet in terms of raw strength. He wants to prove the power of ancient sumo, so he teams up with the main cast to have a small tournament arc against six modern sumo wrestlers.
Before the other fighters arrive, Sukune and Baki meet and have a short bout. For some reason, most fans currently seem to believe that the fight was a decisive victory for Baki, cementing Sukune as below on the totem pole than Baki and other top tiers. Every time you bring up Sukune, people act as if he thoroughly jobbed and was already rendered irrelevant. Though if you actually look into the fight, it was anything but.
Here's how the fight goes:
Sukune initially does not take Baki seriously, likening him to a lower ranking wrestler who stands beside the yokozuna during pre-bout rituals. He treats the whole fight as a training bout against a less experienced sumo, repeatedly asking Baki to "lend him his chest" . Sukune then repeatedly sumo charges Baki in a linear fashion, allowing the latter to land hits on his head. Sukune gets a little rocked and knocked on his ass a couple times, stopping the fight each time and politely asking Baki to try again. He then gets a little more serious and overpowers Baki, bulldozing him into the edge of the arena. Sukune uses a sumo throw on Baki, who escapes it by shifting his momentum. Sukune continues to be unimpressed by Baki's strength, prompting Baki to use a special technique, Triceratops Fist. Sukune is kind of impressed by the attack but takes it head on and gets thrown, only to land squarely on his feet with no damage. The fight ends at this point, with Sukune showing no signs of damage aside from small scuff marks on his face from when Baki kicked him early in the fight. He doesn't even seem winded and is ready to fight again afterwards.
Where in the world do people get "Baki completely stomped Sukune 10/10 gg no re" from this? Baki wasn't really going 100%, but neither was Sukune. Sukune was treating it as a game rather than a serious fight and didn't even use any ancient sumo techniques aside from basic tackles. It's absolutely clear that the purpose of this fight was Baki and Sukune just getting a feel for each other's strength, and they are likely to clash again later at full power. We still have no idea about Sukune's true strength, other than him possibly having more grip strength than Yujiro himself There is absolutely no reason why Itagaki would make a character central to the manga, hype him for 20+ chapters, give him absurd feats, then just get him sidelined in a fight that barely lasted 5 chapters and was inconclusive as fuck.
Feels like people just really don't want to accept a sumo wrestler as strong because "lmao it's just fat men pushing each other", something I'll probably rant about at a later date.
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2020.09.02 22:21 05050503 PSA: ASU COVID-19 Saliva Testing Available in Flagstaff

Hey Lumberjacks, friendly Sun Devil grad student/ASU Biodesign Institute researcher here. Shit's getting pretty crazy down here in Tempe, and it doesn't look like things are much better up in Lumberjack country.
I'm not sure what it's like trying to get a COVID-19 test at NAU (I know y'all have some tests that give results pretty quickly), but I wanted to let y'all know that ASU's offering our in-house saliva test for COVID-19 for free to anyone in AZ (you don't need health insurance and you don't need to be an AZ resident). You can get tested as often as you'd like through this mechanism, and you can registesee when and where the tests will be offered here. Some of the testing dates/locations are actually at NAU (not sure if they're advertising it often or not to y'all).
I wanted to post this here since these tests have been a huge help to my friends in family in Tempe, Phoenix, and Tucson, and I hope it helps provide y'all and your loved ones some peace of mind.
Stay healthy up there, Lumberjacks!
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2020.09.01 20:11 atDords Why I think ASU is going fully online within a few weeks (From a new ASU Job hire's perspective)

If you don't want to read the background story and get right to my reasoning, skip down to where I've separated the paragraphs with a line.

When I moved back to campus this fall, I was searching for a job that could sustain me for the next few months while I eased back into college life. I finally found that job in a new position that ASU was hiring, called "Technology Assistant (Supervisor)". I was ecstatic when I found out that I was being asked to interview for the position.
Now the gist of this job was that it was the "new" TA, and those hired would assist teachers in their transition to the new ASU Sync program. We would basically be the in-person tech support for the teachers, and solve any troubleshooting issues that would come up during class time.
Now, this was my first interview for an ASU student position, but I was just expecting it to be like any other minimum wage job interview I've had in the past. The first red flag I got was on the day of the interview, the email I received for the job stated that it was going to be a group interview so I thought, "Ok, so it's just going to be 3-4 people with me and we're going to be trading lines about our experience and just trying to outdo each other, right?" But no, the zoom call interview had 44 people, including me.
The job interview wasn't even an interview in the traditional sense, but instead, more of a Q&A session where the interviewer told us the requirements of the job, what the minimum hours were, and that was it. We were given an orientation date and told we had the job if we wanted it. The interviewer's explanation for the practically fake interview was that ASU was looking to rapidly hire people for this new position, and in my own interpretation, sell that ASU is dedicated to this new Sync system.
Orientation was very normal, most of the other applicants that accepted the position were also confused about the number of people present for the interview and how easy it was to get the job. We spent maybe an afternoon learning the ins and outs of the hardware used for ASU Sync and some basic troubleshooting. Afterward, we were told we would be paid for our time and that we would receive our job schedules the following week.
The next week, I received an email on August 20th saying that our schedules were being made based on which courses needed the new TAs, and we would receive information on available shifts the next day. It seemed reasonable to me at the time. Over three days later on August 23rd, I received an email stating that TA availabilities had been given to the teachers and we would receive assignments tomorrow. The third email came on August 25th, apologizing for delays and that we would receive our new job assignments as soon as possible. After days of radio silence from the interviewer, I received a final email on August 31st, yesterday stating that "due to changing course delivery methods and individual hiring efforts" the department no longer needed as many TAs as they expected. The interviewer then let us know that if we wanted to continue with employment from ASU, we would be "offered" a transition to a call center job that pays $11.50 (below Arizona Minimum Wage).
Below this line is my thought processes and my inference for the future of ASU Sync

