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“Souviens-toi de la douleur. Laissez-le vous activer.” The Son of Zeus is here, and he is not happy.

2020.10.16 16:44 Tabernaclese “Souviens-toi de la douleur. Laissez-le vous activer.” The Son of Zeus is here, and he is not happy.

“J'ai été élevé pour être calme, donc je serai calme.

Basic Info:


  • Face claim: Skandar Keynes-Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4
  • Complexion: Pale
  • Eye colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair colour and type: Brown. Very wavy and unkempt, though he does his best not to let it get too out of control. He has the light dustings of facial hair beginning on his jawline.
  • Height: 6’1ft
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Wardrobe: A grey hoodie, an Albany college t-shirt(he found it,) jeans, and black basketball shorts. He’s in desperate need of a new outfit.
  • Athleticism: Played American football for most of his formative years. Fairly good health, though his years of homelessness have left a strain on his body. He gets tired easily, and needs to eat more.
  • Equipment:
-A Celestial Bronze kopis blade, sharpened on one side and 24 inches long. Heavily stylized, with simple parallel line patterns having been forged into the metal early on. The hilt is wood, wrapped in leather. Ornate and grandiose looking down to the very last detail. Sits in a simple leather and bronze sheathe, belted to Jacques’ pants most of the time. He is not naturally or otherwise skilled with the weapon, though he does know the basics from his time on his own. The sword was a hand me down from his deceased brother.
-Letter from his older brother that explains who his father is and some of the basics of the demigod world, and poorly written directions to the camp on the back.
-Old, rotted out duffle containing a bag of chips and a few spare clothes. He found the duffel in a dumpster, naturally.

Abilities and Powers: “Je vais vous briser.”

The Lightning Eater:

  • Jacques possesses a near immunity to, and affinity for, electricity. His body is able to handle incredible amounts of electricity applied to it, far beyond the limits of the average person. He even seems to absorb said electricity. He doesn’t take in all the energy, but he seems able to store a small amount of the electricity he’d find by coming into contact with any sort of electric current or source. The rest usually just dissipates or travels through his body and into the ground. As for the stored electricity, this can be used to augment his energy levels. It’s by no means on the level of sleep or a good meal, but a large amount of electricity can usually act similar to a morning coffee, or an energy drink. The most he can store without danger is around 1,000 amps. At this high level, his body emits a radiant glow, and a lot of heat. Anything more, and he’d risk damage to his body in the form of organ failure or, at least in past cases, electricity scarring all over his body. In extreme cases, he may even suffer an explosive release of all the energy. This release would likely result in his death.


  • Completely independent of his ability to absorb electricity, Jacques is capable of generating his own electricity. Jacques is capable of creating an electric current in his body, and releasing said electricity from his body. This release can vary from something no stronger than a static shock, to a lightning bolt shot from his hands. This isn’t always going to be the case though, and the most he could do in terms of full powered arcs of electricity shot from his body would be no more than four. This power can not be used in tandem with his ability to absorb electricity, and he is left feeling extremely drained after only most of his electricity is used. Any more, and he’d need at least a full day of rest, hopefully longer. He gets progressively more and more tired as he uses more of his electricity.

Wind of the North:

  • Jacques is capable of powered flight by controlling the air currents around him. He is capable of flying at nearly 30mph, though this can increase to about 40mph if he uses his stored energy, though doing so can exhaust him completely. Using this power is extremely tiring. After even a short flight, he’s left feeling like he’s just sprinted a few dozen yards. The longest he could sustain said flight is an hour, and that’s without exerting himself too heavily. If he tried to fight while airborne, his limit would likely sit closer to forty-five minutes, though this always depends on his vigor and the intensity of the fighting. Essentially, one hour is the absolute complete limit to how long he can fly without rest. Flight is the only thing he’s capable of with his aerokinesis. He is yet unskilled with this power, but knows of its existence. This power is activated by extreme feelings of happiness.
  • Backstory: You’ll see.
  • Now:
Jacques sighed, doing his best to focus on putting one foot in front of the other up the steep hill. He was already tired, and hadn’t eaten in a day. It was still early in the morning, so breakfast was naturally the most important thing on his mind. As far as he was concerned, getting into this camp was secondary.
As he neared the top of the hill, he found himself hoping there wouldn’t be too many people. I mean, it is a summer camp after all, right? He reached the top, groaning from the effort and his sore legs. It was going to be a long day. The statue of the giant lady certainly did match to Jean’s description, though he was still startled at just how massive it was. It took all he could not to jump at the sight of it. Then, he looked to the camp that lay before him.
He didn’t think it’d be so big. The camp could hold a hundred people, at least! He shook his head and sighed, already not looking forward to this.
Putain de merde. This better be a good idea. All these people...I just need to stay calm.
He walked into the camp, stopping near a large group of buildings with varying colour schemes, and held his bag out to the side of him. The confusion was obvious on his face. Where am I supposed to go?
OOC: Just to be clear, the large group of buildings are the cabins.
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