Honestly from the start as soon as I found out that they had 40+ people in the call for the interview, this whole operation seemed fishy. They were so sure they needed hundreds of people very quickly that they went ahead and just hired people without even giving a real interview. They had to have gauged teacher needs before they just threw money at hiring a whole new department for ASU Sync, and this makes me think that this new Sync program was just something ASU came up with as a way to sell that ASU was committing to at least some form of in-person classes. But with the shuttering of the ASU Sync TA department, and the interviewer now telling us to take a remote position instead, it makes me feel that ASU Sync was never meant to be a real solution, but instead, something for ASU to point to that "Hey, we're still offering in-person classes and we're committing to them" before the inevitable transition to online-only classes. It could just be that initial support for ASU Sync was high, and the recent COVID numbers for the school made the staff uneasy and the decision was made that the new TAs were no longer needed. But the whole timing of this with that fact that tuition refunds end very soon and in-person positions at ASU are being reduced, makes me conclude that ASU will be switching to online-only in the coming weeks and that ASU Sync was a sham, or at best a marketing ploy to dissuade students from leaving ASU and taking online classes at a cheaper local community college.
TL;DR The hiring process, the weeks of delays in job schedules, and the end result of being offered a remote job instead of the job that was supposed to be rapidly hiring to support the new ASU Sync program lead me to conclude that ASU Sync was merely a means to sell that ASU was committed to in-person classes. In reality, it never meant for Sync to be a solution for the new school year but instead, a transition to online classes after tuition refunds are over.
I'm sorry for this spew of information, I'm not a very good writer or a storyteller and some of my sentences may be rambling, but I've been sitting on this information for a while and never really got to share it with anyone. I know other people are in the same situation as me and are frustrated that we spent weeks in the dark about this new position we were so excited about, only for it to turn out that we weren't needed but instead we were given to choice to find a new job or do a remote-only call center job.
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2020.09.01 10:57 Mrromeijn Scaling difficulty idea + weaknesses and strengths? Long post

It is a rework of an older post, worked out a bit more, but since Alex seems to want to add just more bodies to add difficulty, it reminded me of this old post and how I would work it out a bit more.
I have something of an idea for Yandere-sim. A replacement for the bodyguard difficulty and the atmosphere system, with a scaling difficulty based on your actions, instead of making the later rivals difficult by default, byways of bodyguards or other gimmicks. This system would also allow all (except the immunity, or resistant type) elimination techniques since the player will be "punished" for their actions.
If we divide the way to pacify a rival into "Violent", "Semi-violent" and "peaceful" - Violent would be an actual murder. (Student +2 counters, faculty member +4 counters) - Seen bloody by 5 students within a minute. (+1 counter) - Semi-violent would be bullying, spreading rumours or blackmail. (+1 counter) - peaceful would be, befriend or matchmaker. (removes a counter) - No violent actions are taken for a week in the entire school. (removes a few counters) - No violent or semi-violent action for a week taken in the entire school (halves counters if under 20 counters, otherwise removes 5.)
Murder or fake suicides would be the easiest (in theory) and can be pulled off in the first day, with map and schedule awareness so they would add the most counters.Being seen with blood by a few students would mean you did a sloppy job, but should not directly lead into a game over.Semi-violent elimination tactics also need some time investment and could probably not be pulled off within the first day and thus they get just a few counters.Peaceful elimination tactics need a time investment since you need people to like you and trust you and thus you need to do fetch quests for them and all that, meaning that this is the hard way of dealing with a rival. and thus they add no counters (I'll be getting to the counters in a bit).These counters would go towards a security meter, the more counters you gained, the more security measures will be taken for the rest of the game.As an example, I just made this graph, but it needs some balancing. I've tried to keep the "punishments" within the realm of things that would already be in the game or easily added.The titles are bad jokes, they do not represent any actual positions I hold.

Counters + title measures
0 Safe space No measures
4 Paul Blart, school cop 1 cop that stays at school, patrols the school. Cops function like roaming teachers, placing punishments on crimes and bullying. Can be distracted with the bullies or delinquents. If seen doing a semi-violent action, gain one-hour detention(school cop dies/vanishes +10 counters)
8 Blue lives matter 3 school cops with independent patrols, can be bugged for location-awareness.
12 That's metal, man. Clubrooms with easy access to weapons have a metal detector installed in front of the door. Metal weapons will be noticed. On exit club member tries to take potential weapons from the player. No penalty other than that.
16 I spy with my little eye cameras in some good murder spots. They can be disabled alone or can be hacked by info-chan for payment
20 Moar kameraz, Mister Orwell cameras in most good murder spots
24 Honour system Honor students carry pepper spray as a to keep order. (Honour students are now "experts" in martial arts.)
28 The Yandere has an easier time entering through the eye of a needle than the club room door. Club rooms are locked while clubs are in session. Enter through windows or find the spare keys.
32 If teachers have guns, there won't be any Yandere killings I mean, it ain't realistic, but what in Yan-sim is? faculty and cops get long-range stun guns and are hyper-aware
36 Please step back from that edge my friend Students are so on edge that some just stay home. (rivals take one day away from school, same as some other students.)
40 The end is nigh Warning (any violent action is +2 counters now.)
41 Seriously, stop Warning!!!1!
42 You've gone too far Info-chan is too afraid of the player to help. Get psychological help!
43 If you take one more step young lady You are about to mess up royally, STOP!!!!
44 You dun diggedy fudged up Senpai has been connected to the murders/crimes, he is being moved abroad and you'll never see him again, the confession tree has been chopped down and your pet goldfish died 8 years ago, he wasn't just sleeping. Your world is dark.
45 What really?! You didn't stop, I told you, you lost already. What the hell? Info-chan sold you out. Go quietly with the cops or snap and kill info-chan.
For balance, if the player kills/kidnaps/bullied into submission a rival, they will be able to pay more attention in class and further their skills more, since there isn't anything on their mind. Also, if we want an easy, medium and hard difficulty we'd only have to adjust the number of counters for a certain measure. That way you allow for more mistakes. Here I purposefully made it fit just about with killing all the rivals and no others. This would be "holy shit" difficulty for a genocide run.
The counters should work in tandem with the changes that each rival gives. for instance. (I worked with the students on how they are presented on the wiki, not completely headcanon)(Small disclaimer, I started having a bit more fun with the friendship things at a certain point and made up some traits, because some/most rivals are horribly written).
Osana, she is the tutorial, she has no strengths bur also no weaknesses. Friendship: Hang out a few times, explain your feelings to her and she'll be fine with it, she just wants the best for senpai.
Amai can't be given a poisoned bento-box or any other messed with food, because she knows how to should look/smell, but is vulnerable to rumors and blackmail. (her cake recipe is stolen from another bakery) Friendship: Join the cooking club for a week, to help Amai with her shop. From there you can matchmake her, or by doing an extra fetch-quest for a special ingredient, you can convince her to leave senpai alone.
Kizana, her reputation starts off really high, making that drop would be hard, but she is often alone, practicing her lines. Friendship: Help her write lines for the new play, by staying after school 3 times, from that point you can matchmake her, but for actual friendship, fall in for a missing actor during one of the plays, the role is an obsessed lover.
Oka, Her reputation is already so low, that she doesn't care about bullies and all that, but she fears physical violence, and can easily be pressured into leaving senpai alone. Friendship, try to hang out, the first 2 times she'll run away from you, 3 times the charm, you tell ghost stories after that, if you manage to scare her, you'll become friends, if not, you can try to matchmake her from that point forwards.
Asu, she is strong, athletic, and trains a lot, meaning she hangs out with other people and a frontal assault is unwise, but she leaves her water bottle unattended during training... you can think of something to do with that information, can't you? Friendship, help around the swimming club, by being the "waterboy", until Asu comes to you with a personal problem (after helping 3-4 times), she found out she is bisexual after getting a confession of love from another girl, but her parents would most likely not accept that, crush her mind by telling her that her parents are right for a betrail, accept her for who she is and accompany her date (from the shadows) to make sure the date is going well and you'll have no problems from her, if you ruin the date, you have a second chance by matchmaking her with another person.
Muja, can't be poisoned, outside the nurse's office, but her back is turned on everybody when she is working with a sufficiently hurt student (unconscious student), sneak up on her then and she is utterly defenseless. Friendship, Accidents happen, but this week a lot of them happen all over the school, help students to the nurse's office and get to talking with the pink-haired clutz of a nurse, it's her birthday in three days, but nobody seems to remember, buy a present for her and give it to her if she doesn't like it, she'll appreciate the gesture and allow you to matchmake her, if she does like it, you befriend her. (you can pay info-chan for more information about Muja, so you can buy something she likes. But it is a little bit vague.)
Mida, as staff her reputation doesn't matter and she is capable of defending herself from frontal attacks, but if you send evidence of her hobbies (read perversions) to the police, she'll be taken away, no problem. Friendship, bond over your mutual predatory behaviors. Maybe you have to fake it, if you are playing like a goody-two-shoes (security < 20), but find out you two get along like a house on fire, you can betray her by recording your conversations, after enough evidence, or you can matchmake them with another person in the staff when you explain she'll get into trouble doing that to the kids. Or just play along, like you accept her, and soon enough you'll be friends if you are willing to listen to that disgusting person for long enough. (She just doesn't shut up.)
Osoro, do not use attacks on this girl, she will pulverize you no matter how many pull-ups you do. Use traps. Friendship, show your guts, in anime tradition, it is a motorcycle race, except, you are on your bike, down Devils lane. Play chicken, but don't die. If you are close to Osoro in the race, you win her respect and after a few more trials, you can matchmake her, but if you really want to be her friend, you'll have to fist-fight a person from a rival group.
Hanako, you wouldn't hit a kid, would you? You can't break the bond between her and her brother, but just brute force will get you... nowhere, she is also a professional killer... so she is utterly OP canonically. But just threaten to blackmail senpai, and she'll back down. I don't know, talk about how senpai reads hentai-doujin during class, because those are hidden in his books. Friendship, it should be easy, you both obsess over the same boy, talk to her, stalk senpai together, and show that you are the right person for senpai. If she'll trust you enough, she wants her own "senpai" a boy/girl over which they can obsess. Find another person with the same personality of burned toast for Hanako and let her work out her sibling issues on that guy. (Don't actually matchmake the minor.)
Megami, just prostrate yourself before the grand pu-ba, the supreme mary sue. Ruin her administration of the counsel and drive up the pressure, she'll crack and be vulnerable to traps and surprise attacks, it will require some work. Friendship, Megami might be cold, might be, well let's be fair, a bitch. But her ego does not allow her not to give you a second chance (technically first chance), prove you are not like your mom and show her you are a kind person, you'll have to fake it if Security > 30.After sufficient friendliness she let's senpai go from her icy clutches and allows you to be together.
So what do you think? The friendships are a bit low effort ideas, because I just made them up on the spot, I know. But the difficulty wouldn't be terrible, right? It would also give more replayability to the game.
(edit: fixed the make-up of the post to allow for easier reading)
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2020.09.01 01:10 Alakite Credit for moving out of a dorm last spring 2020 semester

So last semester ASU said that they were going to give a $1500 (I think) credit to anyone who moved out before a certain date. I did so and I can't see any sign of a credit on my account. To anyone else who moved out early from their dorm: Did you get your refund and if so where did you find it?
Update: I finally found it after hours of jumping through hoops and calls. For me it was under my ASU> finance > payments as “university housing credit” for $1500. As you can read below clearly it can in different places so if you’re looking for it good luck!
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2020.08.30 20:29 m0ronav1rus Mizzou has the worst testing of any comparable University

Here are the testing stats from major Universities across the Midwest and a few non-Midwest Universities reported to have the worst outbreaks in the media (e.g. UNC, NC State, University of Alabama). Universities are sorted by cumulative % positive tests since testing started at each University.
*** Because Mizzou is one of the only schools refusing to release # tests conducted, I had to estimate the number from CoMo stats, assuming that the Mizzou % positive is the same as the community as a whole. In reality, it is probably higher than the rest of the community, in which case Mizzou testing numbers are even lower! [Math: for the period of 8/19/20 - 8/27/20: 1826 CoMo tests * (367 Mizzou positives / 594 CoMo positives) = 1128 Mizzou tests]
Conclusion: Mizzou has both by far the highest cumulative % positive (>32.5%), and the lowest number of tests per 1,000 students (<37.6 / 1,000) of any comparable University. It is much worse even than UNC Chapel Hill, which shut down a week ago.

Date University # Tests # Students # Positive Tests/1000 students % Positive Source
8/28/2020 Mizzou <1,128*** 30,000 367 <37.6*** >32.5%*** 1
8/27/2020 UNC-Chapel Hill 5,003 30,101 971 166.2 19.41% 2
8/28/2020 University of Iowa ~3,570 30,000 607 119.0 17.0% 3, 4
8/29/2020 University of Nebraska 1,178 25,820 168 45.6 14.26% 5
8/29/2020 University of Alabama ~12514 38,000 1,752 329.3 14.00% 6, 7
8/27/2020 NC State 6,486 36,000 812 180.2 12.52% 8
8/21/2020 Kansas State 2,332 21,719 183 107.4 7.85% 9
8/24/2020 Iowa State 10,683 33,391 ~363 319.9 3.40% 10
8/27/2020 University of Arkansas 1,524 27,559 41 55.3 2.69% 11
8/30/2020 Ohio State 22,000 66,444 495 331.1 2.25% 12
8/28/2020 University of Kansas 21,719 28,423 474 764.1 2.18% 13 , 14
8/29/2020 ASU 37,149 74,500 480 498.6 1.29% 15
8/29/2020 University of Wisconsin-Madison 6,664 44,413 77 150.0 1.20% 16
8/27/2020 University of Kentucky 22,785 31,545 254 722.3 1.11% 17
8/30/2020 University of Illinois 121,333 49,000 unknown 2476.2 <0.75% 18, 19
Edit: fixed UIowa row
Edit2: fixed links
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2020.08.28 11:55 mr_annoying_dog A Ton of Story-Based Questions For Yandere Dev

  1. If Ryoba's father was normal and didn't have his mind broken by his wife, would she have ended up kidnapping and torturing Ayano's dad to make him love her due to not having the pity she does canonically for he father?
  2. If Ayano could control herself around Senpai, would she try to date him as the rivals would? And would it be successful or would another rival end up dating Senpai?
  3. Are Raibaru and Senpai friendly to each other, or are they just mutual friends via Osana?
  4. If you end the game with a kidnapped/vegetable/scarred for life Senpai, how will Ayano's parents react?
  5. If there were twin Aishis, would they have the same person that activates the Senpai effect?
  6. The Science club was once mentioned to have grey hair due to an experiment gone wrong, where their hair is slowly turning back to normal. Would that be implemented in the final game whereby Megami's week, they will have their normal hair colors again?
  7. If you had to add two more rivals to the game to replace Muja and Mida, and they're characters that currently don't exist, who would they be? Which students would be their suitors, and would either be a dude?
  8. If Osana, Hanako, Osoro, and Megami weren't clubless/in the delinquent gang/student council, what club would they be in?
  9. Can we eliminate Muja/Mida by exposing her attempt to seduce a high schooler? Would she get fired or arrested for that?
  10. What is the favorite food of Amai, play/movie of Kizana, sport of Asu, and weapon of Osoro?
  11. What are the future jobs of Osana, Oka, and Hanako, and what specialties are the jobs of Mida and Muja (i.e cardiology for Muja and mathematics for Mida)?
  12. Does Osana hate Sukubi for being a dog person and vice-versa?
  13. If Ayano met another person who activated the Senpai effect and the OG Senpai was dating one of her rivals, would she still focus on OG and try to kill his girlfriend or would she focus on the new guy?
  14. Will Ayano be able to activate a sidequest where she'd match make Pippi and Ryuto?
  15. If Senpai was a girl, would she be a lesbian or a bisexual girl with no guys falling for her?
  16. If Ayano was a guy, would male Senpai be straight or bisexual with no guys falling for him? Also, what would Yandere-Kun's name be?
  17. You've mentioned how Senpai could view women as dangerous/evil/start believing that no woman would ever love him/etc. depending on the way you eliminate some rivals. Would female Senpai have the same feelings or would she not be as misogynistic as her male counterparts, and just hate/(insert emotion here) everyone in general?
  18. Could Ayano's dad be named Teru so that his name would be Aishi Teru? Or I love you in English? It would be a great pun.
  19. And finally, if Osana was the second rival (ignore whoever the first rival is now) and was absent for one week of school, what would be the reason?
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2020.08.28 05:09 halavais Frequently Asked Questions

The syllabus asks you to ask questions here on the subreddit, and I'll ask you to add yours below if you still have some lingering. That said, to clarify some things, here are questions I've heard at least once. (That counts as "frequent," right?)
Q: How often should I be posting?
It's up to you! Because of the way achievements are earned, posting on multiple days each week is beneficial. I would recommend you schedule a regular Monday / Wednesday / Friday visit to the subreddit to read and comment.
I did this intentionally. With (for example) weekly deadlines, participants all tend to pile in during the hour before the deadline, and conversation is impossible.
Q: When are the assignment deadlines?
I have gotten this question more than once. There are no deadlines in the course. There are two grading periods, and they do have end dates, but you will need to participate more consistently to succeed in the course.
Q: But when do new units get published and when is it too late to comment?
Every Monday, I plan to post new lectures and readings, except, for example on holidays, etc. When I do that, I'll turn off the commenting on posts from the previous week. I do that mostly because it gets hard if people are posting on things from weeks ago: I just won't track on them.
Q: Do I need to post a comment on every item on the subreddit?
No! I think it would be a good idea if you commented on my lectures and on the readings. And, if I'm honest, some of the best and most informed comments are often on the readings, since it demonstrates you have considered the material more deeply. But there is no requirement that you do so.
Q: I just ran into a news article that is not directly related to this week's topic. Can I post it anyway?
I don't have an easy answer to this. I think it would be great if we kept to the topic of the week. A couple of the posts this week were opinions that were interesting, but didn't tie to the week. If there is a pressing news item that is timely and worthy of current consideration, go for it. But otherwise, I'd put it in a file at bring it up during the week where it is more directly relevant.
As an aside, please be mindful of starting too many new "original posts." There are a lot of us, and so if you are replying to the lecture, keep it as a comment in the lecture topic, for example. Generally, if you are starting your own topic, it should be to share and and briefly discuss a resource you think is useful or valuable to understanding the topic. If you have an opinion based on the lecture or on the readings, it's best to post it there. Remember: good discussions draw on sources, they don't just state opinions.
(If this becomes overwhelming, I may need to do more to disincentivize new topics.)
Q: How are we doing the Salons?
This is the first time I'm trying this (Pandemic Edition!). I figured we'd get the subreddit weirdness out of the way before starting on new weirdness. But I will share details on how that happens on Monday.
Q: What happened to office hours?
Sorry, I had an all-day faculty meeting today, so had to kill them. I will set up a one hour block tomorrow (Friday) at 11am if folks want to drop in to my Zoom. You'll need to be logged into Zoom with your ASU account (to avoid the Zoom Bombers).
Q: What do I do if you haven't answered my question?
Ask it in the comments below.
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2020.08.26 00:58 tengrrl CFP: Computers and Composition Online Special Issue: Making Games Matter

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Rebekah Shultz Colby[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 12:34 PM
Subject: Computers and Composition Online Special Issue: Making Games Matter
To: [email protected]>
Steve Holmes and I are expanding our Computers and Composition special issue exploring the rhetorical materiality of games to include a companion issue of Computers and Composition Online, which allows for webtexts. This also allows us to use the material affordances of online media to include links of digital games. Deadlines are the same. Proposals for webtexts are due Oct. 1.
Please distribute to any potentially interested colleagues or graduate students.
Here's the link to the C&C Online CFP:
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2020.08.24 20:19 Minecraft-Study [Academic] Minecraft Players Needed for Scientific Study (US 18+)

A DARPA funded research project at Arizona State University is recruiting participants for a remote study, where you will search and rescue victims in a collapsed building in a Minecraft world. You will receive a $35 Amazon Gift Card for completing the two-and-a-half hour study.
To participate in the study, you will need to meet the following requirements:
If you are interested, please sign up at this Google Calendar appointment page for one of our available time slots, and we will follow up with more instruction. If none of the time slots match up with your availability, please email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to schedule an additional session or any questions.
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2020.08.24 19:57 Minecraft-Study Minecraft Players Needed for Scientific Study

A DARPA funded research project at Arizona State University is recruiting participants for a remote study, where you will search and rescue victims in a collapsed building in a Minecraft world. You will receive a $35 Amazon Gift Card for completing the two-and-a-half hour study.
To participate in the study, you will need to meet the following requirements:
If you are interested, please sign up at this Google Calendar appointment page for one of our available time slots, and we will follow up with more instruction. If none of the time slots match up with your availability, please email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to schedule an additional session or any questions.
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2020.08.24 19:42 Minecraft-Study Minecraft Players Needed for Scientific Study

A DARPA funded research project at Arizona State University is recruiting participants for a remote study, where you will search and rescue victims in a collapsed building in a Minecraft world. You will receive a $35 Amazon Gift Card for completing the two-and-a-half hour study.
To participate in the study, you will need to meet the following requirements:
If you are interested, please sign up at this Google Calendar appointment page for one of our available time slots, and we will follow up with more instruction. If none of the time slots match up with your availability, please email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to schedule an additional session or any questions.
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2020.08.23 03:46 ambitiousollie Scared First-Gen, Final Semester Senior Needs Help with Basic Necessities

I apologize for this being a super forward request, but here goes.
I am a first-gen, former foster youth and I am starting my final semester of university on Monday. Though I was granted enough financial aid so that I could purchase school supplies, textbooks, pay off an outstanding tuition bill, having room, board, and be able to finish my degree, and pay rent for September (I was notified a week ago that I would be able to move on campus), because a grant was not applied to my account, I cannot afford the basic essentials for my dorm.
As a result of Covid, in late April, I had no choice but to move within two weeks. Unfortunately, my roommate and I do not get along (different views on cleanliness, hygiene, personality differences, she thinks I'm stuck up because I've been hyperfocused on graduating because my family deals with substance abuse, alcoholism, abuse, and chosen financial instability and I can't move back home, I've been in survival mode for the past year, etc.); as a result of wanting to finish school in a stable place and not be in survival mode, I was able to get a place in a residence hall on-campus. Although I could move back home, because of how unstable things are, both myself and my support system at school (therapist, academic coaches and coordinators, mentors, bosses) think it's better if I stay.
Because I've just found out that I'm moving on-campus (should be moving this upcoming weekend, the date is not finalized) and I have to pay for September rent because I am backing out of my lease agreement and cannot give thirty-days notice (I literally had to show proof that I aged out of foster care to my school), I'd rather cut ties with my soon to be former roommate and not face any legal action during this upcoming semester. I'm preparing to graduate, working part-time, and applying to grad school. The past year has been an absolute nightmare regarding housing and food insecurity. This is the first semester in a year where I don't have to worry about shelter or food. However, because of university bureaucracy and timing, I literally don't have anything (bedding, linens, etc.) for my dorm.
Throughout the past ten years and especially during the past summer, I have overcome obstacles, abuse, bad luck, have been homeless, food insecure, and housing insecure, and because of tenacity and determination, I will be one person of the 3% of former foster youth who earn a college degree; I just need help getting through the next four months. I am unsure if I should create an Amazon wishlist because I am moving within a week and there is not enough time for shipping (my dorm does not allow postal mail or packages to be delivered and I catch the bus everywhere). However, I will accept any suggestions or assistance or anything at this point.
Thank you for your time and for reading this super long post. I've linked my former post, class schedule, proof of housing and enrollment, updated transcript, and proof that I'm graduating in December. As a side note, I've reached out to a national non-profit that assists foster youth who are in college but because I'm twenty-eight (the cutoff age for assistance is 26), I'm doubtful that I'll receive any help.
I swear, once I’m finished with and am not impoverished, I’m going to pay it forward many times over. With the community I come from, if I can help a foster youth who is aging out, that’s all I want to do.
Article on Foster Youth and College:
Fall Class Schedule:
Fin. Aid Award Package:
Summer Balance:
Fin. Aid Refund and Actions:
Proof of Housing:
Updated Transcript:
Graduation Approval:
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2020.08.21 05:34 bobjenkins777 Asu picking random people to test?

Am I reading this email correctly it seems like ASU are going to require random people to get tested?
New COVID-19 testing phase underway
ASU developed a saliva-based COVID-19 test, a fast, efficient and simple tool that is a critically important part of our virus management.
Students are required to provide proof of a negative test before moving into our residence halls. All individuals with symptoms and certain other specific groups, such as athletes, also are tested. ASU continues to offer tests at no charge to any student or employee who needs or wants a test. ASU has now tested more than 50,000 people within the ASU community and throughout Arizona.
The next strategic step in our continuing COVID-19 management is now beginning regular, required testing of a subset of students, ASU employees and employees of key business partners working on campus.
Individuals identified for testing will be selected randomly from the student, employee, and business partner populations who are on campus. ASU Health Services will notify students of their test time. The Office of Human Resources will notify employees of their test time. We will work with our business partners on notification of their employee testing times.
The people selected for testing will provide a statistically significant sample of the ASU community, as recommended by epidemiologists, which provides an up-to-date picture of what is happening with the virus. This testing protocol will enhance ASU’s ability to manage COVID-19 and mitigate potential spread.
ASU will also continue to make testing available at no charge for any student or employee who needs or wants a test outside of the ongoing testing protocol described above. Students and employees may register for a COVID-19 test here.
Your continued commitment to assist in maintaining the health and well-being of the ASU community is genuinely appreciated.
Sincerely, Mark S. Searle Executive Vice President and University Provost Arizona State University Morgan R. Olsen Executive Vice President Treasurer and CFO Arizona State University
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2020.08.19 23:39 Honest_Surround167 Strapped on cash, cheap date ideas around ASU?

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2020.08.17 00:11 joelmartinez6 Advice for succeeding at ASU from a recent Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering Alumni

Background: I graduated from the Computer Engineering MS program May 2020 and graduated from the Electrical Systems Engineering BSE program December of 2017. I currently work as a software engineer for a big tech company. I spent a total of 6 years taking courses at ASU and wanted to share some useful tips that helped me go from directionless freshman without a strong interest in engineering to an employed alumni with a clearer idea of possible career and future learning directions.
I have organized these tips into two sections: Advice I followed that had high impact, and Advice I didn’t follow and wish I did. The advice is targeted towards other Fulton students but most of it is likely applicable to any major.
Advice I followed that had high impact (In rough order of importance)
  1. Look after your mental and physical health adequately - Under-prioritizing mental health especially is a common trap that can quickly negate your efforts towards completing classes. Prioritize having supportive friends/family/therapist because you will very likely face some challenging periods throughout the course of your degree.
  2. Finding a group of serious friends to study with for your core classes - I was able to find my core group of friends from Barrett and started the habit of studying together for shared classes which made it much easier to never lose track of a due date or forget to study for an exam.
  3. Focused study sessions by yourself - It is necessary for exams and your own understanding that you learn to sit down and study, the most useful thing for me is putting on study music and setting a pomodoro timer (25-55 minutes study/5-10 minutes break). If you have never done this before don’t expect to be able to efficiently do 4-hour study sessions, you build up from 1 hour to more.
  4. Getting a campus job - I worked at the tutoring center in my sophomore and junior year teaching physics/calculus/matlab and rapidly improved my own understanding of these topics by explaining them again and again in different ways
  5. Learn to pitch yourself and get positions - Getting an internship/job, or even a competitive campus position requires being able to tell a story about yourself to the recruiter about how your prior experiences lead you to pursuing the position on offer. Prior experience was intimidating to me as a freshman but it is very cumulative, I initially landed a position doing online SAT/ACT tutoring for high schoolers and that led to being a strong candidate for the tutoring center, and my performance in classes led me to my first internship and so on. Utilize the career fairs to get in front of a recruiteengineer that you can pitch to and adjust based on how you are being received. Apply early and often, I made sure I always made it to the career fairs from sophomore year on and 2 of my internships and my current job are due to campus career fairs/recruiting events. After you are able to land interviews due to your prior experience spend time understanding the interview expectations and prepare. For software jobs specifically there’s a very clear set of materials that you should study and master to consistently perform well, for other engineering positions you should consult current interns/employees who are ASU alumni (cold email/LinkedIn message until you get a response if you don’t know someone directly)
  6. Develop a differentiating factofocus - Personally I focused heavily on GPA and my class performance which was a differentiating factor to employers, but I have friends who developed other differentiating factors like developing robot arm software for a side-project or getting very involved with on-campus solar research. It’s smart to try many opportunities while you are at ASU to determine your own interests, but eventually select some area of focus that can improve your pitch to employers and open future opportunities.
Advice I didn’t follow but wish I did (no order)
  1. Always be building a model of intuition - At some point fairly into the math/physics/circuits courses I completed at ASU I no longer had a clear idea of how to explain the concepts. I succeeded on homework and exams because my pattern recognition and studying skills were strong but without a robust intuitive model I wasn’t able to relate concepts together to predict what might happen in a novel system. Currently I am re-reading some of my textbooks from Electronics and piecing together concepts that I solved hundreds of equations for but never understood. I also find having visual explanations critical to developing a model. Highly recommend the following youtube channels/videos, wish I started watching these from day 1 of freshman year.
    1. 3Blue1Brown
    2. Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
    3. Gilbert Strang Linear Algebra
    4. MIT OCW videos (often lectures are better than ASU and there are equivalent courses for any engineering/physics topic)
  2. Make flexible plans - I tunnel-visioned finishing my first selected major even though I found almost all the courses uninteresting. I took one programming course in freshman year that was my favorite course of undergrad but didn’t think to put in the work to find out if switching majors was a possibility. If you thoroughly understand the major requisites (through the DARS and major maps) and are persistent with advisors you can find ways to double majoswitch majors/minor or otherwise be flexible. This can save you thousands of dollars and years of university if you understand it thoroughly, don’t rely on one advisor to tell you everything you need to know, follow up and advocate for yourself. I generally recommend starting at the Tempe campus if you’re not certain about your major because there are more opportunities to switch if you decide to later.
  3. Be very careful around financial aid/scholarships/grad school - This is another area which it is worth putting in hours to understand in-depth because mistakes can be very costly (tens of thousands/years of university). Do not make fast decisions after talking to only one person for these things, do your due diligence and make sure you understand all the options and any future consequences. Understand the terms of any scholarships you do have, and if there are any opportunities to apply to additional scholarships. Understand your financial aid and how it may be impacted by taking more/less classes/different majors/changing from undergrad to grad status. Talk to your fellow students and upperclassmen to have a clear idea of what to expect if you do decide to pursue grad school.
  4. Talk to professors - I never understood what this meant because I didn’t have issues completing the coursework for most of my undergrad classes. You can go to a professor to discuss more than course material, look up their latest research on google scholar and ask them questions if you are interested, ask for help understanding a more advanced topic that you read about in the textbook or saw in a youtube video, ask for advice with a side project that you are working on, ask what help they need on their current research projects. This is especially important if you think grad school may be a possibility because you need to have strong professor relationships to get the recommendation letters and research experience for top grad schools. Even if you are not interested in grad school, great professors are one of the most valuable resources at the university and are very willing to engage with interested students.
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2020.08.14 18:43 Krysk43 Summer 2020 Degree conferral

Has anyone had their degree posted yet to my ASU? The calendar says August 11th for the conferral date but my status still shows as applied and haven't heard anything from ASU yet
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2020.08.08 21:11 susibirb I think we can all guess now what's going to happen on ASU campus 2 weeks from this date..

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2020.08.03 23:52 tengrrl NSF Workshop Announcement: The Future Substance of STEM Education - a Virtual Opportunity

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Duane Roen (Dean)[email protected]>
Date: Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 5:40 PM
Subject: NSF Workshop Announcement: The Future Substance of STEM Education - a Virtual Opportunity
To: [email protected]>
WPA Colleagues,

STEM colleagues shared the message below with me, and I have shared it with STEM, humanities, and social science faculty in my college.

I see opportunities for humanities and social science collaborations with faculty in STEM fields to revise STEM education so that is informed by work in the humanities and social science.

I’ve been told that everyone is welcomed to participate.


We invite you to apply to be part of a virtual webinar-and-workshop-based project entitled "The Future Substance of STEM Education" sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
Webinar dates: Sept. 15, 17, 23, and 24, 2020 (times TBD)
Virtual Workshop (Design Studio Format): Oct. 5 - 9, 2020 from 10:00am - 3:00pm Pacific Time
Recognizing the challenges of an uncertain and rapidly evolving world, this project will design novel STEM education programs that rethink the substantive content of STEM in higher education - the content that influences the breadth of participation in, and preparation for, tomorrow's careers and challenges.
The specific innovation we are advancing is that future STEM programs must dissolve the traditional silos between scientific knowledge, essential skills, and human values, nurturing what we are calling "humanistic knowledge" and "meta knowledge" alongside traditional "foundational knowledge". More about this framework can be found here.
The workshop will follow a design studio format in which teams will produce curricular programs for the future. The webinars will feature discussions with noted leaders and thinkers in STEM and the role of STEM in society. Committed discussants include:
Dr. Candace Thille, the Director of Learning Science and Engineering at Amazon
Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, the Associate Administrator for Science at NASA
Prof. Susan Rundell Singer, Provost of Rollins College
Prof. Richard Pitt, UC San Diego
We invite your application as an individual or part of a design team! Please apply here.
Application deadline: August 12, 2020
More information can be found on the project website.
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Dating in College - ASU Unofficial Podcast #1 The Most Important Thing To Improve With Women (ASU Pool Party) ASU Date Auction 2017: Justin Lee  CSA Worst Date Stories - ASU Unofficial Podcast #7 - YouTube

Digital dating abuse School of Social Work

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  2. The Most Important Thing To Improve With Women (ASU Pool Party)
  3. ASU Date Auction 2017: Justin Lee CSA
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Dating in College - ASU Unofficial Podcast #1 - Duration: 1:08:00. ASU Unofficial 506 views. 1:08:00. Business Online - ASU Unofficial Podcast #3 - Duration: 54:07. Thank you to Hannah and Erica for appearing on this episode of the ASU Unofficial Podcast! Still working on the equipment, there will be better lighting and sound in future videos. If you enjoyed ... The Asian Student Union at UVA presents Justin Lee, a first year from the Chinese Student Association, who performed at our annual 'Date Auction.' The Most Important Thing To Improve With Women: Girls desire a guy who takes bold action and is not afraid to express his desire for her. Watch this video n...